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  1. Price drop, snag the opportunity to get a befiltered bass that's easy on your WALlet!
  2. Dapper Bandit


    Loopers can get mental expensive so while I'm not massively surprised at the price when you factor in the general cost level of Chase Bliss stuff that does certainly put it at the "not for me" price point. Plus I already spent the big bucks years ago on a Boomerang III and between that and my Tensor I don't think the Blooper brings too much to the table for me.
  3. Had that happen to me with one of their triple guitar stands, whilst it was fully loaded! Wasn't massively impressed by that (as it had never been pushed beyond standard bedroom use) but I had not long bought one of their "traditional" style racks so just squished everything up on that. That rack works fine as it's just a padded frame, very little to go wrong with that.
  4. I had a Cort A5 years ago and it was an absolute corker so I would probably have to say the B5 is what I would go for. That being said, some people aren't overly enamoured with the Bartolini's in them but they sound perfectly acceptable and bass-like and I never had any complaints. The only downside with Cort is that they are not a cool name brand, there are no legends on their roster. What they have got going for them is that Cort actually make most companies instruments for them so they absolutely know what they are doing and they offer quite a good deal for their price, I've always thought.
  5. Postage now included, making this a real Billy Bargain!
  6. Preamps in pedal form are either there to better get your signal to the PA (if you're going direct for example) or to offer you a different tonal palette to what your amp may be able to get on it's own. I'll play an active bass through a Rusty Box because the Rusty has the EQ points I am looking for in certain situations. I had a compressor once, it was years ago when I was playing fingerstyle in a fast metal band and I wanted / had read on TB that I needed a little compression to smooth out the less appealing parts of my technique at the time. It was good in that it kept things pretty even when I was transitioning from three finger galloping to tapped parts with less grace than I would have liked but I haven't used one since that band folded, part exchanged the compressor on a Whammy in fact. I think part of the pedalboard craze is that compression and preamps have been used all over recorded music since time immemorial and now people are able to get closer to that tone at home and on stage. As Al says, if you're really interested in dipping your toe, a second hand multi fx would be the way to go as you will get a decent sound for not a whole lot of money. I still remember my Zoom unit from way back when fondly, even if by today's standards it would be considered a horrendously overpriced dog!
  7. Fraser bought a bass off me, a thoroughly easy transaction from start to finish. Deal with confidence!
  8. Fraser bought a bass off me, a thoroughly easy transaction from start to finish. Deal with confidence!
  9. I found that thinking about the music I actually want to make with my gear helped. Turns out I'm properly covered at this point in time and I don't need any more distortion pedals! When I'm not actively playing / writing then I end up buying gear as a way to prove I'm still "musically active" which is clearly bunkum but a trap i suspect a lot of us fall in to...
  10. You had this very one sir! The ACG sounds monstrous, super versatile with a surprisingly small learning curve.
  11. Didn't think this one would be going, honestly but here we are: A fairly rare Ibanez DWB3 is now up for grabs. I've only seen one 4 and one 5 string version of this pass through this forum which is a mystery as this is a lovely bass. If you like an Ibanez neck then you know what this has to offer, not too thin front to back but has a pleasantly slim nut that encourages you to fly all over the place, should you want to. I had the excellent ACG EQ001 fitted by The Gallery in Camden as they certainly know their apples and there really isn't a sound this bass can't pull off! Why am I selling then, I hear you cry? I've got too many nice basses and I've got to cull the herd a little bit. I may also come to my senses and pull this in favour of putting something else up! Price is collected in Jersey if you fancy a daytrip to enjoy some sun and sea at the same time, postage can be arranged and the included hard case will keep her nice and safe.
  12. Up on the block is this lovely Ibanez Blazer. Has some wear but this is a real workhorse of a bass and it definitely looks the part. Frets are in good condition and have plenty of life left in them, truss rod works and everything bar the knobs are original. Collection in Jersey is an option if you fancy catching the ferry and enjoying our beaches at the same time or I can post in a gig bag with tons of packaging, just let me know where you are and I can get a quote.
  13. https://valhalladsp.com/2010/05/11/enolanois-shimmer-sound-how-it-is-made/ Bit of background on how shimmer works. A multi won't do the job as well as a dedicated effect but you can at least have a taste if you've already got a multi!
  14. How much do you want to spend? You've got the Meris Mercury 7 that will give you shimmer, Eventide Space and Pitchfactor do it as well. Maybe one of the Korg multis? Shimmer is just reverb + blended octave up so anything that would allow you to stack those would give you the shimness.
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