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  1. Looks totally legit to me. The separate battery compartment's a newer thing, the older ones have the battery inside the control cavity. Imagine they changed it because it's more of a PITA to unscrew the control plate each time.
  2. It was actually Colin Greenwood from Radiohead that bought Norman's Jazz Bass. Norman mentions it here, halfway down the page https://www.musicradar.com/news/wilko-johnson-and-norman-watt-roy-we-were-packing-places-out-because-we-were-so-different-from-whatever-else-was-happening
  3. Not seen these before! Not into short scales but really cool looking bass, GLWTS.
  4. Similar to above, I can get really close on my Strymon El Capistan with a couple of repeats and in mode B - dotted 1/8th, then playing the note in a galloping fashion, i.e. da dada dada dada, etc. I reckon you'd be able to get pretty close on any delay pedal that has a dotted 1/8th setting and a bit of modulation. Tap tempo helps as well.
  5. As you've specifically mentioned distortion, I personally think that a bass-tuned Rat clone is the one for the job. Most obvious example is the MXR Bass Distortion, which is well worth a try for not too much £££. Other examples below: - Fuzzrocious Cat Tail - COG TK-421 - VFE Alpha Dog - Idiotbox Blower Box - JAM Bass Rattler (mentioned earlier in the thread) - Dunwich Volt Thrower There's also the OCD-style topology with things like the COG Knightfall, Fuzzrocious Demon, Dunwich ODB, etc. though these don't tend to be as aggressive / gnarly as the Rat-type. I think you would at least need to try a Rat or an OCD to know which style's going to work for you though, they're quite different sounding.
  6. This was on Limelight Mark's site, Classic and Cool Guitars, right? I was eyeing that up if so, even without pictures! 😉 These special edition gloss finish Euros are fantastic, all maple I believe like the US models, instead of the maple/walnut/alder sandwich on the standard LX. I tried one out in Guitar Guitar, exactly the same, and I swear it sounded just like the Kramer NS-2 I used to have, even with the tonepump preamp instead of the Haz.
  7. The NS-2 is definitely the favourite of mine too! Great video. This demo highlights what I've always found about the NS-shaped Spectors, in that they always have a perfect, punchy sounding open E string. I've played loads of basses, mainly bolt-ons, but also neck-throughs like Warwicks, that have a weak, floppy-feeling E that just doesn't bounce right, especially when slapped. Never experienced this with the Spectors I've owned or played (a lot!). Maybe the brass nut's part of it?
  8. Yep, dots and binding in 1966 only, and blocks by the latter half of the year. You won't find a 65 with a bound fretboard, though some of the later 65s had the lollipop tuners and CBS "F" neckplate, which replaced the "L" plate
  9. It's here https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/806605429912273/ Looks pretty good from the photos, and £8k's about right atm. Reckon that's a padauk fretboard too which they did on the odd bass then
  10. New Kings Road guitars and ATB Guitars often get some gooduns in though their prices are, generally, eye-watering...
  11. From my experience the pickup windings were pretty inconsistent too, which obviously contributes to the amplified sound. The 65 Jazz I recently sold had factory pickups that were slightly overwound so had a darker, louder tone. My 66, on the other hand, has a tone somewhere between that and my 75 Jazz. I compared the 66 with a friend's 62 last year, and found there wasn't a huge amount of difference acoustically or plugged in. I think I preferred my 66 amplified tbh, for its slightly bolder mid-range!
  12. Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice from those in the know... I've been using an Aguilar DB 924 outboard preamp with my Jazz Basses for many years which I absolutely love, but it's now got a wonky treble pot and the battery holder's a bit broken, so I'm thinking it's time to replace it, or at least buy a backup... Aguilar recently released the DB 925, which is essentially advertised as a more compact version of the DB 924. What I want to know is whether the DB 925 is going to give me the exact same sound as my old DB 924? As far as I can see the 925 runs on the same OBP-1 preamp and the bass and treble frequencies are the same, but it runs at 9v whereas I believe the 924 runs at 18v (two 9v batteries). Has anyone compared the two? Are there any differences in headroom, tone or volume between the two units? I have tried contacting Aguilar but to no avail and, in my current living situation, getting to a stockist to compare the two is not possible, so I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me on this, as I'd prefer not to have to order the 925 then return it if it's not going to do the same job.
  13. Master Effects Golden Ratio for sale in mint condition. This is a spot-on clone of a vintage 1970s Electro Harmonix Clone Theory, complete with the coveted MN3007 bucket-brigade device (BBD) chip, but without any of the issues of the vintage units due to a number of modern adjustments. This is a must for Peter Hook fans! The pedal nails those Joy Division and New Order bass tones perfectly. More info on the Master Effects website here: https://mastereffects.wixsite.com/mastereffects/buy-now-mod Looking for £150 including shipping NOW SOLD
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