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  1. Probably not. There are a lot of ST fans out there, including at the BBC. The iplayer's volume control goes to 11.
  2. "The film will be released in 2024 on the 1984 original’s 40th anniversary." They missed the 10th, 20th, 25th and 30th anniversaries and may not expect to be all around for the 50th anniversary! From the same Guardian article: "Earlier this month saw the fictional band’s drummer Ric Parnell, who later toured with them in real life, die at the age of 70. “Nobody hit the drums harder than Ric,” McKean wrote on a GoFundMe page to help pay expenses associated with his death."
  3. Just saw this article https://www.theguardian.com/film/2022/may/12/this-is-spinal-tap-sequel "Spinal Tap II will see Rob Reiner return as both film-maker on and off the screen along with Michael McKean, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest. The film will be released in 2024 on the 1984 original’s 40th anniversary." My response to the announcement is a bit lukewarm. Great to see them back in action but I am also a bit concerned that it won't be as good as the original. Let's see.
  4. Well, it all depends on what kind of tent you are living in. Is it more like the one on the left or more like the one on the right?
  5. This was one of several so-called "Quota Quickies". Back in the day, "the Quota Quickies were shown in cinemas before the main feature because of a law which meant that cinemas had to show a British film for every American film." https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/arts/tellysavalas.shtml Telly Savalas also narrated short films for Portsmouth and Aberdeen. BTW, he did his voice over from a studio in London, so, surprise, surprise, did not actually visit any of the cities he raved about.
  6. Well, if the event was not "as bad as expected" and the "highlight was undoubtedly the lamb curry & rice", am I right in assuming that the event was then rather *censored* ? (please feel free to replace *censored* with a four letter word, maybe starting with "c" or "s" and yes, I kept it purposely vague so fellow BCers can impress us with some witty jokes ;- )
  7. Reminds me of the St Vincent bass that EBMM apparently wanted to make (I remember watching a short video with Annie Clark and Sterling Ball and Sterling said that they wanted to release the St Vincent bass) but never did.
  8. Their necks are normally a bit wider (except for the Sterling, the SLO neck and the JD) and it is more the shape of the neck and the feel that I like.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed the trip to 79. Speaking of 79, here is another short film from that same year. It also features an artist (actor in this case), some music (late disco) and cool dancing (over 40s this time though). Sorry for slightly hijacking this thread but I just could not resist. Enjoy! 😎
  10. No prob, here you go 🙂 https://shop.music-man.com/ernie-ball-music-man-joe-dart-ii.html
  11. Finally in the rock and roll hall of fame 😎
  12. Here is the lowendlobster's unboxing and first impressions video. Quite funny. Yes, the complex controls seem to be very difficult to master indeed 😉
  13. The new Pro II has a “Super Natural” Satin Urethane neck finish. The Pro I had a similar finish, both very nice but I found the 63 style necks a bit chunky for my taste.
  14. For me, it has to be transparent red like on this beauty here:
  15. Looks like this thread has reminded you of your cello teacher A LOT 😉
  16. and good choice. I love my EMG pickups (on my Spectors though).
  17. I has a 1/4'' universal output. According to the manual, "SansAmp’s technologically advanced, single Universal Output is physically compatible for any application: full range (tape, studio monitors, P.A., stereo) and limited range (rack systems, pre-amps, head and cabinet, combos, practice amps)." The pedal can be used to record directly. "You can plug directly into the input of a mixer/recorder and use the on-board sounds of SansAmp YYZ" More info can be found in the user's manual: https://www.tech21nyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Geddy_YYZ_OM.pdf
  18. Agree, they made it very clear that the limited edition consists of the first 100 basses that are numbered and have a certificate. The "normal" JD II can be ordered now via the vault: https://shop.music-man.com/ernie-ball-music-man-joe-dart-ii.html They did the same for the first JD sig bass that can still be ordered via the vault as well (in natural and velvet): https://shop.music-man.com/ernie-ball-music-man-joe-dart-bass-velvet-natural.html https://shop.music-man.com/ernie-ball-music-man-joe-dart-bass-black-velvet.html It was different for the Tim Commerford signature bass. That was only available 4x50 times (passive and long-scale, passive and short-scale, active and long-scale and active and short-scale). Although, at next NAMM(s), EBMM may decide to bring one of these back as a production model (or maybe a different one, I would like to see the long-scale natural one with black hardware and 2EQ preamp!)
  19. I will also always remember Bass Gear. It's where I bought my first Spector (Legend NT) back in 16. I felt really welcomed and not pressured to buy anything. Great place 👍
  20. Well, to bring it back to JD and his "taste" in minimalist basses, maybe I should open a minimalist burger restaurant - "Burger and Chips". You only get one burger and chips. Nothing else. No choice. Could work as an antidote to all these fancy burger places and tons of customization options. Keep it simple - Burger and Chips!
  21. and yes, in case people wonder about my previous "lukewarm" comment. I again managed to smuggle in a Spinal Tap reference today 😉
  22. Agree, bass forums are clearly not representative of the wider bass gear buying public. I said it here on BC once before: " I remember Sterling Ball once saying in the EBMM forum that people have great new product ideas but EBMM has to be very careful and cannot make them all as otherwise this would guarantee him a new career in hospitality: "Do you want fries with that?" 😉"
  23. I agree. I like JD a lot. I hope he will attract a lot of young people to playing bass. I also like the idea behind his signature basses too. Less is more. It is just that his sig basses do not appeal to me and that's why I am not going for them. So, I am somewhere in between the fanboys/girls and haters. It’s like fire and ice, and I feel my role is to be kind of the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water 😉
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