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  1. I'm guessing he has treated all of his guitars the same as he is selling a couple more "vintage" ones that look like they have also been used for axe throwing practice in a fishpond....
  2. That is the one - and (what obbm is saying) is not technically a socket, although most of us, myself included, would probably call it that. Good luck if you go ahead with it. I'm still wondering what @obbm's German helmet bass sounded like!
  3. I'm wondering if you're being a little confused by the terminology. The original photo in your link shows the guy used a male XLR panel mount. Female XLR panel mounts or leads tend to be known as sockets, whereas male pin panel mounts and leads are known as plugs. Obbm is correctly advising you stick with a box mount "plug" like the original unit, not cut up a lead and have a tail hanging out of the box - although you may find that easier than cutting a hole in a box. Sorry if I'm being patronising at any point, I just think the whole XLR world can get confusing when you have a female socket on a cable doing the plugging in action to a male plug in a panel....
  4. Both my parents admitted that in their own way they rebelled against their musical families and didn't learn any instruments. However, both played music constantly, either at home on the stereo or out in the car. My paternal grandad had been a semi-pro guitarist in a local dance band but he died when I was 3 so I never really knew him. My maternal grandparents' siblings were church organists and choirmasters, but were either dead or we didn't see them. I'm assuming there was something in the genes as both me and my brother play various instruments. They paid for lessons and watched concerts/gigs etc, but never really got involved in helping us learn them. I have tried to gently push my own son by leaving various instruments lying around the house and playing music regularly but he just doesn't seem interested. I did push him a little into some drum lessons about a year ago but his drum teacher actually rang me and told me I was wasting my money! Before you start thinking he was a bad teacher, I think the issue was that as I'm divorced from his mother, I only have him every other weekend and he was only getting to practice at my house - his mother was not encouraging him so he wasn't improving away from the lessons. I just hope he doesn't end up on here one day saying how much I didn't support him!
  5. When I was doing my University project back around '97 I asked my dad if he could find an old Betamax machine and tapes as he was (and still is) an absolute car boot sale addict. Even then it was hard to get them but he came good, and there were a good number of tapes for me to experiment with. I plugged up the machine, tried the tapes, and realised he had purchased someone's entire pornography collection.... (When I say experiment, I meant I wiped the tapes as quick as I could......honest guv......)
  6. As BigRedX and others have said, IIRC it used the Betamax U-matic loading/head set up but I believe it used what would normally be the video heads to record the audio to give better recording quality. As far as I remember the Betamax video tapes used a standard stereo type head on one edge of the tape to record a continuous length of audio recording (just like a cassette) whereas the video head recorded diagonal stripes of video information alongside it via the large spinning drum. These stripes are what they used for the systems the previous poster was talking about, and what was later minimised into DAT and ADAT. I'm probably wrong -- I'm trying to remember stuff I investigated for a project at University about 20 years ago!.
  7. I bought a Gear 4 Music double bass back in 2004 to try DB as a novice. I thought it was fine and used to argue with some of the "snobs" on here (that I perceived at the time) that were slagging them off and telling you pay for what you get, and to pay more. It cost me £400 new back then which was double the amount I had paid for any of my guitars up to that point! However, my boy managed to knock it over when he was a toddler (thankfully he was ok) but it knocked the back panel off and ripped the neck off the body at its glue joint. After years of trying all manners of glue including Evostick, superglue, horse and rabbit glue, I eventually gave in and gave it to an enthusiastic amateur luthier (he wasn't officially a luthier, but was a master craftsman with woodwind instruments and played DB himself). He said the neck joint was never really strong enough to hold under tension, so had to strengthen it internally with bolts. He also gave it a proper setup, and now "Mavis" as I call her, plays much better than she ever did. However, I was warned by him to be careful with her as he was still worried about the neck joint, so she is not really a gigging bass any more, I tend to use my EUB. In summary, I think the "you get what you pay for" guys were not snobs at all and were right, and it is amazing how much better and easier to play your upright will be if you get it professionally set up, regardless of how much you paid for it. Mine came from the shop "flatpacked" with the bridge off, so my initial attempts at stringing it were hopeless no matter how many Youtube videos I watched - I snapped 2x G strings and you could fly a plane under the strings. The pros will also know about advising you on how much string gap there should be for your setup - based on how you want to play it (bowed, plucked, slapped etc). Anyway, I hope I haven't put you off trying DB - it really is fun once you have a good instrument!
  8. Lets hope they refresh the offering, I've noticed during lockdown there is not much different being uploaded documentary wise and have pretty much watched everything. I get they won't have been making anything new, but they must have a load in their archives?
  9. Surely you could argue the same of Yardbirds with Eric, John Mayall with Eric, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and The Dominoes etc etc.....?
  10. Oh how the mighty have fallen. All of those constantly referring to the "Clapton is God" grafitti in his Mayall days, and then...... I used to be a huge fan as a teenager learning music in the 80s/90s but tastes move on and don't listen to him so much, but it doesn't mean I am any less respectful of his and his music's influence on me as a youngster. After watching the recent documentary I only recently found out he did the guitar soloing on "Be Good To Me As I Am to You" by Aretha Franklin, presumably after one or two takes, so was opened up to his playing again. I think the fact that they included his racist rants and had him talk openly about it perhaps shows that people can learn and change. I know that if heard my own son say language like that, I would try and help him learn from it and improve as a person, not just label him for the rest of his life, but maybe that is just me. Anyway, I am no superfan of his, I just think he is being dismissed way too quickly for his contribution to music, whether you like it or not. I'm sure none of this will bother him in his mansion with gold records all over the wall....
  11. I have not watched the OP's video, but Llarnell is an amazing drummer, whether it is your thing or not. I think the story of him with Snarky Puppy is equally as amazing - they were flying over to Amsterdam (or somewhere similar) to record one of their video sessions (I think it was We Like It Here?) and their usual drummer Robert Seawright hadn't realised his passport had expired. They had it all booked to do so contacted Llarnell who had sat in with them at the odd gig and sent him a demo of the new tracks,. He listened to them on the plane over then did the sessions with all the weird time signatures/stops etc. Pretty amazing in my book.
  12. Maybe. I was a drummer in my teens before turning to bass and never had the money to buy shiny new stuff, so don't know much about the drum market. I gigged that kit on and off for 10 years before I even realised it was that old, so probably didn't treat it as carefully as I should have. I think it is also due to the sound - I was gigging it a lot around the 90s hip hop and Portishead sampling type music, so should have been in demand. I remember a university project I did at the time (I did a recording degree) where the lecturer turned his nose up and went "but that drum sound is really old". I replied "no s**t, that's why I drove a 5hr round trip home to get my vintage kit instead of just using the one in the studio...." Unfortunately ill health means I don't get to play it any more but used to love the dull toms with internal dampers and the bass drum sound. Not one for the rockers methinks!
  13. I note the drum market doesn't appear to follow guitars, I assume because they usually get a lot more abuse. I have a 1965-ish Premier jazz kit slowly rotting away in my loft but every time I've looked into selling it, I always get offered a fair amount for the snare, but the same amount for the whole kit as they usually just want the snare. I've had a few offers over the years which either suggest there is just no real market for them, or they are trying to low ball me and take advantage of my lack of knowledge. P.S. I'm not looking to sell ATM and not trying to circumvent the forum rules on selling, I just thought it was relevant to the conversation.
  14. I play bass guitar in a concert band (brass/woodwind) and they are following this constantly with obvious interest. Although everyone wants to be safe, I think they are in consternation about the separation of "professionals" - as if someone being paid would be any less or more likely to transmit the disease? I'm not into the committee rubbish so am only on the fringes of it, so don't fully understand it all anyway. As a covid/ventilator survivor, I'm not in too much of a rush to get back to the dingy rehearsal hall anyway...
  15. I think for "missing root at end of blistering fill" - I would probably be bankrupt alone. I know plenty of 'bone players and those ones are true too! I know what they all do for a day job!
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