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  1. Fantastic, thanks for sharing!!
  2. Fabola, will take a look thanks!
  3. Hi folks, Being someone who suffers from the whimsy of playing around with colours and having put huge effort into a couple of resprays over the years, just had a random crazy thought - can you wrap a bass body in the way people do with cars? Has anyone tried this? Would the material flex enough to handle the sharp curves of a bass body? your thoughts welcome 😁 Tom
  4. Pre rugby bump... and open to reasonable offers, this bass wants to be played!
  5. Picked one of these up last year as a travel bass - absurd quality for the money, super fast playable neck and the green finish is lush 😁
  6. Couple of near misses over the weekend but still here!
  7. C'mon, collecting dust and needs a new owner to play with!
  8. Hi Tom, just checked and 4.1kg on the bathroom scales. Cheers, Tom
  9. Hi folks Up for grabs a nice Stingray 4 made by OLP under licence from MusicMan. I bought this as a project bass to refinish but have since found another in the colour I was looking for so offering this up unchanged. Nice grain and great condition no marks on the neck, a few very minor dings as shown in the pics. The scratch-late is a bit scuffed from removing glue a previous owner used to attach a thumb-rest, can probably be further polished if it bothers you or you can pick up a new one for around £15 or go for the all natural look as per pics! These basses are fantastic value for money, look like the real thing and play beautifully. It has passive electronics - on my other one I've installed a Bart pre (a bit of routing needed!) and it sounds awesome! I've given this one a thorough clean and set up with new strings 45-105 roundwound so good to go. Can ship at buyer's cost, may be a little delay while I find a box. Cheers!
  10. Mark bought a Chowny bass from me today, great comms and came to collect on time, nice guy and happy to deal with him again, thanks!
  11. Hi folks, Up for grabs a basically as new SWB-1 short scale (30.5") with ebony fingerboard. I don't know what the body wood is but it has a crisp resonant sound and sustain akin to an ash/maple body/board configuration. Quite heavy for a petite bass at 4.3 kg. Sparkling shiny condition as barely used and only at home, one tiny dinglet on the back see pic, otherwise unmarked on the body and neck. Factory active circuit: pickup selector switch, volume, bass and treble. I bought this as a potential travel bass, but found the short scale just a little too short for me, so am replacing with a 32" scale bass. To facilitate travel the neck screws have been replaced by hex bolts into metal ferrules in the neck heel so the neck can be repeatedly removed and reinstalled without compromising the strength of the joint. With the absence of travel due to COVID, the neck has only been off the one time to make this mod. Looking for a sale as have run out of space for the herd, but you never know... Happy to ship in a well padded box at buyer's cost or come and collect subject to lockdown law at the time. All questions welcome! Cheers Tom
  12. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the comments and ideas! Partly the thread was to see how the community sees these basses as classics, and I'm hearing you loud and clear that you do. I respect that, so no panics and no butchery! For background - I do have other basses with more punch, but this one just has a look and feel and playability that fit so I keep coming back to fiddle with it. Looks like the single pickup upgrade is the way to go so I'll talk to Aaron and Veijo (but plan to drop in a new one rather than a rewind so I can keep the original unmodded). Cheers all! Will let you know how it turns out... Tom
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