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  1. Guy's clearly never heard of Thin Lizzy. For one, they're not called "Thin Lizzie", and for two, there's definitely not a lot of buzz around them at the moment! 😂
  2. Probably this guy https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/phil-lynott-FTP-Bass
  3. Lovely pair, that MK2 is AMAZING!
  4. My understanding is that Fender didn't start using the three-bolt on Jazz Basses until 74, but some of the early ones had old Telecaster Bass neck plates with 72 serial numbers? I've seen a lot of 70s JBs and never ever seen a black block neck/three-bolt combo! Could be totally wrong though, many strange things happened during the CBS period 😉...
  5. I've been using DR Sunbeams for a while now and, despite the price, I really think they retain the new string zing for the longest time. They're really balanced and soft on the fingers, vs Dunlop super brights, EB slinkys, daddario nickels, etc. in my experience
  6. Joseph Kaye Guitars is also worth a shout. Great restoration on this old Mustang as an example.
  7. Bullets and three-bolts started to appear in '74 so all legit
  8. Beautiful bass, Karl! Just FYI, the thumb rest should be above the strings on a 74, and if the screw holes on the scratchplate line up with the body it's probably original. To my knowledge they didn't use any template at this time and just drilled the holes through the scratchplate and body...
  9. I play this and any other disco 'gallops' with 1-1-2 fingering on the right hand which, honestly, really helps a lot stamina-wise. Takes a little while to get used to but works loads better. Think of it like this - if you were doing root-root-octave-octave 16ths, you'd more than than likely do them 1-2-1-2. With the DGHAC-style gallops you're just removing the second note, i.e. root-break-octave-octave.
  10. Almost forgot about this beast too: Claimed he hadn't ever listened to Jaco, that's some BS...
  11. Make sure you listen to Dave Lee Roth's Eat 'Em And Smile too, Sheehan and Vai on TOP form (Elephant Gun)! 😉
  12. I personally think Lateralus is the more 'classic' Tool bass album, but Justin was definitely in full on Digitech Bass Whammy usage mode which gives so much depth to tracks like Lateralus (07:21 for gratuitous use), Disposition (most of the track) and, most notably, Schism, which in itself has some pretty anthemic bass parts. I love 10,000 Days though, Rosetta Stoned and The Pot especially, though I think the album's lyrics score a little more highly on the swear factor!
  13. Personally, Living Colour should get a mention for CD bass-alongs, specifically this number which blew my little early bass-playing mind (specifically from the 0:27 mark)
  14. Yeah, as Andy mentioned above, the OLP Tony Levin is the only signature bass Musicman have done. They've never done one in their premium line before, closest was their "inspired by Tony Levin" (again) Sledge Stingray & Sabre...
  15. Don't get me wrong, I love the tone on that album and my Stingray but, personally, his grindy Jazz Bass tone on Evil Empire makes me salivate a little more...
  16. This is definitely a matter of opinion! ;-)
  17. I used to have a 2001 Euro 4/NSCRFM that I sold to @Aero71 Absolutely stonking bass that I still really miss. Incredible craftsmanship and tone from the EMGs and Aguilar preamp and, at the time, similar price to a Mexican Fender! @Aero71 Definitely interested in buying that back if you ever decide to sell 😉
  18. Already ordered, my friend 😉 Cheers!
  19. Thanks, yeah, pretty sure it wasn't that. As mentioned in the OP, never noticed this on my other basses and I've been fretting notes on one of those for 19 years! 😉 As an update, took the strings off today and gave the board a good wipe with an EB fretboard wipe and the marks have now all but disappeared...Bizarre. Anyway, shall now be taking Chiliwailer's advice and will be getting some flats on this asap to prevent future near-heart attacks... Thanks all for your help!
  20. 🤣 Quite. Yes, just to confirm (after some self-reassuring checks just now...), this is definitely not the cause! I wish I had 1/10th of that strength in my left hand fingers!
  21. Thanks, yeah, I'm going to try a touch of mineral oil and see if it helps
  22. Yeah, think I will ask them. I would've thought Sunbeams are quite soft as far as rounds go? Yeah, I'd seen that. Mine's not quite as bad as that one, though I imagine it wouldn't take too long for mine to get like that if I carry on...
  23. Thanks, Chiliwailer, but I'm under the impression that this has occurred during my ownership...Definitely a reasonable amount of relief in the neck overall too so I'm not sure that's it. I really bought this bass with the intention of playing and recording it so flats just wouldn't be an option for me, unfortunately, but I'm going to need to reconsider if there's potential for any serious fretboard damage 😕
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