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  1. Good-looking and smart bass. Good luck
  2. Feedback for Papimati

    Just sold my Marleaux, great comprehensive person. Great communication and quick payment. I great guy to have deals. Highly recommended
  3. Do you know about Marleaux quality? [url="http://www.marleaux-bass.com/marleaux-bass_consat_custom.html"]http://www.marleaux-...sat_custom.html[/url] Bump for a new fiver
  4. MusicMan StingRay 5 - £1000

    Perfect weight. Glwts
  5. MusicMan StingRay 5 - £1000

    Beautiful classic. Please Could you tell a about the weight and trades?
  6. 1983 Fender Precision *SOLD*

    In pc I can. Sorry for importunate you. In mobile I can't beautiful precisión. GLWTS
  7. 1983 Fender Precision *SOLD*

    The album is in private mode. I can't see pics
  8. Squire JV please remove

    Please picssssss
  9. sold

    wowwww Stuning color...
  10. SOLD *** Jerzy Drozd Excellency ***

    it's a pity that you don't accept trades, MIguel . GLWTS
  11. withdrawn

    Amating instrument. Glwts
  12. [quote name='Mikkel-S' timestamp='1500113160' post='3335678'] That is still amazingly sexy! [/quote] Thanks Mikkel but I need ( or want ;-)) a 5 strings... Stingray 5 will be the winner
  13. Open for trades