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  1. Presonus Eris 3.5 PreSonus Eris E3.5 - 2-way, High-Definition Active Studio Monitors (Pair): Amazon.co.uk: Musical Instruments £96.99 delivered If you can stump up a bit more you can get the Eris 4.5 which are a step up PreSonus Eris E4.5 4.5-inch, 2-way, High-Definition Active Studio Monitors (Pair),Black: Amazon.co.uk: Musical Instruments £142.00 delivered or even a pair of Eris 5s
  2. Try tightening the truss rod a quarter turn - any better at all? Neck should (!) now be nearly straight... check the neck bolts are not loose. If the action is still too high, ) you will need a small shim in the neck pocket to tilt the neck back a little bit.
  3. IF it's 'mechanical' bypass via the switch (a 3 pole - 9 pins switch) it could have one pole faulty; this would fit the symptoms. Try shorting across the switch. If it's all done electronically on the main board then it's something else... 😉 FET or opamp failure or possible just a dry joint.
  4. The new Stingrays are certainly very nice, but they're not THAT nice to pay £3K for. If you shop around and bide your time you can get a 'Ray, with case, for well under £1K.
  5. Could be many things. First place to start is dried out electrolytic capacitors. Have a real good, close look at all the electrolytics, looking for doming, swelling or leakage. A duff decoupling cap could be the culprit.
  6. I wanted to replace the mute pads on my '88 Stingray and I can't seem to source just the pads - whole mute kits are sometimes available. So, I got to thinkin', they're only foam rubber pads... Sourced some EPDM self-adhesive gasket and after some measurin' and figurin' decided that 8mm thick and 20mm wide was ideal. Amazon supplied Neoprene Rubber Black Self-adhesive Sponge Strip 20mm wide x 8mm thick x 5m long: Amazon.co.uk: Welcome and after a bit of Blue Peter with a knife I had new mute pads. Work just fine too. It would be easier to do this at a string change, but slackening off was enough. I've got enough for a lifetime now... 😉
  7. Bigguy2017


    That headstock looks home made - the wiring clip string trees are genius. I've seen that bridge before - on a Framus or Eko maybe?
  8. OK... To start, make up a lead with a jack on one end, for your amp, and a pair of croc clips on the other end. This is most useful for fault-finding... Clip croc clips to pickup wires (pup disconnected from wiring loom). Is the pickup working? - That'll be a yes... 😉 Solder pickup wires to volume pot (outside pins). Clip croc leads to ground and centre pin - does volume pot now work? Solder output cable to pot (centre and earth). Connect a regular jack cable to the output jack - all working? Solder tone control and cap into place - still working?
  9. Sounds like the switch is dodgy. Many of the cheap chinese switches are prone to fail.
  10. Does your pre-amp pedal run off a plug-in DC supply? If it's a regular double insulated power supply it's not earthed (probably has a plastic earth pin), so there is no path to earth. Touching the bass's metal work earths it via your body, and stops the buzz... Normally the pre-amp would plug into a power amp and that would be earthed. Take a piece of single wire and touch it onto the pre-amp's casing (if metal) or jack socket - touch the other end on something grounded . If this cures the buzz you could plug a cable into a spare pre-amp out (?) and ground the cable's screen to some nearby piece of kit.
  11. Now, if only these wern't so darned expensive.... Filmtools Junior Convertible Cart w/ 18" x 20" Nose Plate 5550 - Filmtools Filmtools Junior Competitor Cart Convertible Hand Truck & Platform Cart 10409 - Filmtools
  12. I mark the date on the new battery with a sharpie - when I come to change the battery it's always older than I imagined... The Stingray got a new battery two years ago and it's still OK.
  13. As the other posters have stated, the only way that's coming out is to jam something into the nut. Filing/sanding a slight taper on the flats of a allen key can work. If you can get enough reach with a Dremel and a 'dentist' bit you could cut a couple of slots in the nut (doesn't have to be tidy) and use a large, flat blade screwdriver.
  14. USA Mustang Bass https://www.axesrus.co.uk/ARUMUSTBASS-p/arumust.htm MIJ Mustang Bass Reissue https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/pickguards-c62/fender-basses-c111/mustang-bass-japanese-reissue-c294 Vintera Mustang Bass https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-pickguard-for-Fender-Vintera-Mustang-Bass-many-colors-/283728492848 ???
  15. Unbelievably good. Complex, subtle and tight. Makes all modern 'gridded' stuff sound totally crap...
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