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  1. Obra


    Well, that's a real beauty !!!
  2. I've never liked the way they look. That PJ combination is like a Frankenstein for me, a ruined perfectly designed P bass. If I wanted that kind of a sound, I would go for whole different brand and look. But that's just my taste.
  3. I use GK MB212 II, changed it for old GK MB210, so now I do not need to run it on more than 1/3 of the full power. The old MB210 was quite seriously used but never got overheated. However on a new MB212II, fan is pretty loud and turns on very often. Generally, I like Class D so much, that would never go back for a Solid State.
  4. Thank you all for your warm welcome. I hope for quality time spent at BasschatUK. 🤘
  5. Switch splits the hambacker to a single coil pickup.
  6. Obra


    Two Mates 68 and S9
  7. Hello everyone, nice to see some familiar faces here Anyway, I'm new here, so hi to all of You, hope to have a nice time here ! Greetings from Novi Sad from me and my TM4 II Custom Hardcore Reserve. Cheers
  8. Hi to all of You music lovers. I am a bass player for more than 30 years now, playing in cover bands as with some famous musicians from Balkan. Found this place looking for some answers about setup of vintage Fender basses, and many other useful topics. Think that I can use Your group experience for many of my questions and dilemmas, and maybe I can help someone with mine. Having a lot of gear during past 30 years, and tried pretty much everything that was interesting to me from the market over the years. Hope to enjoy this chat with other bass players and to see and learn many interesting things. Here are some pics of part of my current gear... Cheers
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