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  1. I'd love to have a go on one of these. My only aesthetic issue with them is the tuners. Clovers would definitely have looked better.
  2. I recently snapped this bad boy up on a bit of a whim. I bought a thumb a few months ago and while it sounded great on its own I just couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to in a band situation so I made the decision to sell it. I was about to order a Limelight Jazz build when I spotted this little beauty on the classic and cool website. The thumb rest is an add on but the strings might be original 😂. I'm amazed by it. It's easily the highest output bass I've come across before I've turned the preamp on, with the preamp everything shakes and the sound tightens up, like turning a compressor on. It's got plenty of versatility and a real mid range punch in the face. I'm sure a fresh set of strings will bring even more punch. The controls are really easy to get your head around. I've owned a T-40 for years so I'm used to odd ball electronics. It's pretty heavy too. 4.18kg, only 100g lighter than my T-40. Here are some pics to drool over. I like the black appointments. Does anyone know if black or chrome was an option or if it was a change in production at some point?
  3. I'll make an NBD thread later today.
  4. The two I had were both late 90's/early 2000's, a 2 EQ and a 3 EQ. At the time I was mostly playing a 60's jazz bass and a grabber. The passive basses just seemed to have more presence. The part of the frequency spectrum they occupied in a band situation just seemed to work better for the overall sound of the band. Both would have been strung with Rotos which were my go to string at the time. I've found the same with most active basses but when I hear other people play them they always sound great 😂. I 'think' I've found the sound I wanted the ray to have in my recently acquired 1983 L2000, but it remains to be seen how it does in a live situation.
  5. This is gorgeous. I've always wanted to like sting rays because I love the neck profile and they look amazing. Sadly, the two I've owned just weren't the rock machines I wanted them to be.
  6. I definitely wouldn't pay that money for it.
  7. I've not played the Detroit but I have played the blockhead bass and the Guy Pratt one, both were amazing. If you're looking for an inexpensive Precision the current crop of squier CV are worth consideration too. Definitely sunburst.
  8. You're best off looking at the Mexican roadworn stuff dude. They're all really well reviewed. My 50s precision is easily my favourite P ever. I don't think any of the Japanese stuff has ever been Nitro. The old AVRI and current American original are both Nitro but they're not in your price range.
  9. I just got an L2000. It really rips.
  10. £850 plus postage if gone by the weekend. If not I will withdraw. You know you want it
  11. 2017 American Professional in Candy Apple Red. Has after market black pickguard from WD music, original cream one is included too. Two small dings that I've tried to photograph. These have the great sounding V-mod pickup, the 1963 P-bass neck profile and narrow but tall frets. It plays great and sounds like a precision should. Comes with original case and all its case candy including original tags. Postage possible at buyers expense. No trades please. I've not used this forum for some time but I'm sure I've got a feedback thread somewhere. Here are some photos. *edit* A few people have enquired about the weight. She's just over 4.1kg.
  12. I'm into that. Are there dot markers under the stickers or is it blank?
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