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  1. Still available folks, would consider a trade for a MM Sabre Bass... or high end fretted acoustic bass.
  2. Don’t think it’s a DIY as the binding looks complete. It’s popped up for sale locally, but the seller has very little info... terrible photo though ☺️
  3. Has anyone come across this headstock before, always thought that the 3 and 1 headstock configuration was a Musicman set up... Nice binding, not sure of the cut off top 🤔
  4. Here’s what basschat is all about, a true gentleman, great communication and prompt shipping, bought a mono M80 case, exactly as described, perfect! Many thanks Lozz!
  5. Thanks! Suitcase is sold, 4B extension cab is remaining.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xrZ61cuKLk Two basses..!
  7. Cheers, they are indeed great basses, I’ll be sad when she goes, it’ll definitely mark the end of my upright playing...
  8. For sale is my PJB Big Head, great piece of kit. In fantastic condition with original box and all accessories. Ideal for home practice! Headphone amplifier and D/A converter With integrated USB Interface Burr Brown analog-to-digital converter Up to 12 dB gain and more than 96 dB SNR Master volume control Input gain control Treble/Bass for instrument input signal USB power Internal lithium-ion battery, chargeable via USB jack Auxiliary input Dimensions: (H x W x D): 25 x 64 x 140 mm Weight: approx. 250 g Price includes postage to mainland U.K.
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