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  1. A lot of pros are playing with IEMs, (myself included) and the Backbeat is an integral part of my setup now! I play all kinds of stages with no amp - it’s usually better for the sound engineer not to have to combat the sound coming off the stage, too.
  2. AFAIK there are no other changes - V1 and V3 are functionally identical.
  3. If this one is indeed sold, and someone is looking for one, PM me as I’ve been thinking of selling mine 👍
  4. Sounds like strange behaviour to me, i’ve never noticed mine do that. The ‘Learn’ function is for MIDI, so I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, apart from hopefully eliminating that line of enquiry!
  5. Remember the arrows (GLXD-> compressor-> TH) mean "the output of 'X' goes to the input of 'Y', and so forth" as opposed to looking at the actual pedals. Your signal chain will usually run from right to left (pedal input is usually on the right of the pedal). So in this instance you would connect the output of the wireless unit to the input of the compressor, output of the compressor into the input of the preamp, then output of the preamp to your amp input. All you are doing is placing a device (or a few devices) between your bass and amp. Think of it like a flow chart. The output of one, is what the input of the next device receives.
  6. I've played this and it's wonderful! Johann isn't exaggerating about the even sound all over the neck. It really is quite astonishing. Good luck with the sale mate!
  7. Envelope filter with a light Overdrive running into it will get you close.
  8. Yes sir, the one and only! Full lineup is on the website. There are some absolute monsters in the band!
  9. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and feedback. The enthusiasm and positivity the show has been met with here and on social media is amazing, and really encouraging. Thanks again! 🍻
  10. That’s why they’re there 🤪
  11. It certainly is! Especially when everyone involved is so bloody talented! Also fun to do something with my mrs! She's on trombone and her brother is on trumpet. Thanks mate! As I said, all feedback gladly received, and it's always nice to hear another point of view! I have to admit I was unsure about having dancers during our initial discussions about the show too, but I was gradually won over, and now wouldn't have it any other way! As a musician, yeah I'd probably prefer to just watch the band. But from a punter's point of view? I think it works really well. Throughout the night they will be down in the audience interacting with the crowd, getting people dancing etc, so they do actually have a practical purpose too! Great to hear some points from someone who has been involved in things like this too. Thanks for taking the time mate!
  12. Nice one! I had noticed that in places myself, but after I resized my window it stopped happening...Leading me to forget to address it with the web developer. Thanks! Cheers man! Thanks for checking it out! Sorry to hear your project fizzled out. It's certainly hard work trying to make things like this work logistically due to the sheer amount of people and schedules you have to accommodate, so I can see why they tend to go by the wayside! Thanks for checking us out!
  13. Thank you mate! Yes there was always going to be a low B there, let’s face it! 😂 Thanks mate! Everyone is doing it just for exposure so we’re fine in that department! …Just kidding. We’re confident we can make it pay, as the clientele we are targeting would be able to afford it 😂 Very kind of you, thanks!
  14. This is precisely the kind of thing I was looking for. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this out. We are self contained for the most part, with the PA and sound equipment supplied by Kev (the aforementioned Welsh Wizard!) but will be hiring in the lighting on a per gig basis. Thanks again for your insight - very valuable info.
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