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  1. Up for sale is an excellent condition Bergantino Forté amp head. Owned from new, and not had much use (especially in the last year! 🤣). They are £950 from Bass Direct, so grab a bargain at £800. 4 Band EQ Onboard Compressor Aux In and Headphone Jack Effects Loop DI Out with Pre/Post switch 700W RMS at 4 Ohms, 800W RMS at 2 Ohms 6lbs Can be collected from Brentwood, Essex or can be posted at cost.
  2. Higgie

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    If you only need to hear yourself, then great. Just plug your iems/headphones into the headphone out and off you go.
  3. Yeah they’re awesome. I had the MC6 first, but decided to upgrade to the MC8 when I saw one for sale. The ML5 was the logical next addition, to have MIDI control of the non-MIDI pedals
  4. Here is the latest incarnation of my board I'm pretty happy with this new arrangement. All mounted on a Schmidt Array SA450: Signal Chain Boss LS-2 (A/B switch for 2 basses or bass/bass station synth) > Morningstar ML5 > HX Stomp The ML5 has a pedal in each loop, so: Loop A > Cali76 Loop B > Octamizer 1 (Sub only) Loop C > Octamizer 2 Loop D > Iron Ether Oxide Loop E > Crowther Prunes and Custard HX Stomp has two loops: FX Loop 1 > Maxon AF-9 FX Loop 2 > Subdecay Prometheus MIDI Chain Morningstar MC8 (Dunlop Mini EXP pedal) > HX Stomp > ML5 Schmidt Connector Box/Patch Bay The Blue jack (Headphone out) is used either for home practice, or for running to the input of the Backbeat, so that it can be triggered by both the bass and the synth. The balanced outs of the Stomp means no DI box is needed, so a simple TRS to XLR adaptor goes straight from the Red output to the desk, and if I'm using an amp/powered wedge too, I can use the Green output as well. Power The power side of the board is all GigRig. The eagle-eyed amongst you will see there are two GigRig Generators. The Schmidt Array has an IEC input, so I've used an IEC splitter to use both Generators. One is for the Stomp only (isolating it) and the other is for the rest of the board. I managed to keep all the audio parts of the chain isolated utilising a couple of GigRig Isolators. Distributor sends power to: Morningstar MC8 Temple Audio 9V to USB Adaptor - for charging my onstage iPad (IEM mix/charts etc) GigRig Doubler - Isolates and provides 18V to the Cali76 2x GigRig Isolators power the rest of the pedals The last spot on the Distributor is a long cable that I can plug my Airturn bluetooth footswitch into to charge If you've made it to the end of this post congratulations! It took me almost as long to write as it did to build the board! 🤣 Hope you guys might find it interesting/useful for your own builds.
  5. Got a hard case I can include instead of the soft case, with foam cut outs for the head, switch and your cables. Pics of this coming tomorrow!
  6. Did my first session with her yesterday. Can confirm - absolute dream to play, sounds amazing. Super chuffed!
  7. I’d be looking to sell my Future Impact, and I have both the Super Compact and Future Compact 3d printed enclosures for it. Message me if you’re interested!
  8. Thanks man! It’s gorgeous isn’t it!
  9. Thanks mate! What did you buy?
  10. I wish! I’m the guy who’s now totally skint! 😂
  11. Just picked her up from Bass Direct. Light as a feather, sounds like thunder. Over the moon is an understatement!
  12. Didn't think I'd ever be doing this, as I love this amp to pieces, but a recent purchase, and the realisation that it has had just as much use the year before the pandemic as it did during, I have come to the conclusion I just don't need an amp of such devastating power and quality. I moved to IEMs a couple of years ago, and 99.9% of my gigs require no backline whatsoever, so this is surplus to requirements. My Bergantino cabs will be up for sale shortly too. 9.8/10 condition Darkglass Microtubes 900 V1. It comes with the Intelligent footswitch, and original box. Outstanding clean amp, with tons of EQ and power on tap, plus two of the best distortion pedals ever to grace a pedalboard built in? Recipe for greatness. I actually preferred the circuits in the amp to the original pedals, the VMT in particular. So much so that I sold both the B3K and VMT that I owned at the time! I don't know what is different about them (if anything) but just found it much easier to dial in the sounds I was looking for. I actually had 2 of these amps at one point, as I wanted a backup in case anything happened to the first. Safe to say it never once let me down and I ended up selling the backup as it just wasn't needed! I have a nice Lowepro messenger camera bag that fits the amp perfectly, with pockets for cables/footswitch that I will also throw in if wanted. I will also include the IEC cable and a high quality Speakon. £600 incl. postage, or can be collected from London E4. I'd also be willing to trade for a Fender Rumble 500 2x10 combo plus cash.
  13. Being solderless they are bound to fail if you you are one of those people that reorganises their board a lot, or just a lot of plugging/unplugging. And it is definitely a pain when one goes down. I use Lava cables and have to admit the failure rate for me is not far off as with soldered cables! I had a load of spare jacks and cable that I'd bought years ago, and was frustrated when I attempted to make a a few new ones up from memory and they didn't work, but after watching this video to refresh myself with the procedure, every single one has worked perfectly.
  14. @bassmansam is looking for one of these
  15. I'm literally teetering on the edge of buying this, and I don't even use an amp anymore! Seriously good deal on what is possibly the greatest bass amp ever made.
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