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  1. ChunkyMunky

    Bassist needed for cruise ship function band!

    If only I was... oh, wait. I'm the right age!
  2. ChunkyMunky

    17/03/1964 a day of birth Precision bass build

    Keep it up! I love seeing builds like this slowly come to life.
  3. ChunkyMunky

    Designing basses in CAD

    Thanks, Christine! Much appreciated, I'll have a whirl and indulge in the two. Slowly coming around FreeCAD as it is.
  4. ChunkyMunky

    South East Bass Bash No.12, Saturday 29th September 2018!

    +1 for Bernie! That'd be amazing.
  5. ChunkyMunky

    Designing basses in CAD

    My word, this is a step up! Thanks, Norris.
  6. ChunkyMunky

    Designing basses in CAD

    Hello, you fine pluckers! Since reading some of the threads on here, I'm feeling really inspired to build something of my own. I've caught building bug and emphatically so. I'm studying an access course in Engineering soon and there's a section of it dedicated to CAD (Computer Aided Design). I was thinking about tinkering with designs and making something of my own with it and potentially getting some bits CNC'd or to use CAD to aid my progress as a complete newbie. As an example, I had the idea of designing a headstock that has the element of all of the basses I've GAS'd hard over the years and combining the 'average' shape of them. A tad uncreative, I know. Does (or has, rather) anyone experimented using CAD in conjunction with luthiery at all?
  7. ChunkyMunky

    25” scale carbon fiber neck thru midget

    This is far too cool. I love it!
  8. ChunkyMunky

    FS: Greenboy F112 **£499**

    What's one more, Owen?
  9. ChunkyMunky


    Hey, y'all. I fancy trying something a bit different and a tad tubular. Anyone here own or owned any Eden rigs? I'm potentially eyeing up a WT-600 and a matching 2x10 to go with it. Thanks for reading.
  10. ChunkyMunky

    PRICE DROP £250!! Cort GB75 Bass

    If I buy it, do I get the sweet slap chops that are in the video?
  11. ChunkyMunky

    FS: Greenboy F112 **£499**

    Potential price drop looming. Will listen to trades!
  12. ChunkyMunky

    Yamaha BB615 (£249 w/case)

  13. ChunkyMunky

    Yamaha BB615 (£249 w/case)

    And going up! Potential price drop looming.
  14. ChunkyMunky

    Cabs to consider TKS, Greenboy etc etc

    And thank you!
  15. ChunkyMunky

    Yamaha BB615 (£249 w/case)

    PM responded