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  1. D Addario EXL160M medium scale on string-through Mustang Perfect length...
  2. Yes, if it has four screw terminals it's a 4 pole NL4 (and a knock off). You want a Neutrik NL2 type. https://cpc.farnell.com/neutrik/nl2fx/speakon-plug-2-pole/dp/AV24024
  3. EXL160M D’Addario XL Nickel Medium guage 50 - 105 are really nice on a string through Mustang - as are the Fender jobbies.
  4. That links me to a dodgy spam site... either there is no Cotswold Bass Guitars or their website has been hijacked
  5. Also great for someone who reads a lot on holiday... ;-
  6. First Aid Kit were good - and she had a nice collection of Mustang basses 😉
  7. The absolute bestest nail files are the Czech glass ones. Amazon.co.uk : czech glass nailfile They give a really smooth polished nail, are washable and last for ever...
  8. Sounds like the output jack's ring contact might be not be making good contact. Give the jack a good clean and have a close look at the contacts with a jack inserted. Replace if suspect. PP3 battery clips are notoriously crap, made of chinesium, and it's hard to source a good one. (The RS Pro ones are OK RS PRO Press Stud 9V PP3 Battery Contact | RS Components (rs-online.com) It is possible to solder (quickly) the DC cables onto the battery terminals as a test. Also a piece of foam jammed in the battery compartment, pushing on the connector can help. Do as rmorris says...
  9. I think we all like and appreciate the really good stuff, so I'm not 100% immune to some snobbishness, but with experience comes understanding... We have all known Squiers nicer than Fenders and Epiphones better than Gibsons - great setup is what makes the difference. Ultimately it's how good a player you are - what's cooler, a great player on a £200 bass or a mediocre player on a £3000 super bass? Are you a collector of instruments or a player of music? Instruments need to make music and it's the quality of the music that counts. (Please ignore the list of not-at-all-snobbish instruments in my sig... 😉 )
  10. Some brass bar stock is close in dims, so not too much filing... Here is 6mm x 10mm x 500m bar - one cut and some filing... Z-fiber Brass Flat Bar 10 X 500mm/19.7inch Long 1 Pcs H59 Brass Bars Stock for DIY Crafts Panel Metalworking,Thickness:10mm : Amazon.co.uk: Home & Kitchen
  11. NorthWest Guitars have some Northwest Guitars Brass Nut for 4 String Bass Guitars 43mm Scratch that - I should try reading fully .... 😉 This is closer to required specs AxeMasters 1 7/8" / 48mm Slotted BRASS NUT handmade for FENDER V Bass Guitar | Reverb
  12. If you cover the labels with masking tape before applying the velcro you protect the labels. Also use some alcohol to degrease the pedals before sticking the velcro on.
  13. This should fit OK unless you have some very high pedals... Stagg UPC-500 500x255x90mm ABS Guitar Effect Pedal Flight Case Int. dim. (HxWxD): 255 x 500 x 90 mm https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/guitar-pedals/pedalboards/stagg-upc-500-effect-pedal-case
  14. Love it - I'm a sucker for block inlays on rosewood.
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