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  1. I played this gem a couple of days and have to confirm: - The B-String is killing, i only do know these kind of B-String quality with 35 Scale MTDs, here you will have a super comfy 33' - Very resonant all over the fingerboard. I never had an instrument in my hands with no dead spot issues at all and i am super critically with this. Impressive! GLWTS
  2. MTD 535-24 35 Scale 24 Frets 4,7 Kg Ash Body, figured Walnut Top, Ash Neck, Birds eye maple Fingerboard Bartolini Pickups and Electronic Luminlay Side Dots (Little charging flashlight included) Near mint condition - some tiny marks on the pickup covers, could be a demo model or new old stock. Best B-String i have ever played, it is a joy to play also in the upper register of the B-String or to do some serious slapping without any compromises. A very good Gigbag is included - For shipping i could keep the Gigbag and buy a solid Hardcase at Thomann on my account. Incl. MTD Documents, Fretwraps, Luminlay Charger and 3x (!) Original MTD Strings (Right now the bass is strung with new Daddarios) Incl. Original-Invoice Attention: Only little modification -> I installed some Jockomo Block Inlay Stickers, which can be easily removed without any hints. The Bass looks crazy good with the naked Birds Eye Maple Fingerboard but i tend to be a bit safer with soloing in the upper register when i also have the big block inlays as orientation. The Bass had one Pre-Owner. Original Invoice included. Bass Club Paris, 4750,- € (4212 Pounds) Short Video Snippet Longer Video Snippet Possible Trade would be a Sadowsky Modern 5-24 Feel free to ask any questions. I could also search for some live video footage, if you are interested.
  3. @Maxlo Scale Length seems to be inbetween. I measured 34.5 - Superb B-String by the way!
  4. Mike Lull M5V Jazz Bass from 2006 Really lightweight for a full 5-String with 3.9kg / 8.6lbs Seymour Duncan PUs, Bartolini PreAmp, some little scratches, nothing big and even hard to get on a picture. I just changed the string tree to a full one for all 5-String. First it was just one little String tree for the A and D string only (you can see the srew hole in the headstock picture) which lead to totally different string bendings after the saddle. The little original one is included. Vol (Push Pull Active-Passiv) / Balance / Passive hi's / Bass boost cut and hi-boost cut: double poti. String Spacing adjustable (+- 0.5mm) - Right now in the widest position - 18.5mm I do have a simple but solid Thomann Hardcase. Bass is located in Germany, Düsseldorf. Shipping possible; Courier. We can split the costs.
  5. A wonderful example for the more early Laklands (2002) - Only around 8.8lbs (4.0kg) a very light 55-94 Deluxe. I played this a couple of years as my main axe but really cared about it. You will find some tiny marks but nothing i can really get on a picture besides the marks at the headstock and some minor belt issues at the back (not viewable with a camera). Bartolini Pickups - I have several videos with this bass on youtube, feel free to take a listen. The Recording Quality is quite simple (straight to a RME Babyface Interface) but i think you can really hear the really tight and resonant B-String as well as the overall round and warm sounding Bartolinis. Youtube Lakland Youtube Lakland #2 Additional ones in my Youtube Channel. Im living in Germany, Düsseldorf but willing to ship this Bass in a simple but solid Thomann Hardcase (which is broken at one side but good to go for a safe shipping trip). 2100 £ Im looking for a straight sale, tradewise i would only consider Alleva Coppolo Basses (with additional cash by my side) or Moollon Basses. Feel free to ask me any Questions.
  6. Whats the weight please? 19mm String Spacing? What about the Scale, i guess 34 Scale? Nice Bass!
  7. Beautiful Boutique Fretless with Lines, really good and fast Setup, upgraded by Christoph Dolf (Bassculture) with an Ebony Nut and Pear Ramp (Easy to deconstruct due to Tape). This Bass is also shown at the Marleaux Gallery. Lots of Pictures you can find at my [url="http://picasaweb.google.de/robbybass/MarleauxConsatCustomFretless?feat=directlink"]Webalbum[/url] Comes with a light and good custom Hardcase - So Shipping is no Problem. [b]Sounds[/b] you can get via Email - I played this Bass on 2 Tracks with a Band at my Jazz Conservatory and you can really (!!) hear the beautiful Tone at the Lows and also in the higher Register Fills. 1550 Euro (Shipping from Germany to GB included!) Robbybass (at) gmail.com
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