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  1. This is lovely. Whats the dealio with the brand? I'm guessing it's Japanese?
  2. Damn, that ones even better 😯
  3. That's gorgeous! I recently got 1982 natural with the control plate on the front, it's such a great bass! It's the only active bass I've ever had that doesn't sound sterile to me.
  4. The Thumb has 26 frets. 1985 that came out.
  5. Man that's cool. It's got a bit of the grabber/ripper about it. I bet it sounds huge. "My daddy said son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop playing that hot-rod Lincoln."
  6. I ordered the wrong length so have these for sale. Packet open but not used, I've taken the E string out before I realised they were the wrong length. Grab a cheeky bargain. Price includes postage.
  7. Wow. I love the dot inlays and binding combo.
  8. It was more the 5 that I was confused by
  9. Love the look of the D5 but I don't understand the naming convention
  10. I'm fancying one of these at the moment. How are you finding it?
  11. I'd love to have a go on one of these. My only aesthetic issue with them is the tuners. Clovers would definitely have looked better.
  12. I recently snapped this bad boy up on a bit of a whim. I bought a thumb a few months ago and while it sounded great on its own I just couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to in a band situation so I made the decision to sell it. I was about to order a Limelight Jazz build when I spotted this little beauty on the classic and cool website. The thumb rest is an add on but the strings might be original 😂. I'm amazed by it. It's easily the highest output bass I've come across before I've turned the preamp on, with the preamp everything shakes and the sound tightens up, like turning a compressor on. It's got plenty of versatility and a real mid range punch in the face. I'm sure a fresh set of strings will bring even more punch. The controls are really easy to get your head around. I've owned a T-40 for years so I'm used to odd ball electronics. It's pretty heavy too. 4.18kg, only 100g lighter than my T-40. Here are some pics to drool over. I like the black appointments. Does anyone know if black or chrome was an option or if it was a change in production at some point?
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