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  1. Just wondering can this be used in reverse, one bass signal to two amps?
  2. Lovely, there’s been some really nice pre EBs posted on here recently, this is a good price too!
  3. First MM short scale I’ve seen on this side of the pond! Best of luck with the sale...
  4. Hello fellow basschatters, I’m looking for a white MusicMan American SUB bass, if anyone has one, that they fancy parting with. Cheers Drew
  5. Beautiful looking bass, really like the white pick up cover! Best of luck with the sale.
  6. Just purchased a bass from Martin, item exactly as described, would highly recommend this fellow bass chatter! Cheers Drew
  7. Someone will be very happy with this... great condition! Best of luck with the sale.
  8. Lovely, Chris made some of the finest instruments. Best of luck with the sale, whomever buys this won’t be disappointed!
  9. Hi all, I’m looking for an Acoustic Image Coda/Contra extension cab, if anyone has one gathering dust that’s not in use. Cheers Drew
  10. Keep coming back to look at this... must resist... don’t need another pre eb fretless...
  11. Looks like I’m the first to leave feedback for this top notch BCer! What can I say, a pleasure to deal with, prompt payment, great communication, all the criteria for an honourable bass chatter. Buy, sell or trade with confidence. Cheers Drew
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