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  1. Higgie

    Which Helix?

    Playing ampless with IEMs, the Stomp was the way to go. With a Morningstar MC6 the possibilities are endless!
  2. If you are doing this, the mix on the effect should be set to 100%. At least that’s what I do and have no problem hearing any effects!
  3. Used mine with a few different ones. DB750 was by far the favourite. Darkglass Microtubes 900 is my current weapon of choice. Tonehammer 500 sounded great too.
  4. I ended up withdrawing mine from sale. Arguably the best 410 ever constructed, and for some reason no one wants one! The mind boggles... 🤯
  5. It’s not something that’s needed really. Just wondered if the possibility was there. Wouldn’t be very useful for most people so I won’t waste their time requesting a useless feature 😂
  6. Well the FI itself displays the current patch. Just wondered whether I could make switches on the mc6 display the next and previous patches that will be activated when I hit each switch. I know its kinda redundant as it only goes up in increments of 1, but just wondered if it was possible.
  7. This is great! But I wonder - is there a way for the MC6 to tell you which is the next/previous patch?
  8. Do you have to be connected to the Midi Out as well?
  9. Ooh! Now you’ve piqued my interest with the patch display on the MC6 - care to share with the rest of the class? 😛
  10. Thanks for the clarification! I’ll keep an eye out for the update!
  11. Yeah what I meant was I won't be operating the FI from it's own switches!
  12. Quick question. We have a MIDI CC to scroll down through the presets, but I couldn't find any mention of something that scrolls up - I'm guessing it must be there as there is the onboard program up footswitch. Is there any way for this to be assignable to another controller? Would be a pain to scroll down on the MC6 and up on the FI itself. That and I've just bought a Super Compact enclosure so pretty soon my FI will be totally switchless!
  13. I’ve got two COG knightfalls I was gonna sell, if two singles would do it for you? One is a 2012 v1, and the other is a later revision. I can’t hear much difference between the two, both have great low gain, high gain, and everything in between tones!
  14. One of the many Live versions of Ain’t Nobody. Hope you enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OlEIzlgn5KEzTdDM8osl5ErUduCyE8FA/view?usp=drivesdk
  15. So here it is! My SA450. The wiring inside is a mess so will probably redo that at some point, but it’s pretty much done for the most part. Probably overkill, but I use two GigRig Generators, one to power the Stomp, and the other powers the rest. IEC Splitter cable coming tomorrow so that I can power both Generators from one IEC. Signal chain: Octamizer > Cali76 > Future Impact > Stomp Misson engineering TT2 acts as Footswitch 4 and 5 on the Stomp, and the MC6 controls everything else, and will control the FI too once I buy some more MIDI jacks. The Prunes and Custard will go in one of the Stomp’s loops. There’s a tiny bit of space left underneath for something else, haven’t decided what yet! Behringer P1 for IEMs, and Temple Audio USB Power adaptor to charge my phone/iPad from the board.
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