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  1. It would confuse me but then I’m easily confused He’s a great bass player as is his band
  2. Strange he uses a lined Fretless despite being an upright player too?
  3. Get the Sadowsky sound with this original USA made outboard pre amp
  4. USA it’s a bargain they are great basses much cleaner sounding than the L2500 due to the EMGs
  5. I’m a sucker for faded white basses so couldn’t resist this I’ve had two Musicmaster basses a 72 and a 78 and this one is 81 The first two were awful basses but this one is a positive delight - it literally sings via its six pole strat pickup Really has changed my opinion of these short scale student basses
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384269031858
  7. Great information thanks Yes the Fullerton reissue basses are special basses as you say. Its strange how people know about the Japanese JVs but not these which are in my view in a category above JVs with their lighter bodies with more attention paid to contours with nitro finishes and all American components - I seem to remember that the pickups were vintage specified whereas if JVs had American pickups they would be the standard series ones
  8. Thanks Chris and it’s interesting to note Arias policy Its a great bass and I wish you GLWS
  9. I’ve got a Tony Franklin, a late 80’s stingray and two 70’s fender necks all unlined Fretless and all with side dots on the note positions
  10. It’s a de fret - you can tell because the side dot markers in the wrong position for a Fretless
  11. Hands up I admit I don’t know what BOLWTS means
  12. Probably Fender USA’s best passive five string bass with the famous Bill Lawrence designed pickups with matching headstock. Made in limited numbers and now quite a rare and sort after bass. Made in 1997, weighs 10lbs 4ozs and comes with USA Fender moulded hard case For sale only Shipping at buyers cost and risk Message me with any questions
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