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  1. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Haha! Yes. It’s definitely changed a lot! I’ve never been happier than with the sound I have now though 😁
  2. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    My board last night for my gig with ‘And Finally...Phil Collins’ Turbo Tuner>Octamizer>Cali76>Xotic Stereo XBlender>Loop 1 Send (Knightfall)>Loop 2 Send>(Pickle Fuzz>AF9)> Thumpinator Loop 1 is always on, for a little bit of grit and bite from the COG. Loop 2 is fuzz and/or filter. Powered by a Gigrig Generator. The Stereo XBlender is powered by an Xotic 18V doubler. Airturn PedPro for switching pages on ForScore
  3. Gromtech Aminato SOLD

    Sold to Janusz!

    Yes here it is.
  5. LG 25” Ultrawide Monitor 25UM58

  6. Darkglass M900 - now sold

    This is a bargain. I paid £100 more for one of these last year!
  7. Steely Dan Transcriptions

    No problem man! I’ll be uploading some more shortly. Maybe with a playalong video or two

    Wow! What a beautiful Jazz. If I didn't need food or a house, this would be mine! Stunning example of a vintage Fender... In fact, I'm still tempted - Just trying to work out whether it's worth being homeless and starving!
  9. Sibelius vs. Harmony Assistant.

    Sibelius is the one. It isn’t so intuitive at first but like any great software, once you suss it out, and get a few of your own hotkeys set up, your workflow improves greatly and it’s great. The level of control over every aspect of your score and parts is amazing. A big part of reading charts for me is not just the notes and the information, but how it is presented. Not just in terms of fonts, layout/geography of the chart, but literally down to the aesthetic appearance. If a chart looks ‘pleasing’ to the eye, paired with being well written, with good clear layout and geography, you will make a lot of musicians very happy.
  10. Show us yer fretlesses!

    Haha! Just showing off my fancy inlays 😅
  11. LG 25” Ultrawide Monitor 25UM58

    Sorry I forgot to put it in the ad. 25UM58 is the model number. 21:9 aspect ratio - 2560x1080 Resolution 2 HDMI Inputs 3.5mm output jack for speakers/headphones More info here: http://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-25UM58-P-ultrawide-monitor
  12. Literally brand new. Switched on maybe 5 times. Bought on a whim and just don’t need it. £130 collected from Chingford, NE London, or can meet/deliver if you are local!
  13. Show us yer fretlesses!

    My Dargie Delight Stingray 5 Fretless. Since the pictures were taken I've swapped out the original pickup and preamp for a Nordstrand MM5.3 and John East 3 Band 4 Knob Preamp. Sounds great! You can hear it here:
  14. Boss LS2 Line Selector - SOLD

    Yes it will. Put your distortion in one loop. The other loop will act as your clean volume