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    [attachment=76863:P3160076.JPG] Here's mine, an 06 mex jazz (with wizard hammers), and a shine warrior i think its called (its wired straight from the neck pickup to the jack) both with flats!
  2. No thanks! not really playing that much at the moment, and when i do i just go straight into my amp anyway! Just the cash i think! thanks for the offer tho
  3. Selling my DHA VT2 Dual custom bass pedal as i really dont use it anymore! It is in pretty good condition and includes the power pack, the only bad point really is the tone by-pass switch is snapped off but it can still be used by using something sharp to get into the whole. Looking for £100 ono inc postage Here are some pics: [attachment=72266:P2150400.JPG][attachment=72267:P2150401.JPG][attachment=72268:P2150403.JPG] [attachment=72269:P2150405.JPG] thanks
  4. Same here i sent a 2x10 cab over to sweden and it was very quick service!
  5. i'm just clearing the drool of my keyboard as i speak! i like!
  6. would a small mini mixer not work the same way? [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Behringer-Eurorack-UB802-8-Channel-Mixer-/280522563831?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Mixers&hash=item415072a0f7"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Behringer-Eurorack-U...=item415072a0f7[/url]
  7. Cleartone cables seem good aswel, i have a fair few! got some obbm ones aswel and they are just as good. [url="http://www.award-session.com/cleartone_cables.html"]http://www.award-session.com/cleartone_cables.html[/url]
  8. how did i miss that off! i hav the hammers
  9. Wel i have some wizards (hammers) in my mex jazz and did some samples so you can here them, they are very rough samples as i just plugged my bass into my laptop and recorded them but its better than nothing! In my opinion they are plenty bright enough for the rock band i'm in! I have some labella flats on it just so you know. [attachment=51883:fender_labella.wma] [attachment=51884:fender__...a_random.wma]
  10. Just thought i'd put up a decent picture of my rig! [attachment=44927:P3160076.JPG]
  11. Nah I bought it from kev on this forum. It was made in June 07. Phil
  12. So can i just send it back to you? What is the charge?
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