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  1. 18mm I believe, I'll have to get the exact weight for you this week!
  2. No love for a handmade Jazz bass under a grand from one of the UK’s best luthiers?
  3. I go ampless whenever I can. Generally I'll always have 2 DI's with me - A REDDI for sending my signal to the desk after my pedalboard, and a Sadowsky DI Pedal on my board. If I have control of my own mix and can have a stereo feed, then all is well and the Sadowsky becomes a very expensive tuner mute switch 😂 But if not, I send the REDDI to the desk, and I then take the DI out of the Sadowsky into one side of a Behringer P1 and have my mix into the other side so that I can still control the ratio of bass:monitor mix at my end. The only downside is for the other musicians who may miss the feeling of having the bass amp on stage, but with the Backbeat, it literally makes no difference to me having an amp on stage, hence going without whenever I can!
  4. I bought a 2nd hand NYC on here last year that had had the same thing done, and thought it was a great idea, so I requested the same on this one. Makes much more sense IMO!
  5. For those who are interested, specs are as follows: Chambered Alder body with flame Maple top, Roasted Maple neck with ebony fingerboard, MOP dot inlays, black hardware. Weighs in at a very reasonable 8.65lbs/3.92kgs. I also had them fit a toggle switch on the control plate to switch between Active and Passive - I’ve never been fond of pulling up on the Tone knob due to the potential of changing the setting. Took it to my gig tonight and wow, what an instrument it is! Very pleased indeed 😍
  6. I gave him one of my Squier JV Precisions for his birthday last year so I think he was trying to up the Ante this year! 😂 Sorry mate, they don’t make this model anymore 😂 I chose it, although he said he would’ve chosen that one too 😁 😂😂 I’ll ask him 😆 He would’ve had you when he was 10 a not sure he started that early 😂😂
  7. So today I received this beauty from my father as an early 30th birthday present. To say I am lucky to have him as my father is an understatement! Check this beauty out:
  8. £925, won’t be going much lower than this folks
  9. Final bump before I withdraw from sale!
  10. I'm amazed also! Thought it would fly out the door. If you can find a better cab for the money, I'll eat my Sadowsky!
  11. Been gigging with mine exclusively for the last 4 months and still stand by previous post! My gigging rig is now my Cosmic Ears IEMs, REDDI and a Backbeat. Small pedaltrain with a backup DI, tuner, and Cali76 and that’s it! One trip to/from the car, and it’s the best (non!)rig I’ve ever had!
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