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  1. I’ve seen Hackett several times and that Nad is a thing to be endured rather enjoyed i went for a restricted view ticket £19 i don’t need full visual just full sound
  2. Endorsed by Gabriel and Collins the best available live performance of early Genesis just got my ticket http://themusicalbox.net/
  3. I’ve had both and the 4 is a completely different animal to the 5 I love the 5 but did not like the 4
  4. Oh I see ped thanks Not a criticism just an observation If there’s a spare section perhaps it is possible to have one for uk located basses and another for non uk located basses?
  5. I don’t often look in this section but I note the last item listed was in May 2019 Has anyone bought anything from it?
  6. The epi eb3 is a no brainer really it looks great got a 34” neck two pups and it’s SO cheap to buy
  7. I tried this but don’t did not work there seems to be noway of using an iPhone to download YouTube videos convert to mp3 and then listen on iPhone
  8. I cannot get my iPhone to sync with my iTunes library on an old laptop so I thought I would be able to convert YouTube videos to music files Has anyone done this and if so what app did you use thanks
  9. I hear similarities with Peter Gabriel
  10. What do you think their top five albums are?
  11. “Also I though this era should have the truss infill plug on the headstock!” I think the neck looks ok
  12. Yes thanks I will do that on my iPad the apple logo stays on for over a minute but then the screen just goes black again and the logo disappears
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