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  1. I was not sure if the finish, wiring and pots were original which would effect the value
  2. Is it made of plastic or metal?
  3. They are exceptionally good basses and get better the older they are are. He sells fullerton avris for £2500ish. This one is not fullerton but it may have some early components like the pots.
  4. Now i'm sure you could have phrased better Ped?
  5. Thanks Luke. I just like Leo things and tend to prefer older models. So Fender, Musicman (including early EB) and G&L.
  6. Hello Ped Using a dressmakers tape measure the circumference at the widest point (being the bottom of the tapered knob) it measures 7 cm. Hope this helps you Gareth
  7. Here are my knobs
  8. These are radio knobs and were used on early GLs Theres a direct link via Leo to pre eb rays, the earliest of which also had radio knobs Very nice bass Ped, well done!
  9. Andys basses are retail prices i sold a 67 for £1200 two years ago i sense that the popularity of mustangs has increased, along with their prices since then
  10. Oh my goodness, how have I missed this bloke these last 50 plus years? I do remember people recommending him to me but I never got round to listening to him Just got to go thru his back catalogue and work out what CDs to buy Christy Moore Live: Come All You Dreamers: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00zj2m1 via @bbciplayer
  11. I think the problem is that Steve is such a nice guy. He's been touring for years and probably regards Nad as one of the family and does not want to upset things. In truth it would be infinitely better if Nad was replaced
  12. Yes I won't go see Steve again for this reason Nad Sylvian's awful vocals i don't understand why he uses him ive seen lots of Genesis tribute bands and many of these have vocalists infinitely better than Nad sorry Nad if you're reading this!
  13. If it's all working with no problems and recent valves, that's probably not a bad price. I had an svtii for a time and to my mind the v6 was SO much better
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