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  1. Oh I see ped thanks Not a criticism just an observation If there’s a spare section perhaps it is possible to have one for uk located basses and another for non uk located basses?
  2. I don’t often look in this section but I note the last item listed was in May 2019 Has anyone bought anything from it?
  3. The epi eb3 is a no brainer really it looks great got a 34” neck two pups and it’s SO cheap to buy
  4. I tried this but don’t did not work there seems to be noway of using an iPhone to download YouTube videos convert to mp3 and then listen on iPhone
  5. I cannot get my iPhone to sync with my iTunes library on an old laptop so I thought I would be able to convert YouTube videos to music files Has anyone done this and if so what app did you use thanks
  6. I hear similarities with Peter Gabriel
  7. What do you think their top five albums are?
  8. “Also I though this era should have the truss infill plug on the headstock!” I think the neck looks ok
  9. Yes thanks I will do that on my iPad the apple logo stays on for over a minute but then the screen just goes black again and the logo disappears
  10. I have never done that i have iTunes on an old non apple laptop and opened iTunes on it yesterday then plugged in my iPad but on pressing devices in iTunes it did not recognise the iPad
  11. I saw these in concert in the early 70’s and lost interest because they did not have a bass player wow what a mistake i have been re listening and I think the 1975 Still Life cd is faultless with this being one of the best tracks
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