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  1. So below photos from Andy Baxter of a 1975 and 1971 precision All of which confirms that bridge DID move between 1970 and 1973
  2. Long G saddle screw apparently
  3. I found this comment on Talkbass It seems the bridge was moved closer to the end of the body to accommodate the long G string saddle screw So it seems it happened in the 1970 to 1973 period From 1974 the bridge was returned to its pre 1970 position
  4. I came across an interesting post on fb today as per first photo I didn’t know the bridge position changed - it’s difficult to understand how this was achieved whilst maintaining a 34” scale length unless the length of the neck cavity was reduced to compensate Second photo is from the black and molinaro book
  5. Life throws everyone opportunities at some point - it’s up to you whether you grab them - you obviously did and I’m so glad it’s worked out well for you all
  6. I’ve been noodling this morning using my Vox Bass A2-BS Great fun
  7. “Business is increasingly about morals and ethics” Only because it’s good for business - that is good for profits - profit maximisation being the sole aim - if by appearing concerned with morals and ethics increases the bottom line business will do it
  8. Yes you gotta feel for people in flats/bedsits with no gardens with kids, etc
  9. “any retailer with a moral code” There are no morals in business - the sole purpose of business is profit maximisation “If enoughretailers did the same ” Will never happen - self interest will prevail ”suppliers wouldn't be able to take the customer for a ride like that.” Suppliers are businesses too - so profit maximisation is the sole goal
  10. As I said you’d need to see the suppliers invoice used as a basis for the pricing of the £10 item and suppliers invoice used as a basis for the pricing of the £40 item
  11. Here’s an interesting example on fb where an eBay trader is being castigated for apparently quadrupling the price of toilet rolls The buyer bought at £10. The seller cancelled the order and then re listed at £40 In my view there is not enough information to condemn the seller To do this you would need to know:- 1 Did he cancel the order because he was out of stock 2 What was his purchase price when he listed at £10 3 What was his purchase price when he listed at £40 4 Was the percentage markup on 2 and 3 similar This is an example of how the seller could be innocent He buys in at £5 and sells at £10 but had sold out and was unable to meet the purchasers purchase at £10 - he had no stock left. His supplier then re supplies him but at £20 instead of £5. The seller now with new stock now relists at the same 100% sales mark up giving a sales price of £40
  12. I have just signed this http://chng.it/bnkktF7BLx
  13. Have you asked them why the price has trebled?
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