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  1. Higgie

    Billy Sheehan bass sound - Sons of Apollo

    Yep. The MSD Wah has both modern/classic modes (modern having some clean blended in) which is great, or an Xotic XBlender would do the trick!
  2. Higgie

    Billy Sheehan bass sound - Sons of Apollo

    Yeah. Definitely something extra happening. Reminds me of a more subtle version of Tim Commerford's bass sound on Cochise by Audioslave. Some kind of Phaser/Flanger might get you in the ball park...
  3. Higgie

    DIY Effects

    Your work is stunning mate. Top notch!
  4. Higgie

    Tribute bands

    It’s great fun! Some really cool tunes and basslines in there!
  5. Higgie

    Tribute bands

    I think he auditioned for a tribute band and didn’t get the gig, and then ended up IN Jamiroquai, if my memory serves me correctly! Back on topic, I play bass for ‘The Rocket Man’ a tribute to Elton John, and also ‘And Finally...Phil Collins’ which is pretty self explanatory 🙂
  6. Higgie

    Steely Dan Transcriptions

    Countdown To Ecstacy is now up! As always, any glaring errors please let me know
  7. Higgie

    Loop (fx loop) pedal advice please

    The LS-2 is the pedal equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. There's so many different uses and possibilities! No one should be without one. Mine will never go anywhere! Currently sat in my Mono double gig bag, used as an A/B switch with a volume knob for each channel. Worth the second hand price for that alone
  8. Higgie

    SOLD Shuker Bass - Jazz 4 Sunburst/Maple

    Finally! Congratulations to the new owner - it’s a beauty!
  9. Higgie

    SOLD Shuker Bass - Jazz 4 Sunburst/Maple

    I can’t believe this it still here! I did a fair few gigs with this bass and it is just outstanding. Whoever buys this is getting A LOT of bass for their money here.
  10. Higgie

    Fender Jazz Bass - 1978 - Antigua

    Absolutely gorgeous. If I had the cash this would be mine!
  11. Well here it is: 

    The video for my bands cover/mashup of Superstition and some Erykah Badu.

    Hope y'all enjoy :)



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      Really nice Higgie.....!

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      Awesome, nice one!

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      Paul S


  12. Higgie

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Haha! Yes. It’s definitely changed a lot! I’ve never been happier than with the sound I have now though 😁
  13. Higgie

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    My board last night for my gig with ‘And Finally...Phil Collins’ Turbo Tuner>Octamizer>Cali76>Xotic Stereo XBlender>Loop 1 Send (Knightfall)>Loop 2 Send>(Pickle Fuzz>AF9)> Thumpinator Loop 1 is always on, for a little bit of grit and bite from the COG. Loop 2 is fuzz and/or filter. Powered by a Gigrig Generator. The Stereo XBlender is powered by an Xotic 18V doubler. Airturn PedPro for switching pages on ForScore
  14. Higgie

    Gromtech Aminato SOLD

    Sold to Janusz!
  15. Higgie


    Yes here it is.