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  1. I understand what you're saying, krispn – thanks for the comment. The reason I don't want to drop the price any further is that the head is in excellent condition. Also, the rackmount handles, footswitch etc don't come cheap!
  2. Me too, Nancy! If it doesn't shift now, then I can justify keeping it...
  3. Agreed, Nancy. I've fallen into the detail trap a couple of times myself, but chose to just focus on playing. Great avatar, BTW...
  4. Hi Oldman... almost there! Just have this head and a Bass Pod to go!
  5. Hi, just sent you a message. Cheers
  6. Thanks to all who came to the Water Rats show last weekend and to those who made donations... we had a blast. Between donations and ticket sales, SEMITONAL raised £200 for The Samaritans – an additional £170 was raised by both bands in ticket sales on the night. Photograph by John Gidley. Cheers! Tomaso http://semitonal.com/
  7. Hello all My Bass/Drums/Loops project SEMITONAL will be playing a charity show at The legendary Water Rats in Kings Cross (WC1X) on 20th September. Doors 8pm. "LOOPING RHYTHMS AND HYPNOTIC PIANO LAYERED WITH RIGHTEOUS BASS LIKE MUSIC TO A FILM AS YET UNMADE." Two bands. Late bar. Great cause. Details and tickets here:– http://www.universe.com/events/semitonal-live-for-the-samaritans-tickets-0PNHKG Hope to see you there... Cheers! Tomaso http://semitonal.com/
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