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  1. Reduced to £840 + shipping. Straight sale. The bass will move country soon (unless sold quickly), so only available for local UK shipping in the next 4-5 days.
  2. Hi Rob, The original headpiece was replaced with another one.
  3. I bought a Peavey bass from Pete. A brilliant instrument arrived in mint condition as advertised. Smooth transaction, good communication, a recommended seller.
  4. Hi, Bassbandit. The ramp is approx. 3 mm from the strings, so it strongly affects plucking. It's also a little bit narrower than the pu as you may see it on the photo. This was my request as I use the ramp as a thumb rest when I pluck the E string and I like my thumb a bit closer to the string if it makes sense. It might need a bit of jiggery-pokery to make it suitable for someone's preferences but I beleive that Jon did an exceptional job making this ramp purely based on my explanation via e-mail. For my personal taste it would only need a 0.5 mm sanding under the G-string. Slappers might find the space between the neck and the ramp tight, but that's also an easy fix.
  5. Hi Guys, For sale or trade my Shuker Series 2 headless bass with Moses graphite neck (Steinberger replacement). I bought this from a fellow basschatter in September and then sent it to Jon to customize it. He installed an ebony ramp to my specs, replaced the EMG knobs with chrome ones and replaced the headpiece to suit single ball strings. However a few months ago I bought my first ever Ibanez bass (GWB-1) and realized that this is the sort of neck profile I really want (narrow and very slim neck). This neck would also allow me to play 5 strings which is my genuine preference. Actually the Moses neck is far from chunky and I've found it comfortable to play with my rather small hands. Condition: 10/10, like new, perfectly set up by Jon + Brand new Elixir strings. The tuners are like butter. Specs: - Alder body (not 100% sure) - Matt white finish with a shiny texture - EMG MMTW pickup - 3 way EMG preamp with parametric mids - Nut: 39 mm / 24th fret: 57 mm - 34” scale Moses graphite neck - 16.5 mm string spacing - only 3.5 kg! I'm not too keen on trades since I have 3 other basses. Shipping is not included in the asking price.
  6. I traded a bass for an amp+cash with Paul. It was a smooth transaction, I couldn't be happier with his attitude.
  7. Reduced to £450 with original bridge. Gigbag included
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