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  1. drewk_ie

    1984 Musicman Cutlass I

    Thanks, It is a sweet bass alright!
  2. So after much deliberation, and with little hope of my back pain residing, after already letting go of my Kay double bass and KK baby bass, here on Basschat, it’s time to bid farewell to my final EUB. Heres the blurb from the Clevinger main site: Clevinger Bassic MINIMAL HEAD. Shoulderless trapezoid body. Bassic black lacquer. Volume control. Clevinger ABST (Acoustic Bass Simulation Technology) pickup. Four String only - $2899.00 http://www.clevinger.com/clevbass/Clevinger Bassic/bassic.htm Very close to an upright sound, thanks to the Clevinger ABST pickup. Waiting list is between 8-12 months! Lovely bass to play, no annoying on stage feedback, comes with tripod stand, original faux fur lined Clevinger Soft case and no name bow (c/w cover) should you wish to dip your toes into Arco. Nice and compact when folded down, not much longer than an EB case. As always collection preferred, based in Ireland. Overseas buyers welcome, but you will need to organise your own shipping/ courier. Thanks for looking.
  3. drewk_ie

    1984 Musicman Cutlass I

    Had this sold, but mid transaction buyer withdrew, as the bass he was selling to fund this didn’t happen, anyway, we live and learn! Here’s one you don’t see too often, in fabulous condition, extremely rare ‘84 Musicman Cutlass I, pre Ernie Ball, two band EQ, Serial number BO17701, Modulus Graphite Neck with Ebony Fingerboard, Stingray Body, Neck dates ‘84, Body dates ‘79. Beautiful bass to play, lovely action, frets have plenty of life left in them. Possibly a body refin?! as for a nearly 40 year old bass there’s not a blemish on it Will be shipped (or collected) with original MM tear drop case and serious packaging!  Based in Ireland, collection preferred, Overseas buyers to organise their own shipping. Thanks for looking.
  4. drewk_ie

    '78 Fender Precision fretless

    Oh my... just lovely!
  5. drewk_ie

    FS: Ampeg PF-50T **WITHDRAWN**

    I’d say that this would be superb for those great mid sized gigs where it’s all about the clarity of sound, I’m thinking Americana/ Bluegrass shows... if my bass sells and this is still here (highly doubtful), I’ll be in touch...
  6. drewk_ie

    FS: Ampeg PF-50T **WITHDRAWN**

    I keep coming back to look at this! Note to self: ‘don’t need another amp’ .. but it looks sooo good!
  7. drewk_ie

    PJB Suitcase & 4B Extension Cab

    All PMs replied to
  8. drewk_ie


    Final Price Drop. Now on sale for £2200, selling without the flight case and tear drop case.
  9. drewk_ie

    Musicman Stingray 1980 Pre EB SOLD

    Great price and she looks great too, a players bass!
  10. drewk_ie

    PJB Suitcase & 4B Extension Cab

    Thanks for the comment, it is a great set up, I’ll probably regret selling her once she’s gone!
  11. drewk_ie


    Thanks, I think a kidney fetches around £2,399.99, so you would only have to add 1p to own this classic piece of MM history! I’d still take a partial trade on a pre EB MM sabre, fretless or fretted...
  12. drewk_ie

    PJB Suitcase & 4B Extension Cab

    Cheers Stevie, It is a super rig! Have had a few trade offers, but really looking for a straight sale or trade against a Pre EB Sabre Bass.
  13. drewk_ie


    Still here folks, would take a partial trade against a Musicman Sabre, fretted or fretless...
  14. My regular gig, I switch between three basses... electric bass, electric fretless bass and electric upright... all through a Palmer trinity footswitch, each input has its own gain... out of the Palmer and into my Boss TU2 (can mute everything)... into my Acoustic Image Contra amp (DI’d to FOH) Simple set up, no fuss, easy jump between my basses!
  15. Forgotten I had these, doing a bit of a clean out, pre ernie ball tuners, three and one formation. Have screws too! Price incl postage to the U.K.