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  1. Crybaby and Wah Pad sold pending payment
  2. I’ve found that to be the case with almost every filter that has an up/down feature. Having it on a foot switch is about as much use as Anne Frank’s drum kit!
  3. Correct answer. Thread closed. We can all go home now folks, nothing to see here!
  4. Prometheus is in one of the Stomp’s loops yeah. So by inserting the FX Loop R block into my chain, I can then turn the loop on/off via the MC8
  5. Gain - 2.5 Bass cut - 1.8 Treb Cut - 5 Clipping - Down Level - 5.1 And I have it running parallel to a clean path. Rather unintuitive, but I have my Amp model (DB751) first in the chain, as the EQ and tonal characteristics give me the clean sound I want to send into the other effects.
  6. I’ve thought about it. However I really don’t think I can afford to spend any more time tinkering 😂😂😂 I’m going to download some more of your patches for it though! Great job on those.
  7. Are you trying to tempt me into giving you a refund? 😂 Thanks mate! I find I don’t use a lot of dirt sounds anymore (not playing much rock stuff these days!) but I find the Timmy! in the Stomp to be excellent, so if I need a bit of grit I kick that on. I must admit that i haven’t tried all of the heavier distortions in the Stomp at all, as I haven’t had the need for one, the Timmy! covers the low-mid gain sounds very nicely. I may just set up a couple different Timmy presets on the MC8 meaning I can have multiple iterations of the Timmy in the same Stomp patch.
  8. Pretty chuffed with this: Signal Chain is as follows: Boss LS-2 > Octamizer > Cali76 > Future Impact > HX Stomp MIDI chain is: Morningstar MC8 > HX Stomp > Future Impact Future Impact is controlled directly from the MC8, bypass and patch changes have all been mapped to that, so I never actually touch it. Internally we have the Subdecay Prometheus on Auto-Wah duties, in one of the Stomp’s FX Loops. Not sure what I’m going to put in the other loop yet, but there’s space for it next to the Prometheus. Maybe my Boss BF2B, as to my ears, there’s not a flanger in the Stomp that beats it! Powering the board off an IEC splitter are two Gigrig Generators. One for the Stomp, one for the rest of the board. The Cali76 has an Xotic voltage doubler on it to run at 18v. The Mission Expressionator allows me to control both the Stomp and the MC8 from one Dunlop mini. The cool thing being that the MC8 accepts multiple expression pedals so in theory, I can use the third Expressionator output to another of the MC8’s expression inputs and control the various functions of the Future Impact with it over MIDI. I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s food for thought! Temple Audio USB adaptor allows me to charge my iPad from the board. I’ve also velcro’d a pick holder to the side of the LS2 for convenience, it’s also the only place it would fit! 😂 The Schmidt Array Connector box is wired to have two of its inputs going to the A and B returns of the LS2 so I can switch between basses, and then I also have stereo outs, or one output to the desk, and one to an amp for example. I used to run my stereo IEM feed into the board too, but now that i’m going to buy a wireless, I have two free connections for whatever takes my fancy!
  9. No way of telling what key it's in until we know what the chords are, not just the root note. But it looks like it could very well be in F, if you rename the A# as Bb.
  10. This is what I’ve done to save a block. I use the DB751 amp, and i’ve assigned a switch to turn the bass up a bit, a small increase in drive and mids, and turns the bright switch on. It also turns the master volume down a touch so there isn’t such a big volume jump from the EQ changes. Essentially gives me a 2 channel DB751 without sacrificing a block!
  11. It’s great mate. I love it! Saves a lot of space on a pretty crowded board!
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