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  1. I used to be a pro live engineer. I would have always frowned upon swapping mics as I would have rung my monitors out using my own mics and wouldn't want some weird battered thing with a phase off messing about with gain and feedback, or an unknown thing frying the phantom output on my mixer. However, I was open to ideas, and for example I do remember agreeing to allow bands to swap in a Shure vintage 55H type mic to look the part for rockabilly bands. At the time I used to mainly use Shure Beta stuff so a lot of bands with SM57s and 58 would be happy to go along with mine. This was all before covid of course. I do remember a vocal trio who used to visit once a week and wear so much lipstick the mic mesh shields were just constantly red for months, even after cleaning. We weren't so hot on cleaning them back then and they were in constant use. I have fond memories of a muso once soundchecking and saying loudly over the mic "Hey, these mics smell of badly wiped a**e...." I do remember a "urban myth" type story going the rounds at the time that Texas front lady Charlene Spiteri used to get someone to go out front and disinfect her mic before she would agree to sing at every gig. We would always be incredulous at the snobbery and pomposity of it all, but after last year, I think she was totally right! EDIT - by disinfect, I assume a wipe over with a anti bac wipe. Not good for the paint on the metal, but best for cleanliness you'll get without wrecking the mic, I reckon.
  2. It always concerns me when I see basses for sale pictured with no strings on - makes me think they have been taken off because everything is so out of alignment when they are on.....
  3. Funnily enough last night I stumbled across one of the Anthology episodes online last night. I was watching various clips of them playing live in the Beatles for Sale/Help era. I noted that whilst you could hear scuffed notes from George and the odd one from John, Paul's basslines sounded (to me) note perfect and in time even while he was singing some complex lyrics. That's the bit that amazes me - they always complain that they couldn't hear each other, but he still plays in time with Ringo. I know it may because a different track was dubbed on later, but it sounds different enough to think it is the live track each time. He was/is a quality player in my opinion and the main reason I got into playing bass.
  4. I remember having a Barron Knights skit of Boney M's "Rivers of Babylon" on 7" single when I was a kid. I seem to remember the lyrics started off: There's a dentist in Birmingham He fixed my crown And as I slept He filled my mouth with iron......
  5. I have the more budget NXT5. In my experience, you need to try one live and get someone to record it - I never find it sounds amazingly "double bass" when I stand next to it and play it, but when I listen back to a recording someone has done at the gig (usually on an iPhone at the back of the room), it sounds really alike. All IMHO of course.....
  6. i haven't seen Flight Of The Conchords mentioned yet (apologies if I missed it).
  7. I would check out 60s bands - I did sound engineering in the early 00's and it seemed to me that there were a lot of big name bands that were being toured with one guy who joined just after the lead guy had left and they'd their major hit(s). I seem to remember there being about 5 versions of the Drifters all touring as well!
  8. I just wanted to say that before you totally discount the NS Design - I have an NXT5 and have gigged it many times. I find that even though the stand is a tripod, you can still rock it around and tip it on the feet without feeling it is going to collapse in half.. It is never going to be as mobile as a DB on a single pin, but you can still throw some shapes beside it without it just standing still. I love mine -I just wish I still had the gigs to play it.....
  9. I don't know if it is relevant to what you are saying, but it was UPS who delivered my order to my house at the UK end (yesterday).
  10. Well, my MM-5 SB turned up today and very pleased with it. Very flat neck, low action - totally ready to plug in and play. Think I might have to change strings soon, but apart from that, love it. I ordered on the 3rd, the first sign of the goods being picked and "on the way" was on 9th, and then arrived today (14th). I agree it is a bit of a first world problem that I moaned about a 7-working day delivery from Germany at Christmas time, but it is their own fault for being so much quicker in the past!
  11. I ordered mine last week - due on Monday apparently. I've always wanted to have a MM in my arsenal but never wanted to pay MM prices, I have owned various 5s of different shapes and you can get wider spacing (which I prefer) so don't give up on 5s if this doesn't do it for you. I took a punt on this as the string spacing looked fairly wide on the pics and people were talking about it being a big neck. I'm sure it will do for what I want. The stealth one was out of stock which is why I went for this, and I do have an unhealthy love of sunburst anyway. It looks even better than I thought in your pics.
  12. Based on the Harley Benton thread, I have just pulled the plug on a 5 string MB-5 S (MM copy). My interest was piqued by the stealth one, but it was not in stock for weeks and I am a rare breed that likes sunburst so went for that. I wanted one last splurge before the rules change, but I did have to send a chasey mail for despatch even though everything had been in stock. It took 4 working days before the order was listed as ready to be collected from them by the courier,. i know it is Christmas, but it still seemed pretty slow to me, especially as they used to be so quick (I remember getting "Left Our Warehouse" messages the same day.. I seem to remember my last order was the same and had to be chased too. I just hope it gets through to the UK before the end of the month - I don't want to get caught for any import charges!
  13. Hi all, I did a quick search and can't find this being mentioned before, so apologies if it has.... Did any of you Sky users spot Hitsville - The Making of Motown on Sky Documentaries last night? I noticed it in the planner and joined it about 10 mins in and watched the first hour (it was about 2 hrs long). I just looked and It is not in the Sky Documentaries folder in Catch-up but I was able to search for it and download. It is also available to buy in Sky Store, so I assume it won't be free for long! I can only go on the hour I saw, but lots of insight from Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson, and the odd mention and shot/clip of Jamerson too. Lots we have all heard before but I'm sure the Motown fans on here will like it. I'm going to watch the whole thing now - just don't tell work.....
  14. I'm guessing he has treated all of his guitars the same as he is selling a couple more "vintage" ones that look like they have also been used for axe throwing practice in a fishpond....
  15. That is the one - and (what obbm is saying) is not technically a socket, although most of us, myself included, would probably call it that. Good luck if you go ahead with it. I'm still wondering what @obbm's German helmet bass sounded like!
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