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  1. I have just made a deal with Kusku and the feedback is absolutely positive! Thank you guy!
  2. You’re right. Tomorrow I will take more.
  3. String spacing is 16mm and nut is 45 weight 4.3 kg according to my bathroom scale
  4. Which exchanges would you be interested to?
  5. Good to deal with him, clear and rapid communication, professional packaging, rapid shipping. may be I’ll make other deals with him...
  6. No, it’s a status original bridge.
  7. According to my bathroom scale it is 3.7 kg. It can come with generic case or gigbag.
  8. Perfect deal, good communication. It’ been a pleasure.
  9. Feedback for blue moon.

    Just had a deal with him: perfect buyer, perfect and fast communication, a pleasure to make deal with him.

    1. SpondonBassed


      BlueMoon has a feedback topic:-

      Feedback for BlueMoon

      If you post your comment there, other members can search and find it when they're wanting to know what recommendations he's had.

  10. It has not the vtc. I could post but need to estimate shipping fees.
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