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  1. I think I just might be near the end... In the meantime waiting for a Voodoo Lab 4x4
  2. I couldn't return it because I bought it on my journey through Hungary. It seemed to be just a little back bowed and I thought It would straighten under string tension, but no. Only after two weeks under pressure and heat at my luthier it straighten a bit, so he needed to refret it also so he cen level the frets in accordance to neck bow... ☹️. Worst purchase as I said before
  3. There is a guy Marcel Stranis. He is also not so instructional, but he knows to play and do it so relaxing. I enjoy every one of his videos
  4. This is my '68 P. Also a link to a great address: http://vintagebassworld.com/description.php?manufacturer=Fender&product=Precision&year=0
  5. The best are Fender Custom Shop Postmodern P bass, Dod Carcosa Fuzz and Dunlop Bass Mini Wah . The worst is Fender P bass maple neck S8 from 1981 (back bowed) ☹️.
  6. Sorry for Your problem ☹️. Sandberg makes lightest solid body basses on the market. Next to standard super light models, You can order Your personal configuration from light wood and parts. It can be a great choice.
  7. Wonder what is under that pickup cover...
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