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2003 Fender AV62 Precision. Sunburst. VGC. Price drop £1,100

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Hi all. For reluctant sale here is my 2003 AV62 Fender Precision. 

*** Price dropped to £1,100 ***



Bought on this site 2-3 years ago, has barely left the case since. Lovely playing and sounding bass, prob the best P bass I've owned, but I prefer the slightly thinner neck on my US standard, and this AV62 is too nice to take to some of the venues I play at haha! Fitted with flats (TI flats I believe, though not 100% sure).

All in very good condition, one barely noticeable mark on the front I've taken a picture of for full disclosure. Case in very good condition, seems to still have that 'new bass smell!' all the tools, booklet, strap, covers (never mounted) etc.

Price is now £100 below what I paid for the bass on here, so this is a pretty firm price. No trades thanks, unless you have a BOSS OC-2 or HM-2 in part-ex.

Bass is in Bristol. I'd rather not post if possible, unless arranged by buyer at their risk, but happy to drive to meet within reasonable distance. Welcome to pop over for a try out.

Feedback thread below...












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price change
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Ah, my old bass. It is an absolute cracker. Whoever gets this will not be disappointed. Gareth is also a great guy to deal with. GLWTS!

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2 hours ago, gareth said:

Weight please

I knew I'd forget to put something in the ad!

Almost home, it won't be mega accurate as will have to use the bathroom scales with me and bass, then just me!

But it's a smudge lighter than my US P, on the lighter end for sure. Give me 20 mins!


EDIT - OK my scales not super accurate so can only say it's less than 9lbs and more than 8.5lbs

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Can’t believe that this bass is still for sale, the AVRI Fenders are awesome basses and this looks like it is in beautiful condition 

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Wow. What a great looking bass. 62 reissue in TSB. Hmm. That makes me immediately think of James Jamerson's "Funk Machine". Well, Motown's 60th anniversary is coming up on the 14th. What a perfect time to have this bass. Very tempted. I have to resist 😀


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