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  1. You should tell all your friends that you’ve a great idea for a house warming gift! 😅
  2. Weight is 4.7kg on my digital scales.
  3. Time to thin out the herd as they say (hope I won’t regret this 🙄), so reluctantly, first up is my rare vintage white Music Man Sabre from the first year (1984) that Ernie Ball bought the company. Further info can be found here http://www.musicmanbass.global/ This bass plays great, truss rod turns easily, has all the features of a pre-Ernie ball (with the exception of fret marker on the 21st fret), skunk stripe, original head stock decals front and back, horse shoe style bridge etc 4 bolt Maple neck with lovely patena running through, there are a few chips in the finish which I’ve tried to capture, Body is dated 29 May 84, Neck is dated 6 Dec 84. Sold with hard case. Serial number C006214 I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Not looking for trades on this one as I’ve too many basses (for me) currently. Priced at £1390 incl. shipping to the U.K.
  4. A+++++ Just did an easy trade with Bassbod for his Martin AB, straight forward and easy transaction, would highly recommend! Cheers Drew
  5. Apologies only saw your comments, There is a trade underway on this, will revert should there be a change. Cheers Drew
  6. Still available folks, would consider a trade for a MM Sabre Bass... or high end fretted acoustic bass.
  7. Don’t think it’s a DIY as the binding looks complete. It’s popped up for sale locally, but the seller has very little info... terrible photo though ☺️
  8. Has anyone come across this headstock before, always thought that the 3 and 1 headstock configuration was a Musicman set up... Nice binding, not sure of the cut off top 🤔
  9. Here’s what basschat is all about, a true gentleman, great communication and prompt shipping, bought a mono M80 case, exactly as described, perfect! Many thanks Lozz!
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