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  1. Me too, Nancy! If it doesn't shift now, then I can justify keeping it...
  2. Agreed, Nancy. I've fallen into the detail trap a couple of times myself, but chose to just focus on playing. Great avatar, BTW...
  3. Hi Oldman... almost there! Just have this head and a Bass Pod to go!
  4. Hi, just sent you a message. Cheers
  5. Thanks to all who came to the Water Rats show last weekend and to those who made donations... we had a blast. Between donations and ticket sales, SEMITONAL raised £200 for The Samaritans – an additional £170 was raised by both bands in ticket sales on the night. Photograph by John Gidley. Cheers! Tomaso http://semitonal.com/
  6. Hello all My Bass/Drums/Loops project SEMITONAL will be playing a charity show at The legendary Water Rats in Kings Cross (WC1X) on 20th September. Doors 8pm. "LOOPING RHYTHMS AND HYPNOTIC PIANO LAYERED WITH RIGHTEOUS BASS LIKE MUSIC TO A FILM AS YET UNMADE." Two bands. Late bar. Great cause. Details and tickets here:– http://www.universe.com/events/semitonal-live-for-the-samaritans-tickets-0PNHKG Hope to see you there... Cheers! Tomaso http://semitonal.com/
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