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  1. There are some (non-genuine?) ones around... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Control-Plate-for-Stingray-Musicman-style-Bass-Guitar-Chrome/163895885832?hash=item2628f4c008:g:4sQAAOSw3hxdmyuS https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=stingray+bass+controlplate&i=mi&ref=nb_sb_noss very cheap so worth a punt?
  2. Pinegrove Leather in Hebden Bridge are excellent. I have several of their straps and the quality is superb https://www.pinegroveleather.com/ https://www.pinegroveleather.com/big-buckle-straps/gs78-leather-guitar-strap-with-buckle-brown
  3. Ernie Ball are AOK Neutrik / VanDamme better... Ernie-Ball-Straight-Speaker-Cable Designacable-NP2X-VDSP2150600-NP2X-Custom-Speaker-Neutrik
  4. Hmmm, not a fan. Tried some on the Precision and they were very flat and boring. Took them off after a week - you can have them if you like... but there's only four of them 😉
  5. I had to do something similar when I swapped out a PJ's J PU. The split P pickup should be wound RPRW (Reverse Polarity Reverse Wound) so it works as a humbucker. It is possible it is incorrectly poled with the two halves wound out of phase but the magnetic poles the same. If so, half of it will always be out of phase with PU2 giving the symptoms you report on two strings. Check to see if the P pickup is correctly wired / magnet poled by connecting a meter on ohms range across the pickup and pulling an allen key off the pole pieces - this will show the true phase of the PU. Reverse the phase of PU2 and try it - OR - do as paul_5 suggests and reverse half the P pickup (this looses the humbucking as a single PU)... Ideally a two PU bass should have the two PUPs wound RPRW so they hum cancel when combined?
  6. That's weird... if you slacken a string does the saddle slide fore and aft?
  7. As the screws come in two lengths, and you're running out of length to intonate, the longer ones would be best... 😉
  8. Looks like this spring screw combo is the one... https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/parts-c4/hardware-c706/screws-c111/all-parts-bridge-length-screws-for-bass-stainless-jazz-precision-bass-with-springs-4-pack-p9119 ALLPARTS All Parts Bridge length screws for bass stainless Jazz / Precision Bass With Springs 4 PACK £3.50
  9. As far as I can tell these will do... https://www.vintageguitarandbass.com/fender/bass/Mustang_parts_list.php 043349 String length screw (6-32 x 1 5/8 machine) 043356 String length screw (6-32 x 1 7/8 machine)(Bridge 1st + 2nd) 030015 000 Spring, Length adjust (Bridge 1st + 2nd) 028282 000 Spring, Length adjust (Bridge 3rd + 4th) 015842 000 Screw, Length adjust (1 1/2") (Bridge) 043356 000 String length screw (6-32 x 1 7/8 machine)(Bridge 1st + 2nd) ====================== * 015842 000 Screw, Length adjust (1 1/2") (Bridge) * 030015 000 Spring, Length adjust (Bridge 1st + 2nd) https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/parts-c4/hardware-c706/screws-c111/intonation-screws-c429/fender-vintage-bass-intonation-screws-nickel-12-pack-p12860 FENDER Vintage Bass Intonation Screws, Nickel, 12-Pack £6.99 Can't find a supplier for the spring, but it's probably common to other Fender bass saddles...
  10. Bigguy2017


    Just bought a Friedman Runt 20 combo from them. Excellent price, great service, speedy delivery from Cologne DE. Yes, I'd use them again.
  11. I never use the volume control on my basses except as a cut switch. I use the the tone control/s all the time... On guitar I use both, particularly on the Les Paul.
  12. No skunk stripe? How did they put the truss rod in - separate maple fingerboard? First decent bass I bought in 1980 was pre EB MM Stingray in natural - paid £375 in Buzz Music, Hereford. Awesome bass.
  13. Looks like the D and G string pole pieces have been raised...
  14. Check out the little Yerasov extension cabs http://yerasov.co.uk/products.html#CABINETS 12 "Jensen C12R 10" Jensen C10Q both 8R and 8kg I have the GT15 combo and its truly excellent.
  15. Yes a green pan scourer is perfect for this. You can really go to town on with it... lots of varnish dust comes off and it's wee a bit scary. 😉 Finish with Birchwood Casey gun stock wax (like Musicman do) for a super smooth feel. I do this on all my basses except the Ric.
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