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  1. I’m selling this guy just because I got too many things instrynents. sone sign of the time, but it works perfectly. High output and wonderful playability.
  2. Perfect deal, good communication. It’ been a pleasure.
  3. Selling this beautiful bass, realLy one of the best fender on steroid I never played, selling it just because I don’t use it any more since I got my Orati’s Jazz V. preamp is Mike Pope, active passive with passive tone.
  4. Feedback for blue moon.

    Just had a deal with him: perfect buyer, perfect and fast communication, a pleasure to make deal with him.

    1. SpondonBassed


      BlueMoon has a feedback topic:-

      Feedback for BlueMoon

      If you post your comment there, other members can search and find it when they're wanting to know what recommendations he's had.

  5. It has not the vtc. I could post but need to estimate shipping fees.
  6. Selling this beautiful sadowsky metro 4 just to fund another purchase. The bass is in mint conditions
  7. I’m selling this beautiful bass just to reduce the number of instruments I own and to free some space at home. the bass is in good conditions. Straight and stable graphite neck.
  8. Thinking about selling my MPV 5. nearly mint conditions and really well playing. here’s some pics...
  9. There are holes on the body for the pick guard?
  10. No, it’s still available if you are interested.
  11. I’m based in Italy, but there would be no problem sending it by courier.
  12. I’m selling my marleaux Betra lined fretless. it’s one of the first marleaux Betra produced around 1990, according to Marleaux himself. mahogany body with maple top and ebony fretboard. It has PJ Bartolini pickups and passive electronics. I sell it just because I don’t play fretless no more. It comes with OHSC
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. I sell my combustion 5 just to get other stuff the bass is in perfect conditions
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