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  1. P bass Shootout | Blind Test Reveal Thanks to everyone who watched, shared, commented and enjoyed this video.
  2. You are absolutely right about that, but it wasn't more time for me to record a different line
  3. All of them was fun to play. They all have P bass sound, but fell a little bit different. However, 1968 has something unexplainable in it, maybe the years has something with it, but the feel of 1968 is different then the others.
  4. Thank You, and all the others who thinks the same ☺️
  5. I just had a chance to have all of these beautiful basses at the same time in my studio for a weekend. I used it to make a sound comparison video of 6 Precision type bass guitars, 5 Fender and an alien - Maruszczyk. Always wanted to test different eras and different price range P basses. All the info about the basses and the recording is under the video at YT. Hope You will enjoy and let me know what You think about it ☺️.
  6. What did you do with your original pickup?
  7. Hi In a past week I got these two beautiful short scale basses in my hands, and immediately made a sound comparison video. I hope it will be as interesting to someone as it was to me while I was recording and playing them.
  8. It's gorgeous! Approved by The Prince!
  9. Thanks a lot! Here is the new one from today ☺️
  10. Thanks and nice You like the video. All the info about the video is just under it in on YouTube. Just click - Show more 😉
  11. Hey! This is what I was looking for while shopping for a Special, and couldn't found anything similar at the time. Now I had a chance to made one which can maybe help someone decide between ''old'' Ray or Special. No talk, no procrastination just a sound test. I hope you enjoy it 😉.
  12. I understand You completely. For that reason I do not use Noise gate at all, although the heart of my board is also Adam. For now, I am ok with just a three Adam presets, because having some more drives at the board. My problem is turning Adam on and off by pressing A+B together. For example, if I play preset A, and turn Adam off, and latter I need preset B, by pressing B from off, Adam will turn on latest used and that is A in this case. Then I need to actually press B twice very fast, and sometimes I forget that. I wrote to DG about this, and they response that this is just the way Machine is built. It would be nice to add some possibilities in new Suite update. Digital pedals gives more and more new software options for user to adjust by themselves. I like it
  13. Thanks for asking Yes, after a while, my pedal traveled back to the store in Germany, then to the service area in Holland, and all the way back to me. The headphones pot now is working as it should be. And more, all three of my presets stayed intact as I make them while trying the pedal. Happy with the sound and service ☺️
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