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  1. I played for a while in a band with OC-2 -- BB Preamp -- Muff -- MXR Chorus, similar core to what you have there. So many options! The OC-2 and the BB were pretty magical together to my ears, really a great combo.
  2. Fantastic looking bass - and as for the price that is pleasantly surprising. How much choice do you have on the neck width and profile??
  3. thanks - really interesting. so you're using the HPF is like an sfx thumpinator then? I've played gigs for 20 years mostly into mic'd cabs or a combo of that and DI, but my last gig was straight to PA, and I had a nightmare with the high frequencies for fuzz and distortions, so that's all good to know! many thanks...
  4. Can I ask an honest question please - how do you use the HP and LP filters, and what do they do to/for your signal on this setup? I've never had either on my board, and have often seen one or the other on peoples boards, so I'm just genuinely curious as to what they do and how you use them with those pedals? Always on? To emphasise certain pedals? cheers
  5. Hi all - does anybody have recommendations for sending a bass in a hard case, with no way of obtaining a cardboard box to put it in (guitar shops around here all shut)? Any ideas most welcome, I'd rather not ship the hard case unprotected (and UPS say I must have it in a cardboard box also). Thanks all
  6. that looks awesome. I love my daphne blue JMJ, but sorely tempted to get one of these too!!
  7. I knew I'd forget to put something in the ad! Almost home, it won't be mega accurate as will have to use the bathroom scales with me and bass, then just me! But it's a smudge lighter than my US P, on the lighter end for sure. Give me 20 mins! EDIT - OK my scales not super accurate so can only say it's less than 9lbs and more than 8.5lbs
  8. Hi all. For reluctant sale here is my 2003 AV62 Fender Precision. *** Price dropped to £1,100 *** *** ON HOLD - SOLD PENDING *** Bought on this site 2-3 years ago, has barely left the case since. Lovely playing and sounding bass, prob the best P bass I've owned, but I prefer the slightly thinner neck on my US standard, and this AV62 is too nice to take to some of the venues I play at haha! Fitted with flats (TI flats I believe, though not 100% sure). All in very good condition, one barely noticeable mark on the front I've taken a picture of for full disclosure. Case in very good condition, seems to still have that 'new bass smell!' all the tools, booklet, strap, covers (never mounted) etc. Price is now £100 below what I paid for the bass on here, so this is a pretty firm price. No trades thanks, unless you have a BOSS OC-2 or HM-2 in part-ex. Bass is in Bristol. I'd rather not post if possible, unless arranged by buyer at their risk, but happy to drive to meet within reasonable distance. Welcome to pop over for a try out. Feedback thread below... Cheers.
  9. used mine at practice again tonight, it's such a huge sounding bass! very tempted to pick one up in black now too
  10. it'll be the forth time for me I think, such a great weekend and really good value. not too big / crowded either..
  11. ATG next up for me, so that means Battles, Russian Circles, Zu and lots lots more
  12. Love my JMJ mustang, can't stop playing the thing. The setup was terrible though, intonation absolutely miles out and the nut needed work. But now it's sorted, i'm loving it. Not heard about them being discontinued, they're still showing in stock for all the major stores online?
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