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  1. I owned this bass for many years after buying it on here. Everything that’s been said is true. The range of tones from this bass is outstanding for a passive bass. I commissioned a 5 string version of this bass from Jon with the same electronics and pickups. Whoever buys it will not be disappointed.
  2. If i’m not mistaken, that’s my old Quasar DLX. Excellent pedal
  3. All good advice. Add a touch of Chorus and you’re golden!
  4. Everything except the global eq is possible. Global affects both outputs IIRC
  5. So glad someone else brought up the AF9. I’ve had a couple in the past and recently bought another. It’s a really cool pedal and the down filter is great on it. The original Subdecay Prometheus is also an incredible pedal. Lots of tweakability, up/down/step filter modes (the latter being able to be tuned into an autowah with the step and speed controls) and a DLX version if you’re feeling fancy! Had the Filter Twin before and that too is a great pedal, with some unique sounds available. However there’s not much to tweak so can be difficult to really dial in what you are looking for.
  6. The easiest way for me to adjust it when its on, is to just tip the headstock of the bass towards the floor, that brings the backbeat up and over your shoulder, then your fretting hand can turn it up or down. The feedback issue is definitely having too much rumble. The second version is even more sensitive, I find mine sits roughly at 30% for optimum rumble without feedback, and thats with my Sadowskys which are also stupidly powerful. Having said that, it’s a useful practice to roll the volume of the bass off in between songs/quiet passages
  7. Then it sounds to me like you have a V1 unit from the initial Kickstarter campaign. These didn’t rumble from the aux in.
  8. You don’t hear any signal with the aux in? Or it doesn’t rumble?
  9. It sounds weird but try pulling the US plug out of the UK adaptor just a touch, I find with mine that if I push it all the way in, it doesn’t make the connection properly.
  10. Worth every penny IMO. Admittedly I got an artist deal so didn’t pay quite that much, but I still bought a backup set as I was so impressed. No regrets here at all
  11. I took the Sadowsky P5 with TI Flats to my gig last night, only to find out the band I was playing with play with their guitars tuned to Eb! I didn't fancy loosening my strings anymore due to their exceptionally low tension and the low action that is currently set on the bass, so I used the Simple Pitch effect set 100% wet, and the interval to -1 Semitone. Voila, entire bass tuned down a half-step. No latency that I could detect, the tone wasn't noticeably different (especially not in the mix), and it meant I could leave my bass tuned to E and therefore keep my action and tension as normal. Fantastic! I'd been skeptical of this in the past, but wow. Seriously impressed with the results. HX Stomp 1 - Higgie 0.
  12. Love mine so much I bought a second pair as a backup. They are truly excellent! I no longer use an amp on 95% of my gigs and these IEMs give me all the heft and low end I could want!
  13. I’ll take one on todays gig! You are correct, you can’t tell visually. But the notes will rumble higher up the G string than the first version, and the Aux In will trigger the rumble too.
  14. I have a Silver one and a black one. The silver one is the newer revised model that vibrates at higher frequencies than my black v1. The silver one gets all the use!
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