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  1. gareth

    What are you listening to right now?

    Oh my goodness, how have I missed this bloke these last 50 plus years? I do remember people recommending him to me but I never got round to listening to him Just got to go thru his back catalogue and work out what CDs to buy Christy Moore Live: Come All You Dreamers: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00zj2m1 via @bbciplayer
  2. gareth

    Steve Hackett - Selling England tour.

    I think the problem is that Steve is such a nice guy. He's been touring for years and probably regards Nad as one of the family and does not want to upset things. In truth it would be infinitely better if Nad was replaced
  3. gareth

    Steve Hackett - Selling England tour.

    Yes I won't go see Steve again for this reason Nad Sylvian's awful vocals i don't understand why he uses him ive seen lots of Genesis tribute bands and many of these have vocalists infinitely better than Nad sorry Nad if you're reading this!
  4. gareth

    Trace Elliot V-Type V4 MK2

    If it's all working with no problems and recent valves, that's probably not a bad price. I had an svtii for a time and to my mind the v6 was SO much better
  5. gareth

    Trace Elliot V-Type V4 MK2

    Thanks very much. I'm very old school so it's seems the fender might be just up my street i miss that v6 though, was a great amp, I got it from Dave bronze, he had two and it had the chrome rather than black plastic knobs thanks again
  6. gareth

    Good Squier, bad Squier?

    I still have this one that I may be putting up for sale on here
  7. gareth

    Good Squier, bad Squier?

    "I had a Chinese 'Vista Series' Musicman and that was fantastic" my musicmaster?
  8. gareth

    Trace Elliot V-Type V4 MK2

    Great review thanks. i had a v6 for a long time and loved it's tone and power. i sold it as I no longer need such power for gigs. i have been tempted recently to buy a less powerful valve amp. i had a musicman hd130 but this was a hybrid. i see a fender bassman in your armoury whats your opinion of this all valve amp versus the trace all valve amps? thanks
  9. gareth

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    These passive G & L basses are severely under rated IMHO
  10. gareth

    Sorted thanks

  11. gareth

    Tonight’s gig is cancelled....because...

    I’ve been forced to muzzle my dog, because although it identifies as a cat it keeps bloody barking.
  12. gareth

    Show off your short scales!

    USA Fender Bullet Bass
  13. gareth

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    Yes exactly right i always think of kit cars what are the chances of the resulting car being better than a mass produced car?
  14. gareth

    Dating early Fenders

    Anyway, it's not worth £5500