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  1. The weight comes out at 4.3kg. Serial number dates it to 2014. As far as I'm aware, as a 2014 it will have a graphite reinforced neck.
  2. haha ... Freudian slip! Yes it was indeed a refret and no regret involved whatsoever
  3. Andy

    Feedback for GuyR

    Guy brought my CS Jazz Bass recently. A really good experience - great communication & a top bloke! Thanks Guy
  4. This has a 1-piece neck so not a new fingerboard but Martin (Bass Gallery / SEI) did a great job of refinishing it when he regretted the bass for me.
  5. Andy

    Feedback for Andy

    Thanks for the kind words Daniel!
  6. Daniel brought his Lull back from me over the weekend. As always, a genuine pleasure to deal with - highly recommended BCer!
  7. Andy

    Mike Lull

    Could always put that one right for you Daniel - I'm just starting to thin out my newer gear in favour of vintage so it could be available for you if you're really missing it!
  8. Andy

    Feedback for Hooch

    I've just sold a bass to Yannick - really clear communication and a pleasure to deal with! Thanks Yannick
  9. I've got a full bodied Riverhead - Great basses for the money!
  10. Here's your chance to make it right again!
  11. Up for sale is my stunning 100% stock 1972 Fender Precision Bass, with the original case and the rare 'A' profile neck. Very light at 8.4lbs. It's in wonderful condition and looking at the condition of the frets, it seems to have hardly been played. As you'll see in the pics, it has two marks on the body rear, which I'm sure must have been caused by years of storage on top of a strap or lead (I've spoken to a luthier friend about this mark and he's sure that it could be buffed out). To me, it looks like it was bought in 1972, played for a short time and then stored away. The original mute looks in great shape and the neck and headstock are still that "white" blond maple colour that it looks like from new. But it's a genuine 1972 P Bass! The 'A' neck is very very comfortable. The tortoiseshell scratchplate has a real deep burgundy colour that the newer "modern" scratchplates just cannot match. A few very minor scratches and a minor blemish on the back of the neck that I have tried to capture in one of the pics. No trades please. Collection Preferred.
  12. Just taken a couple of shots Warren. It's one of those finishes that's difficult to capture - seems to look different in almost every shot and definitely looks better in the flesh!
  13. I brought this for a project which shifted direction and so was never used. It's in superb condition as I've owned it from new (annoyingly has 1 tiny ding/imperfection in the lacquer that was there when I brought it - I'll get a picture uploaded tomorrow) Comes in it's original canvas gigbag. A couple of notes pulled from reviews: Perceived as the top model in the Godin bass range, the A4 is essentially a slimline electro-acoustic bass in looks and sounds, but with a definite electric bass guitar feel about it. It was the manufacturer's intention of producing a cross between a solid-bodied and an acoustic bass. It's a whole lot more comfortable to play than a fully sized acoustic bass even if it does mean a little gain in overall weight. The neck, in particular, feels more like a regular solid bass. Collection preferred. No trades sorry. My feedback:
  14. I'll get some more pictures up tomorrow to tempt you further!
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