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  1. I've got one of those nylon straps that looks more like a tourer awning storm stabiliser thing. It's uncomfortable and slides on my shoulder, plus the eyes look imitation leather and flimsy. I would hate for my guit to become detached mid song leaving me looking like a prat. Looking for recommendations for a strong strap. Where? I'm not planning to go crazy cash wise. So has to be reasonably priced.
  2. Pamberi


    What, the fan or the mushy peas? I could do with a fan, especially in this weather. But defo no to the mushy peas. Facemasks are so like 2019 anyway. Besides I discovered years ago that I'm not pretty enough to want to maintain it. Together, well, that's a whole new YBF clip in the making... £250 anyone?
  3. When you say right now what do you mean? Right now like this immediate moment or the slight obsession right now like when you come across a band/ artist and play them on loop until you know everything about them and their sound? What if the first right now doesn't correspond with the second? Is the second right now just a little crush and not good enough? Asking for a friend...
  4. Pamberi


    Not a fan of mushy peas... Tbh
  5. Pamberi


    Zimbabwean in Lancashire, England
  6. Pamberi


    Hi, beginner here... Well, I can play guitar reasonably but switched to the dark side when I joined a band without a bass player.
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