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  1. Wow. I wish I'd spotted the body for sale.
  2. I was going to say exactly the same thing
  3. After what felt like the longest 3 weeks of my life, my BTB605MS arrived on Monday. It's my first multi scale and a bit of a departure from what I usually look for in a bass but my god it's good. The electronics package is amazing, passive mode is identical to preamp flat. My favourite setting so far is low mids slightly boosted and bridge pickup slightly favoured. The overall tone is super clear and punchy. It's super resonant unplugged too. Multi scale feels really intuitive, it took next to no getting used to. The 35-37 scale is big, scales around the 3rd fret D are quite a stretch but I'm sure I'll adapt, also it makes the B string enormous.
  4. There's absolutely no reason why T-Bird wouldn't work in any kind of rock band. Also make with the pics!
  5. Absolute belter of a bass! I have one that's a decade older, with a rosewood neck and front routed control cavity, it blows me away every time I plug it in. GLWTS
  6. This is in no way helpful, but I was having a similar argument with myself and ended up ordering the Ibanez BTB605MS.
  7. Some of my latest configurations I was enjoying the combination of pastel colours, ebony, black hardware and white/off white pick guards.
  8. This is something I struggle with too. I had a Grabber that was very slightly different to 34" and I could never get used to it.
  9. Super classy! Congrats on your purchase.
  10. I keep looking at this. It's amazing, I just wish it was closer
  11. This is really cool! I'm assuming this is the model above the foundation?
  12. Thanks dude. I have an L2000 and nearly always run it front pickup/passive, so I've been interested in a single pickup alternative.
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