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  1. Lovely bass Ian! Roger and all at Sadowsky know how to deliver great customer service. I have had various used Sados and they are always so willing to provide history details including original specs, etc Enjoy your bass
  2. Just lying there naked without covers, ooh er! GLWS
  3. Does this still apply if he does it as a paypal gift people do this to avoid the fees but i thought you also lost paypal protection?
  4. I had this a couple of months ago What worried me was that they had a password that I did use at one stage. This site is worth a look https://blog.malwarebytes.com/cybercrime/2019/02/sextortion-bitcoin-scam-makes-unwelcome-return/ It has a link and you can find if your email has ever been hacked, which is where they get your password from you can report it to the police here https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/alert/alert-cyber-criminals-send-victims-their-own-passwords-in-new-sextortion-scam you can also check to see if the bitcoin account has been used for scamming here https://www.bitcoinabuse.com/reports/1MX8BUf7R4rE7xLoaVMyiceX8DE8D3aFQg
  5. Nice bass. I think, and I could be wrong, they put american pups in some of these and the more expensive tuner type indicates that yours should be American but i could be wrong something to google and research maybe enjoy
  6. Interesting to see he used two fullerton era american vintage reissue strats albeit swapping out the stock pups for emgs. The white one also had a neck swap but does that account for the $300000+ price difference? Probably not alone
  7. Very under rated basses long scale with mustang pups wots not to like?
  8. I was not sure if the finish, wiring and pots were original which would effect the value
  9. Is it made of plastic or metal?
  10. They are exceptionally good basses and get better the older they are are. He sells fullerton avris for £2500ish. This one is not fullerton but it may have some early components like the pots.
  11. Now i'm sure you could have phrased better Ped?
  12. Thanks Luke. I just like Leo things and tend to prefer older models. So Fender, Musicman (including early EB) and G&L.
  13. Hello Ped Using a dressmakers tape measure the circumference at the widest point (being the bottom of the tapered knob) it measures 7 cm. Hope this helps you Gareth
  14. Here are my knobs
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