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  1. Congratulations! I have sent you a PM regarding your bass.
  2. What a cracking fella and superb bass player. He came a long way to buy my bass. I hope you enjoy your new purchase. Tony C.
  3. Due to a change in my circumstances I need to sell this bass quicker than when I originally posted it. So i've dropped the price again to £2350 inc UK postage (elsewhere at your cost). This bass needs to go so try me with a realistic cash offer, or I may exchange it for your original Pre Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray bass in sunburst finish. (70's preferred). I'm pretty confident you won't find a better 1974 Jazz anywhere for this sort of money.
  4. Cash is still king and i will consider a sensible cash offer on this bass but does anyone fancy a trade for an original Pre-Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray in Sunburst finish? I don't mind used condition so long as it's original and working order, thanks.
  5. Even better now........and another £100 off. Now £2450 inc UK shipping.
  6. And even better value now i've knocked off another £100 off the price!
  7. You guys are hard work! ha ha, Ok, another £100 off the asking price, now £2550 inc UK postage, elsewhere at cost. I will still consider a P/X or swop but cash is much preferred. Don't let this vintage beauty slip you by at this price Open to serious offers. Cheers Tony.
  8. That is so nice of you to say those lovely words, I really appreciate it. I'm glad you took the time out to come and have a play on my bass. I'm surprised it's still here TBH, it deserves to be played. It was lovely meeting you again and I hope we meet up again sometime in the future. Cheers Tony .
  9. That paragraph as been removed my friend. I'd sooner not ship to Italy only because i've read of insurance/postage issues with the Italian post however I will consider it, and Africa because of a poor scamming record. No offence intended. Any country not in the EU will incur extra costs of course. A PM has been sent to you to explain what I meant originally.
  10. A lottery win wouldn't go amiss for the both of us then mate 😉 I'm surprised it's still here. PM sent.
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