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  1. Who are you seeing live next?

    bit of a contrasting mix for me... Neds Atomic Dustbin for the first time (the reason I started playing bass!), then tickets for Eurovision in Lisbon (!), then Pearl Jam at the O2 for two nights. Looking forward to all three of them a hell of a lot, for very different reasons
  2. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    cool, cheers! i'm forever changing PT boards, and currently outgrowing the trusty old PT mini once more! the metro boards with hard cases look pretty good it never ends.....
  3. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    what do you think of the hard case Higgie, is it pretty solid? Also, how snugly does the board fit in there??
  4. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    nice board!
  5. Boost/Overdrive/Distortion to put in front of a valve amp

    there's a tone factor cream pie deluxe in the classifieds for a mere £55, that should do the job. I used to run a W&C phat phuk B in front of my (fairly clean) valve amp for this...
  6. Earthquaker Westwood Drive?

    I'd be interested to try one head to head with my xotic BB bass preamp, which is still my fave for this type of drive...
  7. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    gigging tonight - I swapped my Tall Font Russian out for the Team Awesome about a year ago... that's been the only change for a couple of years now... mid-life stability??
  8. New range from fender.

    Original or not, that LPB 60's Precision is calling to me! I like the tort too
  9. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    still, £130 for effectively two different pedals is pretty good value... unless you'd want to stack them, of course!
  10. Way Huge Pork n Pickle dual drive/fuzz pedal....any info?

    hopefully I'm wrong but from the picture it seems there is a 2-way switch for OD or fuzz at the top. Looks like you can't blend the two distortion circuits, just pick one and add in some clean. Missed opportunity if that is the case!
  11. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    Nothing more annoying that a young, talented band
  12. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    I'm listening to this now, it must have passed me by earlier in the year. I've not bought any primus for a while, but enjoying this a lot. The Seven is a hell of a track. ... as for the Prophets of Rage mentions, it may be just me but compared to RATM, I find it pretty terrible / formulaic. Really a disappointing album for me. I bought more albums in 2016 than I had for some time, with Iggy Pop, Russian Circles, Helms Alee and Dismemberment Plan being some real stand-outs. 2017, I've hardly got anything new. Alpha Male Tea Party and Chiyoda Ku albums were both belters though.
  13. New EHX Russian Green Muff

    [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1503691365' post='3360401'] Just ordered the EHX. Initial reports from over the pond are very positive, at least one person had replaced their Wren & Cuff TFR with one! [/quote] blimey. though I'm sure talkbass will have moved on to something else in a week or two
  14. Feedback for Pinball

    Just traded my SS/BS with Ed - top bloke and pleasure to do business with
  15. Light drive pedal for more aggressive tone

    I love the BB preamp, but I wouldn't say it's aggressive... maybe a SS/BS Mini would fit the bill? I would say something RAT based, but that's moving more into distortion and higher gain than you're probably after.