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  1. Looks like the D and G string pole pieces have been raised...
  2. Check out the little Yerasov extension cabs http://yerasov.co.uk/products.html#CABINETS 12 "Jensen C12R 10" Jensen C10Q both 8R and 8kg I have the GT15 combo and its truly excellent.
  3. Yes a green pan scourer is perfect for this. You can really go to town on with it... lots of varnish dust comes off and it's wee a bit scary. 😉 Finish with Birchwood Casey gun stock wax (like Musicman do) for a super smooth feel. I do this on all my basses except the Ric.
  4. There's a new tc pedal out... TC Electronic Flashback 2 X4 Delay and Looper Pedal £189.00 Inc. VAT https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/tc-electronic/tc-electronic-flashback-v2-x4? Well worth a look, MIDI and it takes Tone Prints too.
  5. Strymon Timeline or BigSky... not cheap
  6. Maybe pull the dent out, carefully, with sellotape?
  7. The two knurled knobs raise or lower the (missing?) mute pad bridge height adjustment screws are 1/16" allen truss rod requires a very slim 1/4" socket and manual bending of the neck
  8. My wee bro's Fender Strat with similar photo finish also split and cracked all over. He took a heat gun to it and stripped it back to (scorched!) wood.
  9. There are two long screws by the carry handle which hold the bottom liner piece in place. After removing these the liners can be slowly prised out with a scraper - they're held in with some hot-melt glue. The handle and latches are screwed in from inside. Any repairs to the shell can be made with ABS sheet (eBay) and MEK (pipeweld). Plastikote Matt Super black spray paint is a good match for the plastic. Here's the handle and the long screws - Case arrived like this due to mongrel couriers...
  10. Could be Rotosound Swing Bass What gauges do they measure ?
  11. After decades of using Weller irons which used to last well but don't any more, I tried the Solomon (Pensol) soldering stations. SOLOMON SL-20 SOLOMON SL-30 with temp display They are cheaper than Weller, more reliable and even better in use. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Soldering-station-48W-230V-24V-SL20-N-Solomon/173401940969?epid=5007755123&hash=item285f8fa3e9:g:11EAAOSwAOdbQzUF&frcectupt=true https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Soldering-station-48W-230V-24V-SL30-N-Solomon/113140790265?epid=2278796353&hash=item1a57b773f9:g:m6kAAOSwkyxbQzUF&frcectupt=true Hakko are excellent too.
  12. I did not see that... time to get my specs re-calibrated I think.
  13. Me too. 1. It has no fingerboard and is unplayable as a bass guitar. 2. that construction isn't going to last a week - no truss rod, it will slowly fold up on itself.
  14. Now that's what I call a fretless...
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