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  1. Long scale lightweight mustang beater going cheap
  2. Just had a tooth extracted So much easier than last time and no pain at all Not something to look forward too but now no longer something to be feared
  3. Original pre eb musicman teardrop moulded hard case Well used with lots of bumps, dents, scrapes, etc The ideal companion for your pre eb stingray Price includes delivery at buyers risk to a U.K. address NOW SOLD
  4. No Serial Number E937784 See photos above
  5. Serial Number E937784 See photos above
  6. Brian Thanks for asking and now included above Gareth
  7. The contours look great same as on the Fullerton reissues from that Dan period GLWS
  8. Sold the first one of these to @meterman this is the other one I have
  9. Sold Lee my squier bullet bass Nice chap easy transaction good communications and highly recommended
  10. gareth


    Really glad your pleased with it 😊😊 Have fun Lee
  11. My fully original unmollested Unaltered un abused Musicmaster in gleaming black is still for sale i challenge you to find a better example
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