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  1. Made in Japan 51 Precision in two tone sunburst with maple neck Absolutely superb Sale only
  2. Immaculate early 1980’s USA Fender Bullet Short Scale bass in Red with Maple Neck All original including case Sale only
  3. G&L 5 string L2500 in Cherryburst with Rosewood neck As new with case Hardly used and never gigged Sale only
  4. Fender Precision. Sunburst with Rosewood neck and Black guard. Sale only thanks
  5. I offered him £8250 which he accepted and I asked him to do a BIN at that price but he never got back to me
  6. I offered him £8250 which he accepted and I asked him to do a BIN at that price but he never got back to me
  7. Late 1980’s SB1 with case. Sunburst with Maple Neck. Metal pickguard with radio knobs For sale only
  8. Yes he is aware of the bass thanks
  9. Now a rare bass the original T Bass 5 with individual tuners, un dotted fretboard and phantom third pup under the pick guard to avoid pup hum usually found on jazz basses when volumes are not synced
  10. This is my immaculate Blue Flowers bass, it dates to 2002-2004 and was made in the Fuji-gen plant for Fender Japan There are no marks, dings etc' just a lovely example of this bass, hence the price. It has reverse tuners and for the size of the single pickup it sounds immense. It will come with a padded gigbag and delivery is included in the price.
  11. Can you name the parts in the spec list that are higher spec than fenders?
  12. So why not just buy a fender mim classic 50’s series or fender road worn mim 50’s p bass? Why re invent the wheel? Either could be had for £700 or less?
  13. So what’s the fuss about? And why is it better than the MIM burgundy mist 60’s jazz with matching headstock? The BC is not true to the original 64 jb as it has the truss rod in the wrong position So apart from EMGs versus Fender what’s the advantage?
  14. I don’t doubt what you say is true It was just fascinating to watch the bloke get the same sound from a £100 fender affinity ply bodied p bass and more expensive ones My feeling is that he would have got the same sound from an Andy Baxter pre CBS fender p bass costing £1000’s Moneys funny isn’t it
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