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  1. String spacing is 16mm and nut is 45 weight 4.3 kg according to my bathroom scale
  2. I sell this beautiful 5 string bass for inactivity. Comfortable handle and very interesting electronics. The humbucker is actually a double single coil with bass and treble controls for each coil (there are two pre Bartolini). The switch is used to boost or cut the mids (one switch per coil). Then volume and balance. there are infinite combinations of sounds. more picture on request. I can ship at buyers cost and risk.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Which exchanges would you be interested to?
  5. This bass is in mint conditions, no dings or scratches. plecked fingerboard, it allow a really low action without buzzes. now it’s mounting EMG GB pickups, but I’m selling it with originals pickups as I’m keeping the EMG for another bass. by now I’ve just few pictures, I will send others to interested ones.
  6. I'm selling this beautiful sunburst classical jazz bass. This is the second one of this kind for me. It's a 2011 USA reissue and it plays really well. I sell nearly all my jazz basses as I have to fund another (big) gear... The bass has some sign of the times it's been used, but, other than that, it's in complete order. It comes with OHSC and all the stuff. Shipping is possible everywhere at buyer's risk and costs.
  7. I’m selling this beautyful Jazz ‘62 (stacked knob). MY relationship with jazz basses is complicated, and I need to fund some other gear... comes with OHSC and all the stuff
  8. Hi mate, is the bass still on sale/trade?
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