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  1. Sorry, we're talking about this one that Eldon has bought, not the matte one Dov65 went for
  2. Phew! Thank you...I was properly uhmming and ahing over that one and it would've got me in right shiz! 😆
  3. @Eldon Tyrell That's a beauty! A US NS4, yes? Realise you might not even have it yet, but I'd be interested to know how the sound differs to the NS2 P/J pickup configuration? Where did you get it, out of interest? I've been scouring the UK shops for the last few months for a US NS2/4, and no one seems to have them at the moment...
  4. I used to have a black Kramer-era NS2 about 15 years ago, which had the Haz preamp and EMGs and sounded amazing - absolutely cracking bass which I severely regret selling, but I was young and stupid and needed rent money... I also had a 2001 all-maple Euro NS4 CRFM, with the Aguilar OBP-1 preamp and EMGs (sold to Aero71 of this forum, and which I also throughly regret selling...). Despite there being a few years between ownership, I have to say that the Euro felt and sounded, acoustically, VERY similar to the Kramer NS2. If anything, the Euro was possibly a bit more lively acoustically. I only really noticed a difference when I listened to recordings of the each bass - the bottom end was very close, but the Euro had a very clean, sweet and glassy top end, whereas the Kramer had this lovely growly, grindy top end which cut right through the guitarists' full-gain Marshall JCMs! This video, though not the greatest playing-wise, demonstrates that tone pretty well. I really believe that HAZ preamp is a big part of that US NS2 sound and that one of those inserted into a 90s/00s Euro bass would get you there for a lot less money, provided you can source one of course!
  5. Bumping, as I'm now back in London with this beauty...Open to sensible offers! 🎸
  6. Thank god for that! Hoping all will go smoothly with the sale so I don't have to keep coming back here every 15 minutes to agonise over whether to buy this 😉
  7. Had to comment on this one, as it was this album, not least this track and its bass solo in particular that got me into bass playing, when my dad used to play it back when I was 13...Still love Andy Fraser's honky tone! I've always liked my bass solos to be pretty exaggerated and the character of the player's always been a big part of that, in the same way that I've always liked guitar players like EVH and Pantera's late, great Dimebag Darrell, for instance...Big 2 for me have to be: Jaco at the height of his powers on this one. I've been trying to nail this for a long time and now resigned to the fact that I'll never have that stamina...2:27 onwards Living color's excellent previous bassist, Muzz Skillings, with this Jazzy but tasteful solo...From the 33 second mark
  8. Ha, she's certainly a beaut! Keep looking, why deny yourself? 😉
  9. Good call! This has been one of my practice tracks for some time, prime Pegg! A good workout and needs some stamina to get through all four sections...
  10. Price drop bump, I'm looking for £4000 for the bass.
  11. I've been using mine for 10 years and still use it with my Jazz Basses! Amazing transparent and natural-sounding little box and the batteries last forever! It's gone head to head with the Sadowsky preamp and this won out, for me. Slightly deeper frequency on the bass but somehow tighter sounding, and sweeter and less brittle sounding treble. GLWTS!
  12. Price drop bump to £4150 and trade options added.
  13. Price drop bump! Now £4200 and open to sensible offers. This is a fantastic bass, which I definitely which I definitely wouldn't be selling if I didn't have a second child on the way...
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