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  1. Higgie

    feedback for fretmeister

    Bought Pauls Cali76 Compressor recently - top bloke to deal with, no hassle whatsoever! Highly recommended
  2. Higgie

    Bergantino AE410 -- *£675*

    I've never had the pleasure of trying out the 212 actually. Always fancied one, but never managed to pick one up. The 410 always sounded great to me, so no reason to buy one The 410 has plenty of bottom end, with a tight and punchy midrange and a really pleasing top end. I always run the tweeter in round about the 12 o'clock position. I've used it on all kinds of gigs and it's always been exemplary. I'll be sad to see it go to be honest!
  3. Higgie

    Bergantino AE410 -- *£675*

    Full specs here: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Bergantino,_Passive_AE_bass_speakers.html
  4. Higgie

    SOLD - Mooer Baby Tuner - REDUCED TO £30

    But where are the tuning pegs on a baby?
  5. *REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED* Here we have my much loved Bergantino AE410 - in my opinion one of the best (if not best) 410s ever made. They don’t make these anymore, and I’m not sure there is a Bergantino UK Dealer at the moment, so it’s quite hard/expensive to get hold of their gear! I love the AE range so much I have the AE210 and 112 as well, and that is what facilitates this sale - i’ve made the move to IEMs and consequently don’t need a cab of this size and power. It puts out 800watts and is a relatively easy one man lift. It’s got a few scratches but the finish on these cabs is pretty hard wearing. It has the official Berg padded cover with it also. £675 collected from Chingford, NE London after the 19th of Jan, or Llanelli, South Wales where the cab is currently located. Not really keen on couriering due to size and weight, but due to my touring schedule i’m up and down the UK a fair bit, so I’m willing to deliver for a contribution to fuel costs. Thanks for looking! The cab can be seen here on top of my old Epifani 410 (which I sold once I got the Berg!) but I can take more pics if needed.
  6. Higgie

    Darkglass M900 for sale SOLD

    This is a bargain. One of the best amps on the market today by far!
  7. Higgie


    Used my Backbeat tonight for the first time with my new Cosmic Audio CE6B IEMs (also for the first time) and it was outstanding! The rumbling on your back combined with the clarity of IEMs is a formidable combination. I can honestly say it was one of the best live experiences of my gigging career. I’ve always loved playing with an amp and cab, and could never see myself playing without them. Until tonight! I had my rig (Darkglass MT900 and Bergantink AE210) on stage just in case, but its safe to say I didn’t need it. For the first time ever I can actually see myself forgoing the use of a bass rig entirely in favour of this setup. The Backbeat is a seriously cool piece of kit for sure. Combined with a decent DI and some decent IEMs, it really is the best of both worlds - Pristine audio and ‘physical’ feedback similar to what you would get from a cranked amp behind you. Highly recommended!
  8. Higgie


    Mine turned up today. Safe to say it’s an excellent bit of kit! Will be using it live for the first time at my next gig just after Christmas, so i’ll report back on how it fairs in a gig situation. Initial testing at home using just some iPhone headphones and no amp has been VERY cool! Getting my new IEMs on Monday too so I think that will be a drastic improvement on what is already pretty awesome!
  9. Or just weigh yourself with and without the bass and subtract for the difference... 😁
  10. I use this exact model (AirTurn PedPro) and it is awesome! Used on 100s of gigs/rehearsals/sessions and it’s never let me down. Previous experience with the BT-105 also and can confirm that is also an excellent bit of kit!
  11. If someone wants it with the Rack Ears...I'd take the case off your hands
  12. Higgie

    LG 25” Ultrawide Monitor 25UM58 SOLD

    No sorry this went a while ago...forgot i advertised it here. Updating the thread now
  13. Higgie

    Avalon U5 Preamp in flightcase SOLD

    Pretty sure this was mine. Fantastic sounding preamp/DI. Bargainous!
  14. Higgie

    Sadowsky Metro RV5PJ - £WITHDRAWN

    Think I’m going to hold on to this for a little bit longer!
  15. Higgie

    Sadowsky Metro RV5PJ - £WITHDRAWN

    Now willing to post, at buyer’s expense.