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  1. I’m selling this beautyful Jazz ‘62 (stacked knob). MY relationship with jazz basses is complicated, and I need to fund some other gear... comes with OHSC and all the stuff
  2. Hi mate, is the bass still on sale/trade?
  3. Good to deal with him, clear and rapid communication, professional packaging, rapid shipping. may be I’ll make other deals with him...
  4. I have to sell this because I don’t need it no more. fairly used, mint conditions I can ship everywhere at buyer risk and cost. more pictures to interested
  5. No, it’s a status original bridge.
  6. According to my bathroom scale it is 3.7 kg. It can come with generic case or gigbag.
  7. I’m selling this guy just because I got too many things instrynents. sone sign of the time, but it works perfectly. High output and wonderful playability.
  8. Perfect deal, good communication. It’ been a pleasure.
  9. Sellino this beautiful bass, realLU one of the best fender on steroid I never played, selling it just because I don’t use it any more since I got my Orati’s Jazz V. preamp is Mike Pope, active passive with passive tone.
  10. Feedback for blue moon.

    Just had a deal with him: perfect buyer, perfect and fast communication, a pleasure to make deal with him.

    1. SpondonBassed


      BlueMoon has a feedback topic:-

      Feedback for BlueMoon

      If you post your comment there, other members can search and find it when they're wanting to know what recommendations he's had.

  11. It has not the vtc. I could post but need to estimate shipping fees.
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