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  1. Lovely lovely bass looking for a good home. Open to sensible offers and come round for a play if you're curious!
  2. That's a beauty and a steal at this price 🤩
  3. Trying to thin the herd, aargh, but this is pretty! GLWTS!
  4. Hi sorry not looking for trades, need to make space!
  5. The cull continues... This one is a proper Musicman Original Licenced Product from way back when - nicely played in but in good clean condition, no visible dings to the body, neck is great with a small amount of wear/discolouration along the fingerboard edges and a small dent on the back near where the headstock joins the neck - see pic, can't really feel it when playing. The body is made of several pieces glued together and in a couple of places on the the glue has darkened under the lacquer, see pics. I've attacked this one with my router to make a battery cavity on the back, and routed under the banana control plate to make room for the preamp: this is completely hidden apart from the fact that there's an unfilled screw hole as the bottom of the control plate where there's nowhere for the screw to go, see pics. Truss rod working fine and good neck profile so you can get a decently low action. Super comfy to play and sounds rich and crisp as you'd expect a Stingray to! Comfortable weight at 4.0 kg. Feel free to ask any questions!
  6. Sure happy to, at your cost and will need to hunt down a box! Cheers Tom
  7. Time to listen to your unconscious Tobias 😉
  8. Btw Andy I've still got that Fender Marcus Miller pre I bought from you a while back. Just sayin' 😉
  9. Happy New Year Bassfolks! Up for sale a pristine passive Yamaha 24 fret stealth beauty. Time to offload one of my lockdown projects with the following mods: Removed the matching headstock colour and revarnished/tinted, applied a new Yamaha decal and a couple of additional coats of satin varnish. Don't ask me why, I just have a thing against matching headstocks 🤷‍♂️ Routed to enlarge the rear control cavity (now sporting a new cover) to allow 5 control knobs with a preamped treble-mid-bass-blend-volume setup. I've since removed the preamp for another project and returned this to passive volume/tone pair for each pickup and so one knob is currently unused. During the drilling process I clumsily damaged the lacquer around one of the pots, see pictures. Thankfully it's barely noticeable with the knobs fitted. Removed all the gold plated hardware and replaced with like for like black, with the exception of the neck mounting plate. This thing is lightweight at 3.7kg and super comfortable to play, truss rod works fine and you can get a low action without buzz, and it has a nice crisp piano-like tone unplugged. Pickups are the stock Yamaha passives, I assume single coil. That's all I can think of, feel free to fire questions!
  10. Thanks for the stripey-Tobias love guys, Merry Christmas to you all!
  11. Hi folks, This is a brilliant and incredibly rare bass but time to thin the herd and this one is the next one out, main reason being the neck is so slim it feels weird after playing upright bass so it gets played the least. But it does look amazing and so hangs on the wall begging to be played... Usual Tobias gorgeousness with through-neck maple/purpleheart and solid zebrawood wings. The body is matt and I suspect waxed rather than satin varnished. Not sure what the fingerboard is but I'd say pao ferro at a guess. Standard Bartolini humbuckers and three band preamp. Superfast slim neck and wicked deep sounds finger style or slap, makes me chuckle every time I pick it up. Nice low action and no issues with neck or frets. Don't have the exact weight to hand but would guess around 4.2kg. Condition is great only points to note a small scar inside the lower cutaway (see pic) which could probably be wax-filled but it never bothered me to try; and a little scuffing/discolouration below the G-string from finger popping, have to look closely to see it (see pic). I don't have a case for this one but can figure out a safe way to package and ship if needed. Visits to come try are welcome!
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