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  1. Thunderbolt 2>3 Adaptor now included in the price
  2. The perfect transaction. Quick communication and postage, item exactly as described. Happy days all round when dealing with Peter. Thanks again pal!
  3. Here's another I almost forgot about. My Dargie Delight fretless SR5 with John East 3 band pre and Nordstrand MM5.3 pickup, with an Aguilar Octamizer for good measure!
  4. Here's a few I've been involved in over the last couple of months: Labour of Love: The rest I did the video editing for too:
  5. If all you're doing with the EQ block is cutting 50Hz, might I recommend you look at the Global EQ and do it there? Saves you doing it on every patch, and gives you another block to play with!
  6. Forgot to mention I have the Apple Thunderbolt 2 > Thunderbolt 3 adaptor if you have a newer MacBook with USB-C ports that I will include in the price
  7. Screen is in immaculate condition, no marks or damage anywhere on the unit and it comes with the original box. You won't find another used one in this condition at this price! It has been used in my smoke-free bedroom from new. These are now discontinued, but was around the £1000 mark when originally available. I used to use it with my MacBook Pro, but a recent PC upgrade means I don't use Thunderbolt anymore so this is surplus to requirements. Looking for £530 ONO. The display can be picked up from Chingford, London (Socially distanced of course) or we can arrange a courier at your expense - however shipping a delicate item like this, I would have to insist on full insurance etc, so would recommend picking up if you are relatively local. Could also meet somewhere for a contribution towards my fuel costs. Thanks, and hope you are all safe and well!
  8. Analogman Chorus sold
  9. Plug something in then! 😛
  10. The latest offering from Totally Toto: Enjoy!
  11. You can invert the polarity which I think should solve your problem. Don’t have my Stomp handy but it’s in the global settings somewhere for the external footswitches
  12. I use the weeper model. Haven’t got my Stomp handy for the settings, but can be cool to put it on Path B so that your wah is blended with your clean sound for no loss of low end!
  13. My Toto tribute band took a stab at “Dave’s Gone Skiing” Separate audio and video recording is a must. Pretty sure we all used iPhones for the video. Bass is recorded direct from my REDDI. Then sync’d up afterwards in the video editor. I can highly recommend Adobe Premiere Pro.
  14. Hi all! My Toto tribute band “Totally Toto” decided to do a lockdown video as we’re all missing playing together and doing gigs. We decided to tackle the instrumental “Dave’s Gone Skiing” Next on the list is Pamela, that will be released shortly. In the meantime, enjoy this:
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