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  1. Finally recorded all four in one video
  2. That can't possibly happen to Sandberg
  3. I have a problem with a brand new Adam 🙁 First it wouldn't connect with my Windows 10, and after 3 frustrating hours of trying to solve the possible drivers and usb problems, it comes to faulty usb cable that came with device. I have a spare, so it's not a real problem. Second thing is that when I finally started playing through it on a headphones since it was late at night, the headphones volume pot from the back started acting weird and buggy. It behaves like it is touch sensitive. Sometimes it's not working at all, and then I just touch it, and it starts to be ultra loud. Turning it +/- sometimes work and sometimes not. Then on a light touch it starts to work for a few seconds. Finally when I manage to found the right volume for my ears, after 15-20 seconds it turns it down all the way. Am I doing something wrong here? Is there any secret for operating headphones volume pot? I really like the pedal and it would be frustrating to send it back after mounts of waiting... Thanks
  4. Today I made a new video where I compared Sandberg California TM4 II sound with Fender Jazz bass 1977. I made this video after the other one previously this week, where I compared Sandberg (only in active mode) and Music Man StingRay Special. In first video I wanted to compare sound of humbuckers, and to try to mimic sound of StingRay as close as I can at Sandberg. However, this one was with different idea, and that was to compare Sandberg in only passive mode and only using single pickups - no humbucker was used although humbucker sound will come much closer to the 1977 Jazz Bass regarding the position of bridge pickup at Fender. Thank You all for listening, and hope someone will found it helpful
  5. Hey there! Finally I made a video that can answer some previously asked questions about the sound of Music Man StingRay and Sandberg California TM4. Please read all the infos about the video on YouTube and let me know what You think Cheers
  6. After a lot of hours I spent deciding whether to buy an old one from the seventies or a new Special I finally decided, taking into account my experience with vintage old Fenders and new Custom Shops. I took a new Special and I don’t think I made a mistake. It has everything. Sound, feel and appearance. Craftsmanship is at the level of Fender Custom shop or Sandberg. There are no flaws that have accompanied previous Stingray models and that have separated me from so many pieces I owned. I am especially happy because I managed to find the color that I like the most and is no longer on offer - Aqua Sparkle .
  7. A question: Does signal goes to mute mode when tuner is engaged? What's happening with Adam's availability on Thomann? It now says 11-14 weeks 🙁
  8. Today I tried to remind myself of Teen Town by Jaco Pastorius. I know I left out a few bars, but I hated playing again because it took me about 15 takes to record anyway, so don’t be too strict . I used only humbucker with just a bit of mids added and old Elixir strings directly into Focusrite.
  9. Sandberg or MIJ Fender. Also, Your choice of USA SUB Musicman is one of the best choices for me in that price range. It's pretty hard to found them these days, so I quess the price will just increase.
  10. You can ''Hear the Dollars'' coming out of my Tone 😂
  11. Some new addition and changes to my pedalboard.
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