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  1. Mission Expressionator is excellent for linking an expression pedal to multiple devices
  2. Haha! Thanks mate. Well hopefully if they do a Steely Dan week we’ll get the call! 😂
  3. I wonder if he strung it up with dead roundwounds
  4. I've never seen one in the wild, but it's an option in Sibelius...So some mad bastards must use them 🤣
  5. Then don't be too alarmed about the triple dot 😁
  6. I've found that a lot of the adaptors for changing the barrel size (required by the Stomp/HX Effects as correctly mentioned by Hugsonic) ALSO reverse the polarity to centre +ve. So to get round that you can add a polarity reversing adaptor in between, so that the polarity is flipped back to centre -ve again. Your power chain would look like this: Power supply > Polarity Reverse Adaptor > Barrel Size adaptor. Obviously check you have the relevant adaptors first! Used my Stomp with Big Sur without any problems so far for the last few weeks.
  7. Higgie


    Looks great man! Much better than my solution. Definitely going to modify mine to be more like yours. Maybe retire the hairband. Maybe.
  8. Higgie


    You forgot the pink hairband
  9. That's fair enough, and I agree, the tracking seemed good and it didn't sound bad. For me though, I'd like a bit more control over the tone of the octave. A modeller of this power I would've expected to have either a couple of different octave pedal models, or more control over the stock octave sound.
  10. Pretty impressed with that. Everything except the octave sounded pretty good I thought!
  11. Higgie


    The locking jack is TRS, but I just used standard unbalanced guitar cable and only soldered the Tip and Sleeve connections.
  12. Higgie


    The cables are taped together, and then fed through the hairband and a small leather strap to keep them attached to the guitar strap. I’ve been looking for a better way to do it, but in the meantime this has been working fine!
  13. Higgie


    I made myself some patch cables like you have suggested here, with a slight change. Right angled jack at the guitar end into a straight jack for the Backbeat, and the other cable is a straight jack to a locking female jack that my normal guitar cable plugs into. I also have a lovely pink hair band that I feed the cables through to keep them attached to the strap! 😂
  14. Higgie


    Easily one of the best things I've bought. 99% of all my gigs (pre-Covid of course!) are amp-less so this really helps me FEEL what I'm playing with IEMs. I know of a few people that didn't get on with it, but for me it's excellent! One thing to be careful of is some frequencies will cause the whole strap to resonate if you have it turned up too much, which will do the same thing to your bass and give you an infinite sustain effect. This is what made me realise I was running it too high, as I just love how it feels! I generally have it about 1/4 to 1/3 up now, and that's enough unless I'm wearing something super thick like a jacket or shirt & waistcoat.
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