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  1. Thank you - bit on the heavy side for me, beautiful instrument though and a steal at this price, glwts!
  2. Must resist...must resist... how much does it weigh?
  3. Ah good spot. It is indeed a 14B! My brother's...had to give it back unfortunately...let me know if you ever want to move yours on 😁 Re the cabinet size, yes that could be design number 6... but I was going for the compromise here between deep bass and living room acceptability! But they already go low... I don't have a proper spl measurement system but there is audible bass from 29 Hz and they have a super kick with bass drum etc. Certainly enough aural awesomeness to make me rummage through my record collection to feast on the sounds 😋
  4. Great thread! So one of my lockdown projects was to build a pair of isobaric speakers... managed to pick up four Seas bass units for not much, and built these cabs as a slightly more aesthetic alternative to rectangles - the bass units are 8" and there is one hiding inside the cab, so it can't be any narrower. Paired them up with some fountek ribbon tweeters. A bit of crossover tweaking and hey presto... huge meaty bass and drums, breathy midrange and delicate tops. My 5th attempt at speaker design, so a huge surprise at how great they sound. Upset my brother when we compared them to his very pricey Wilson-Benesch's. A shame those bass units aren't made any more, otherwise I might be going into production 😂
  5. @Beedster Funnily enough my 16 year old son grabbed me a couple of months ago and said, Dad I've just heard an awesome track you might like. It's called Roundabout. Imagine my pride 😊 maybe that means musical taste is in your genes 😂 But you should also listen to Heart of the Sunrise. Turn it up good and loud and marinate in the sumptuous soundscape!
  6. That is a sweet looking instrument! And you've piqued my curiosity, will have to lift all my scratchplates to see if there's a hidden message 😄
  7. It is a very fair price...tick tock 😀
  8. A friend has one, bought secondhand after clearly serving time on the front line as there is a big thumb crater above the front pickup and the back of the neck worn smooth as a peach! One of the most comfortable and open sounding expressive basses I've ever played. Looks not for me, otherwise I'd have nicked it already 😄
  9. That's a great amp for a bargain price! Used one for about a decade, great tone with valve pre and plenty of power...I ended up fitting a thermocouple for the fans for quiet studio use. Would still be using it if my little brother hadn't pinched it 😄
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-BASS-RAMP-for-finger-style-in-high-quality-naval-resin-Totally/154052763184?hash=item23de429e30:g:UVAAAOSwExJfPlqL Amazing the things you can do if you have enough resin in your navel...
  11. I think in Germany UPS is pronounced "oops" Just saying 🙂 Fingers crossed it's for real this time!
  12. tomthebass


    You don't like antennae Andy? 😁 But yeah, I was in a hurry to have a play, headstock will be officially tidied up this morning!
  13. tomthebass


    😂 well sort of. It was like that but in a box with polystyrene in a box with polystyrene in a box. So very well protected. Shipping with the neck off knocked a bunch off the shipping fees which were still ridiculous compared with EU shipping. Once in a lifetime!
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