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  1. Future Impact settings - help needed!

    I’ve got one, i’ll see what I can do tomorrow!
  2. Hi all, done a few transcriptions over the last couple of years so thought I'd start sharing them with you all here, before I get my own website up and running. I'll be doing some playalongs of some of these tracks in the not too distant future also. Hope they are of some use to you. Countdown to Ecstasy and Pretzel Logic are also done, just proof-reading and layout to do, so expect them soon! Cheers https://drive.google.com/open?id=17WeLSNw4fCnT6vLav75e0Nr0f0iXx6IB
  3. Stevie here is my father - I put his board together for him It's a V1 mate.
  4. Call Me - Go West

    Very much appreciated mate, thanks Going to try to get at least one new video up a week now, when I can fit it in around gigs and tours, so subscribe to the channel for (hopefully!) weekly new content!
  5. Call Me - Go West

    Thanks Muzz!
  6. Call Me - Go West

    The "Chorus" you will have heard will be the slight differences in timing and intonation between my bass and Pino's original line. I think the tone is a combination of the sum of it's parts to be honest fleabag, the REDDI combined with the John East pre/Nordstrand pickup, the action of the strings giving it a slight bit of buzz etc.
  7. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    You could get them all on a Jnr pretty easily I reckon.
  8. Call Me - Go West

    Thanks mate! Yeah i’ll finish up the layout and post it for you. EDIT: Transcription added to the post above. That’s what sold it for me the first time I heard it. Instantly recognisable!
  9. Call Me - Go West

    Not at all! The bass is going straight into my REDDI. It didn’t even go into Logic. I recorded the video with Quicktime, and the input was set to my Duet interface. That’s why the bass is panned left! I was going to re-record it in Logic, as this was originally just going to be a test run to check out the limitations of doing it via Quicktime, but I was pleasantly surprised at how it came out so I just uploaded it
  10. That's a great price for one of these. Good luck with the sale mate!
  11. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    You take Ordeps Metro24, I'll have your 20...Everyone's happy
  12. I'm pretty sure it's a synth. If Wikipedia is anything to go by: "The piece's signature funky bass line was played by Hancock on an ARP Odyssey, as was one of the keyboard solos."
  13. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Wow. That's a great deal on the Mono case! I had a PT-JR with a Mono softcase and toured for 5 months with it in the back of the van - No trouble here! Saying that, is wasn't being knocked about by flight cases etc. It's perfect for most gigging situations I'd say. If it's doing any extensive touring and it will be packed in with other flightcases, I would definitely get the hardcase.
  14. Call Me - Go West

    Merci beaucoup, Mr Rumple! Thanks for watching.