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  1. drewk_ie

    Musicman Stingray 1980 Pre EB ON HOLD

    Great price and she looks great too, a players bass!
  2. drewk_ie

    PJB Suitcase & 4B Extension Cab

    Thanks for the comment, it is a great set up, I’ll probably regret selling her once she’s gone!
  3. drewk_ie

    ‘84 Musicman Cutlass I **Price Drop**

    Thanks, I think a kidney fetches around £2,399.99, so you would only have to add 1p to own this classic piece of MM history! I’d still take a partial trade on a pre EB MM sabre, fretless or fretted...
  4. drewk_ie

    PJB Suitcase & 4B Extension Cab

    Cheers Stevie, It is a super rig! Have had a few trade offers, but really looking for a straight sale or trade against a Pre EB Sabre Bass.
  5. drewk_ie

    ‘84 Musicman Cutlass I **Price Drop**

    Still here folks, would take a partial trade against a Musicman Sabre, fretted or fretless...
  6. My regular gig, I switch between three basses... electric bass, electric fretless bass and electric upright... all through a Palmer trinity footswitch, each input has its own gain... out of the Palmer and into my Boss TU2 (can mute everything)... into my Acoustic Image Contra amp (DI’d to FOH) Simple set up, no fuss, easy jump between my basses!
  7. Forgotten I had these, doing a bit of a clean out, pre ernie ball tuners, three and one formation. Have screws too! Price incl postage to the U.K.
  8. drewk_ie

    ‘84 Musicman Cutlass I **Price Drop**

    Howdy folks, I now have my eye on another piece of kit, so while it’s available and for sale, I’m going to offer my Cutlass at £2400 for a quick sale and if it sells this week will even let it go with a pre Eb tear drop case!!
  9. drewk_ie

    Feedback for 4pwclm

    Gary is a true gentleman, prompt payment and great communication. Another successful Basschat transaction!
  10. BCB60 SOLD Price reduced for remaining cases. All 4 Posted for £55 within the U.K.
  11. And my clear out continues... up for sale is my PJB Suitcase and Matching 4B extension cab c/w covers. Both amp and cabinet are in excellent cosmetic condition, portable and sound truly amazing. Bassdirect.co.uk has a special introductory offer of the Suitcase + 4B extension cab for £1200, so listing at £850 Based in Ireland, collection preferred, but shipping can be arranged at buyers expense. From the PJB Site: The Suitcase has the same transparent sound as the Briefcase but it packs more of a punch so you can now use it at any kind of situation including keeping up with a busy drummer. It’s small, lightweight, so it’s easy to get in and out of the gig and it’s easy to get a great sound with just about any bass. It even has two channels so you can play acoustic or electric (or whatever combination suits your needs) and set each channel for your ideal tone. Not only that, you can actually play two instruments through this amp at the same time thanks to its huge internal power supply and solid state output section. How many other amps can support that claim? Its versatile tonal range allows this amp to work with just about any instrument that requires an amplifier. Keyboards, guitar, drum machine, you name it; they will all sound good thanks to the four PJB proprietary speakers. At 5 inches they may seem tiny, but they pack a punch across the whole audio spectrum. Good bass, transparent, natural mids and highs. “What if I need more power?” you may ask. Just add the compact PJB extension 4B cabinet and you will have all the bass and volume you ever need on a stage. The suitcase has power to spare and you will wonder just how it keeps on giving out all that power with absolute fidelity. The Suitcase has been through a survival course; it has been dropped, shaken, overloaded, over heated and yes, played through and after all of this, the Suitcase still works. We build it to be not just a great amplifier but a tool that the hard working musicians in our fraternity can truly depend upon. Link to Suitcase Review - PJB Suitcase review.pdf • 2 channel 300 W amp (180W into internal speakers) • 4 x high power 5” drivers in computer designed 8Ω enclosure Each input features; • Active/Passive input • 5 band eq (50Hz/160Hz/630Hz, 2.5kHz/12kHz) • Optical compressor/limiter (switchable/adjustable) • Headphone out • Balanced line out XLR DIi) • Effects return • Extension speaker out (taking the output to 300 W with extra 8Ω cab w/speakon) •Dimensions; 16.5 H x 13.5 W x 17.5 D •Weight - 49lb/23kgs
  12. For those who want the pro set up, for sale is my Victor Wooten power cord, 2mtr long. Retails at £195 excl shipping, looking for £90 incl shipping within the U.K. Specs can be found here. https://www.essentialsound.com/victor-wooten-musiccord-pro-power-cord.htm
  13. drewk_ie

    Feedback for 6feet7

    Just purchased a Palmer Trinity, Pedal was exactly as described, easy transaction and prompt shipping Cheers Drew
  14. drewk_ie

    ‘84 Musicman Cutlass I **Price Drop**

    All PMs replied to, some interesting offers 🤔
  15. drewk_ie

    ‘84 Musicman Cutlass I **Price Drop**

    I have a Cutlass... hmmmm... we should pm, what’s the worst that could happen!