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  1. Look at the terrible matching of the body woods on this 1973 mustang - in earlier times Fender would have only used this body for solid colours
  2. Can you post photos of the neck pocket, neck butt, pickups, underside of pick guard showing pots and wiring and control cavity
  3. Agreed But I do think in general the chances finding a good one diminish over the course of the 70’s as the seasoning of woods diminished making for heavier basses and the machine tools wore out and the gaps in neck and pup pockets increased leading to floppy three bolt necks on jazzes and tele basses. But redemption came in the form of Bill Shultz and the American vintage reissue series
  4. Wow Looks exactly like my bass But my bass only weighs 8lbs 5ozs and the E string definitely ain’t dead
  5. And I assume the same would apply if I were to buy an item from you and have it shipped to the uk I sold a bass to someone in Hungary this week but he got me to ship it to his friend here in U.K. from whom he will collect on his next visit I expect this will become a common practice
  6. It’s stopped raining so I’ve taken and posted some more photos in the original post Let me know if you want anymore photos Thanks
  7. Ian bought my defretted stingray and is highly recommended
  8. When it stops raining I’ll take and post some more photos
  9. All original fender precision in sunburst with tortoise shell guard and rosewood neck including fender hard case In great condition for its age and light weight at 8lbs 5ozs Pots and pickups are dated 1973 with undisturbed solder joints Neck number is 01012843 which de codes as follows 01 = precision bass 01 = rosewood fingerboard 28 = week 28 4 = 1974 3 = Wednesday So dates it as 1974 For sale only Thanks for looking
  10. This is the best anniversary p bass yet https://www.guitarworld.com/reviews/fender-60th-anniversary-precision-bass
  11. Pretty rare American made G&L L5500 I think this is a better bass than the more common L2500. What distinguishes the bass is that it has EMG pickups. Overall in good condition with a small amount of buckle rash to the rear and the black anodised 6 bolt neck plate has worn through to the metal beneath At 10lbs exactly not a heavy fiver For sale only Shipping at buyers cost and risk
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