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  1. I don't think it is for sale...
  2. I am one of the administrators of that fb page. I know very well James from the ernieball forum and it was me that invited him to the pre ernieball page. James has record until end 1978 only. Nothing for 1979 and nothing for sabres...
  3. Maybe they were sanded a little. Which is the date on the pocket? I cannot read It from the pic. On 1981-1982 the factory were stingrays were produced changed from CLF to Jackson. Jackson used to make the pocket completely clear from any trace of finish. MM during this switch from one supplier to the other made some basses by themselves. Maybe it' s one of those....
  4. It's a respray to me. If It was a factory refinish they would have used the hanging tool the used at that time. That tool leaves characteristic dots on the neck pocket, as shown on the pic I posted
  5. Does it look similar to this but with 2 colors ? I mean with the dots white underneath and some black/brown over it?
  6. When basses with detective finishes were sent back to the factory for fixing the problem they normally put on the first available body with good correct finish. The detective finish bodies were at this point refinished for being assembled with another neck. The refinish was not necessairnly made with the same color and at MM they did not take the original finish off. So it is likely that you can find a sunburst over white . I have personally saw silver over black and black over silver stingrays. Despite the possibility to be honest yours seems not a factory refinish. Too much red in my opinion. Anyway a good way to check is examine the neck pocket. If you can post a pic I can be more precise
  7. Hi I know James S. and I confirm he has the original database from MM. This bass is astonishing
  8. That prices on the links are relatively high especially with respect to the conditions of the basses. In italy a good condition 1978 stingray all original is sold for 2200-2400 euros. Modifications on vintage basses can affect seriously the value.
  9. As a pre eb it should haven't had the dot on the 19th fret. Nice bass anyway.
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