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  1. Agreed. It does it’s job perfectly for me, ie an always on preamp at the end of the chain that sends my signal to FOH with a cab sim. Then I can go into my combo with the jack out if needed, and use the High/Low controls to cater for the amp’s own voicing. It won’t work for everyone I guess, but for me, its bang on the money.
  2. Up for sale is a super early 1982 Squier JV, serial number 03XXX complete with the big "Fender" logo these basses had before they transitioned to the bigger "Squier by Fender" logo. I was hoping to hold on to this bass for a little longer, but needs must now as I've got a wedding to pay for! The bass was modified before I bought it (Bass Lines J Pickup has been added at the bridge, the pickguard has also been modified to account for the extra pot) and while it is currently sporting a vintage DiMarzio Model P pickup in the P position and a Hipshot Detuner, both the original pickup and tuning peg will come with the bass. Pretty sure I have the original strap buttons too, although I don't know why you'd ever take the Dunlop ones off! It has a couple of dings (what bass from 1982 wouldn't?) but it all adds to the charm. Action is low, and it sounds thunderous with either flats or rounds. Super comfy weight at around 9.25lbs. The neck on this bass is an absolute dream to play. I've owned this bass for almost 10 years now IIRC and have probably only done 10 gigs on it - Most of it's time with me has been spent in a case! I have another JV (a later, non-Fender logo) that I put all the playing time on as I wanted to keep this one in as best condition as it could be. I made the transition to 5 string exclusively not long after buying it, so even more reason to keep it safely tucked away! I can take more detailed pictures should anyone want them, these are all I have on hand at the moment. It will come with a bog standard gig bag, and not the hard case in the pictures (that belongs to my Shuker 5 string P!). I wasn't quite sure what to ask for this, as other than the added J pickup, the bass can be returned to pretty much all original, and these seem to be going for quite a bit these days - especially the early "Fender" ones. If anyone feels I have priced this unfairly, I'm always open to discussing it and would welcome any input/offers by PM from serious buyers. It's a killer bass and if I didn't need the dosh, I'd be keeping it around. Lowball offers will not be entertained. Collection from Windsor preferred, although I frequently travel all over the UK so depending on your location, if it's not too far out of my way we could meet/I could deliver for a contribution towards the fuel costs. Postage very much not encouraged as I don't have a case for it, but if you wanted to buy a hard case and have it sent to me, I'd be happy to put it back in the same box and post it on to you at cost. Price is £1250, though as I said, open to discuss! Not really interested in trades this time. Thanks!
  3. Thanks mate! Was super chuffed they updated the HX Stomp with Command Centre! It's super basic compared to the functionality of the MC8, but when the Pirate MIDI pedals are released later this year I'll seriously be considering the 4 switch one...
  4. Scaled down from the Schmidt Array, so here is the new setup on a Rockboard Tres 3.0 with a Mod 1 Signal chain is: Bass>Mod 1 Input A>Cali 76>Morningstar ML5>Origin '64 BassRig>XLR and 1/4" outs both go to the Mod 1 for feed to the desk with Cab Sim, and straight to an amp if used. ML5 Loops: A>Octamizer B>TRS splitter cable to B on Mod 1 C>HX Stomp with Bright Onion Momentary switch. FX Loop of Stomp to C on Mod 1 D>Prometheus E>TRS splitter to D on Mod 1 Using the TRS jacks on the Mod 1 with ML5/Stomp FX Loops means I can insert any pedal(s) either in front of, after, or into the Stomp's chain itself (and move it about as needed). I haven't got the required TRS splitters yet (apart from the one within the Stomp's loop) so one of the Mod 1 outputs is connected to the Headphone out of the Stomp for now, but that's how it will be used in future. Here's the underside: There's a Temple USB adpator so I can charge my iPad, and a GigRig Doubler to power the Cali76 at 18V. Everything powered by the Generator.
  5. Higgie

    DIY Effects

    It’s actually all fixed. I emailed Panda Audio and they advised me that the pedal would function fine without it, as the capacitor was semi-redundant due to there being another one nearby with the same function, and it not being in the audio path. Fired it up after replacing the dodgy pot and it works perfectly!
  6. Bought these recently to try. Put them on my NYC Sadowsky, they’ve had about 10 mins play on them and then took them off again. Super pliable strings with a nice feel to them. Cut for 4+1 Headstock. Cheapest I could find for these was £66 from Bass Direct, so save yourself a few bob here at £45 incl postage.
  7. Glad to see i’m not the only lunatic that is considering buying both! 😂
  8. Glad to see i’m not the only lunatic that is considering buying both! 😂
  9. My ‘64 Black Panel arrived today. Sounds wonderful! Lots of tones in there, from standard clean DI to full on roaring distortion. Can see this really coming in handy! Built like a tank too. Very impressed so far. Only problem with it is, it makes me want the other one too!
  10. Just caved and bought the ‘64 Black Panel. Looking forward to it’s arrival!
  11. No one after one of these superb basses in as new condition?
  12. Have really wanted one of these for a while! Alas, the bank account is not healthy enough at present 😢
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