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  1. The best signature basses I have experienced are all Fender apart from Epi Jack Cassidy:- Tony Franklin FL Roscoe Beck 5 Mike Dirnt Sting
  2. Glad you got your sale i had one of these and was tempted by yours especially as like mine it had the chrome rather than plastic knobs but I’m in Essex and collection wasn’t feasible
  3. Wow a 400 watt all valve iconic Trace Elliot sells for £745
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trace-Elliot-V6-all-valve-400w-Bass-Amp-RARE-/203649887558?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  5. @Supernautthis is near your budget
  6. With a budget of £1000 any of the above mentioned G&Ls are within reach
  7. Yes of course - forgot that one which I’ve yet to try
  8. G&L passive basses including the L1000 and SB1 Plenty of basschaters have had experience of these basses including me, @neepheid @LukeFRC @ped
  9. I was recently lucky enough to acquire this all original Fullerton AVRI 57 Precision in Black with original case The neck date is December 1982 and the pots are dated earlier Interestingly the bass has a V012xxx serial number yet I have a white Fullerton AVRI 57 that has a V003xxx serial number which also has a December 1982 neck date
  10. @Clarkyhave you noticed the difference in the thickness and shape of the body contours and are you loving those super sexy curves on the Fullerton?
  11. What a pair - beautiful - well done
  12. Bullet bass B-30 short scale Bullet bass deluxe long scale. They have B width p necks soft v profile. They sound like a cross between a single coil p bass and a split coil. Quality is great. One of the last basses made in the original Fullerton Factory. Standard fender neck pocket but with tele headstock. Earlier stingray tuners interchange. Came with both walnut and more unique maple skunk stripes. Presumably nos left over mustang pickups used. Alder and I believe some poplar bodies were made. Bodies are very close in size and dimension as a strat body, again presumably strat blanks were used to cut costs. They were designed by John page who was cofounder of the Fender custom shop. Great quality basses even though they were designed and marketed as a more budget friendly model. Prices has been steadily climbing as they are as good if not better than many p basses from around the same time while still being unique and one of the very few models that has not yet been reissued.
  13. @ashis right Having decided I prefer Fender AVRIs I put all of my late 70’s precisions up on basschat for around £1500 each. No takers. In the end I sold them all to the Bass Gallery for just under that price. Martin then put them up at the Bass Gallery for around £2300 and I believe they have all now been sold I got what I wanted Martin made his profit
  14. Wonderful looking bass thanks for posting
  15. @BigRedXthanks for that detailed post - my speeds sometimes up to 7 but then tends to tail off to less than 1 unless I restart it
  16. Windows 7 with up to date itunes i think I’ve got a lot of programs running that I don’t need
  17. Increasingly popular bass on this forum this is the last G&L L2000 I have, having sold my sunburst one today
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