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  1. Up for sale is my Jon Shuker 5 String Jazz built for me in 2013. It has a couple knocks and bumps having toured the world with me but nothing obvious from the front. Villex pickups and electronics with passive mid cut make for a very versatile sound. It’s not the lightest bass ever made, but plays and sounds great. Comes with it’s original Hiscox hard case, or will knock some off if you want it in a generic gigbag. £1000 collected from Chingford, London.
  2. Met Mark at the Services station halfway between us as he purchased my Darkglass head. Communication was great, paid very promptly indeed, and him and his mrs couldn’t have been nicer people to meet. Highly recommended to deal with. All the best with the amp pal!
  3. Up for sale is my spare Darkglass Microtubes 900 V1. Fantastic sounding amp, VERY loud and powerful. B3K and VMT drive engine built in, alongside a 4 band EQ with frequency switches for the Low and High Mids provide a very versatile tone shaping section. I personally never even really used the Overdrive, but blending in just a touch if B3K can give you a really beefy sound without being too saturated - perfect for that ‘valve on the brink of distortion’ sound. The clean tones available on this amp are also stellar! Only selling as I have two of these bad boys, and I use IEM’s these days so I barely use either of them! Keeping one around for the rare occasion I have to actually use an amp on a gig. Due to this, it really is in immaculate condition and has hardly been used. I have the original box and Intelligent Footswitch, or I can include a hard carry case with foam inserts for an extra tenner. IEC cable supplied also. The Intelligent Footswitch is a bit marked but functions perfectly. Amp can be picked up from Chingford, East London, or I can post at cost. Delivery/meet up may also be an option depending on where you are as I travel up and down the UK regularly for gigs. No trades at this time. £675 without case, £685 with.
  4. The AE212 is the one AE cab i’ve always fancied but never owned. Shame I’m not using bigger cabs any more - a year ago I’d have torn your arm off for this!
  5. https://imgur.com/a/wgnACuz My new board Bass>Thumpinator>Cali76>Sadowsky DI Tuner on the tuner output of the Sadowsky Behringer P1 for my IEMs. All powered from the GigRig Generator
  6. Bought Pauls Cali76 Compressor recently - top bloke to deal with, no hassle whatsoever! Highly recommended
  7. I've never had the pleasure of trying out the 212 actually. Always fancied one, but never managed to pick one up. The 410 always sounded great to me, so no reason to buy one The 410 has plenty of bottom end, with a tight and punchy midrange and a really pleasing top end. I always run the tweeter in round about the 12 o'clock position. I've used it on all kinds of gigs and it's always been exemplary. I'll be sad to see it go to be honest!
  8. Full specs here: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Bergantino,_Passive_AE_bass_speakers.html
  9. But where are the tuning pegs on a baby?
  10. Here we have my much loved Bergantino AE410 - in my opinion one of the best (if not best) 410s ever made. They don’t make these anymore, so they’re getting increasingly harder to come by! I love the AE range so much I have the AE210 and 112 as well, and that is what facilitates this sale - i’ve made the move to IEMs and consequently don’t need a cab of this size and power. It puts out 800watts and is a relatively easy one man lift. It’s got a few scratches but the finish on these cabs is pretty hard wearing. It has the official Berg padded cover with it also. £625 collected from Llanelli, South Wales where the cab is currently located. Not really keen on couriering due to size and weight, but due to my touring schedule i’m up and down the UK a fair bit, so I’m willing to deliver for a contribution to fuel costs. Thanks for looking! The cab can be seen here on top of my old Epifani 410 (which I sold once I got the Berg!) but I can take more pics if needed.
  11. This is a bargain. One of the best amps on the market today by far!
  12. Used my Backbeat tonight for the first time with my new Cosmic Audio CE6B IEMs (also for the first time) and it was outstanding! The rumbling on your back combined with the clarity of IEMs is a formidable combination. I can honestly say it was one of the best live experiences of my gigging career. I’ve always loved playing with an amp and cab, and could never see myself playing without them. Until tonight! I had my rig (Darkglass MT900 and Bergantink AE210) on stage just in case, but its safe to say I didn’t need it. For the first time ever I can actually see myself forgoing the use of a bass rig entirely in favour of this setup. The Backbeat is a seriously cool piece of kit for sure. Combined with a decent DI and some decent IEMs, it really is the best of both worlds - Pristine audio and ‘physical’ feedback similar to what you would get from a cranked amp behind you. Highly recommended!
  13. Mine turned up today. Safe to say it’s an excellent bit of kit! Will be using it live for the first time at my next gig just after Christmas, so i’ll report back on how it fairs in a gig situation. Initial testing at home using just some iPhone headphones and no amp has been VERY cool! Getting my new IEMs on Monday too so I think that will be a drastic improvement on what is already pretty awesome!
  14. Or just weigh yourself with and without the bass and subtract for the difference... 😁
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