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  1. zapp

    Tape echo emulation - any suggestions?

    Just get the Dunlop EP103 Echoplex. Superb pedal, lots of adjustment and you can add another switch for tap tempo (that gives up to 4 seconds delay).
  2. Here is my 'as new' Chase Bliss Brothers. Superb boost/drive/fuzz pedal. Set 2 different fx and stack how ever you want, parallel, A in to B or B in to A. Add an expression pedal to control which ever parameter you'd like. These are great pedals, massively versatile. This comes with the original box and instructions. £250 delivered UK.
  3. Then I should like to relieve you.....er.....of it.
  4. Hi Gareth, is this still for sale?
  5. zapp

    PJB Cub 100 *SOLD*

    ....I'm here Kings Lynn, Norfolk my friend.
  6. Decided to sell my excellent BG100 Cub as it isn't really getting used. It's in good used condition and works perfectly. Comes with the gig bag for easy transporting, and the power lead. This one is in a limited edition carbon fibre (style) blue.....rather fetching. Any trial welcome. £320
  7. Many thanks Xavier.....Smooth transaction and a pleasure to deal with.
  8. zapp

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    Looks fantastic in black and chrome. Used buy?
  9. Musicman Stingray 4 string 3 eq bass in black with rosewood board for sale. Original hard case included. In very good used condition, plays effortlessly. Punchy to almost passive tones from the versitile active circuit. Looks like a 2001 vintage from the serial number.
  10. zapp

    Strat pickup with hex pole screws

    Didn't Mighty Mite use hex pole pieces as well?