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  1. Huge Hands

    Sire V10 - new top spec model on the way?

    Ok, I always say this, but I say it again - I think the stock tuners are great on mine. They may look a bit more "halfords silver spray" than metal, but I find I often get mine out of the gig bag and it is still in tune - much better than any Fender or other more expensive bass I've had. I'd advise people try them before they start spending cash on other tuners. My bridge is fine, but I don't string my flats through the body, so not best to comment on that.
  2. Huge Hands

    Impedance etc

    Must be on later models - I have two early ones (were known as the Retro 2x10 back then) and there is no switch. You had to get a loom fitted to change them from 4ohm to 12ohm apparently?
  3. Huge Hands

    The Police

    You obviously haven't met the last drummer I played with then.....
  4. Huge Hands

    Dating early Fenders

    Regardless of authenticity (I can't afford that kind of cash to be ripped off anyway) there's something about a Precision in LPB with all its covers on that just makes something happen in my trousers (in a good way).....
  5. Huge Hands

    The Police

    Thanks for that, really enjoyed it. As much as I think he shows his silly show off side/arrogance for sitting cross legged like that and posing with a lute, I can't deny he is a fantastic bass player and singer, especially as he can do them both together so well.. I have to admit I have also often pulled those facial expressions when a drummer who loves the sound of his own voice keeps piping up with unnecessary and irrelevant opinions in every break in rehearsal....I feel his pain....
  6. Huge Hands

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    A tale of two polar opposite drummers for me. The first, I met and then played with for about 11 years through various bands and lineups. I classed him as a brother, and my best mate, but he was massively unreliable. He was a hopeless driver/navigator and always underestimated how long it would take him to get to a gig, so would turn up after soundcheck (and sometimes after the start time of the gig) and we'd have to move everything around to get him in. He was left handed, so could never just sit on/borrow other drummer's kits without causing a load of hassle that takes time, especially if he's late. Initially, we started telling him to get there half an hour before everyone else, then we gave that up and I would pick him up/drop him off with his drums just to ensure he got there, even though it was well out of my way. When our latest lineup started to gain traction and was getting offered lots of gigs, he would be too scared to ask his wife for the night away from looking after the kids, so would mess us around for weeks until it was too late. The music had a lot of start/stops, and he would forget them from rehearsal to rehearsal. The guitarist, who wanted rid, talked the band into realising he was letting the side down and that if we wanted to move on we should let him go. After the guitarist let him go with a two line text, I was left to deal with his emotional wrath. After a drunken text in the middle of the night telling me the band with the new drummer was rubbish, I sleepily let him know what I thought of him around why he only had himself to blame. I should have held my thoughts til the next day as he has refused to speak to me ever since. I do regret this as he was a really good friend (and could groove like a bad man when he wanted to). His replacement was much more in tune with the type of music and ultra reliable (was always first there by hours, not minutes) but I just couldn't get on with him. He had a weird jabbering kind of way of speaking, as though silence was something to be feared but then often joined in conversations and killed them stone dead with his odd replies. He also had a way of totally switching off and ignoring you if you tried to suggest something he didn't like, and then siding with the guitarist on any band discussion to keep the balance of power or whatever.. I always felt he didn't think bass was relevant to the music, and they could have done really well without it. In the end, I had to leave due to ill health, The guitarist is the only one left from the original 11-year group and I miss playing with him, even though he can be ruthless with long term colleagues when he want to be!. P.S. The second drummer once recommended a keyboard player who was equally as odd. He seemed incapable of playing chords, and then if given a solo just seemed to wiggle his fingers as fast as he could regardless of what keys he pressed, which meant all solos were at the same speed, regardless of the song.. He also got massively nasty when fired after only 2 rehearsals and one gig. He had a decent keyboard though, and apparently played with loads of bands in the area....
  7. Huge Hands


    I sometimes think the best things are found by ignoring rules or what should be, so I would never stop someone trying it. However, in a band setting, I think adding reverb would not help the clarity of the bass from cutting through the mix, and if your playing is fast or busy, you could just end up with a boomy mush.
  8. Huge Hands

    Click tracks and drummers

    "....they did it their waaaaaayyyyyyy...."
  9. Huge Hands

    Click tracks and drummers

    Some bands don't use it solely for timekeeping - they have extra instrumentation or vocals tracked to give a bigger or different sound. I used to do sound for cabaret shows where the normal drums, bass, keys, gtr house band would gain a trumpet/sax and trombone for solos/the look, but there would be much more brass tracked to give that Glenn Miller/Frank SInatra big band feel. There might also be sound effects such as police sirens or stings for the show's story too, which would then lead into a song.....
  10. Huge Hands

    Tribute / derivative / rip-off songs

    I found those ages ago. I want royalties......
  11. Huge Hands

    Tribute / derivative / rip-off songs

    Indeed. I love Pharrell/The Neptunes, but as soon as I heard that rhythmn I assumed he'd sampled the Marvin Gaye track.
  12. Huge Hands

    Click tracks and drummers

    I hope you don't mind, but I've just copy-pasted this from a post I wrote in a similar thread recently: As a former drummer, I tried it for the first time in a studio setting back in my uni days. I thought I would need to hear the click really well and got them to turn it up and up - til it was almost bashing my ear drums across my head into each other! Suffice to say, it wasn't great playing or a great track. A few years later, when working as a live sound engineer, I spoke to one of the pro drummers about it and listened to his click during a rehearsal, it was much quieter. He had it at a level where you barely heard it, then if you started falling behind/speeding up, your brain would suddenly notice it and concentrate on it. When I then tried it a year later at these sort of levels with my own band, it worked really well for me. When on time, the click almost disappears and you are able to enjoy the music. As others have said, depending on what is on the track, you may not need to hear it [the recorded backing track parts] at all, especially if it is washy strings or effects. I'm saying this because in my opinion, some drummers will never get their heads round playing with a click. Some may just need some adjustment on their levels and then get it fine.
  13. Huge Hands

    Dee Murray. Elton John.

    Another huge Dee Murray fan here!
  14. Huge Hands

    EUB or "real" Double Bass for starter?

    In my experience, unless you're driving a van - whatever size car you drive, the DB will cause some sort of hindrance, whether it is touching the windscreen, stopping you pulling on the handbrake or comfortably putting your arm down with your supersize fizzy pop...or all of them. The size of car dictates which of these hindrances you will suffer....
  15. Huge Hands

    Band relations by numbers

    I play bass guitar with a concert (woodwind and brass) band, so on average: 40:12:0:0 I've surprised myself by not being able to think of anyone I really, actively dislike, in all of those people. However, in my relatively much smaller last gigging blues band, the ratio was: 5:2:0:1 I really struggled to deal with the drummer's odd ways. His drumming was fine though....