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  1. Why the decision to return to Blighty if you don’t mind me asking?
  2. The Fullerton blonde and two bursts
  3. Yes I agree The only thing that changes as you get higher serial numbers is that they start using different parts - non spiral bridges, non reverse tuners, etc
  4. My jv jazz is SN38xxx and the neck date is slightly earlier than yours which all makes sense The jvs were all produced over a short period - about 100000 over a 2/3 year period compared with the American AVRIs where the Fullerton years 1982 to 1985 only some 15000 to 20000 instruments were produced GLWS
  5. Nice photo Nice thought If only ..........
  6. Do you know the neck butt date? Might help your sale
  7. And no Sting signature strip but also unfortunately no body contours just a slab body https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Japan-OPB-51-Precision-Bass-Reissue-MIJ-2006-2-Tone-Sunburst-/373536237760?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  8. And the world is still flat
  9. If you like that you’ll love this one ”It has become very apparent that British policemen are very aggressive when dealing with the passive, and very passive when dealing with the aggressive. I suppose it’s because who wants to police the unpoliceable - much easier to police the policeable A message here, I think...”
  10. Someone once said ‘In Britain, everything is policed except crime’
  11. Yet when you enter in Google you get this
  12. And what would they do?
  13. Sarah Junie has left the building
  14. I’ve been with Santander for years - they were the first big bank to offer genuinely free business banking My local branch us to close. Makes no difference to me as I haven’t been in there for years as I do all my banking online They are ultra hot on fraud and sometimes it has been frustrating but I would rather they went overboard on fraud prevention than the alternative
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