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  1. I've played through this very amp head, and can honestly say I wasblown away at the depth of tone, tubelike heft and punch in an incredibly light form factor, very impressive. Ed is a great guy too, trusted seller.
  2. The very last of the superb 1x15's made by Mark Vanderkley himself. Ordered via Bass Direct less than 4 months ago. I'm sure most on here are well aware of the quality of these cabinets, and the sound produced. A monster of a cab able to take much more power than advertised, easily keeps up with the loudest of band environments, faithful reproduction of your tone with balanced frequency response across the entire range. Used for a UK tour last month only. Grab a bargain with £200 off what I paid for it a very short while ago, priced to sell. You won't be able to buy another one of these in this condition ever again! Happy to meet up in Newark just off the A1 if that helps, or will post tracked & Insured for an extra £20 contribution. Any questions feel free message me. Not looking for trades thank you. Spec from Vanderkley: Exquisitely designed high end bass amplification from Europe with the modern bass player in mind. Hand made cabs featuring custom designed drivers and cross-overs. The NeoLite cabinets are loaded with the latest generation custom-made neodymium drivers. The drivers are absolute state-of-the-art; constructed from a cast aluminium frame, neodymium magnet assembly, unique coil and magnet cooling design, waterproof cone material, linear frequency response, high power- and sensitivity-ratings. The tweeters feature a custom-made filter with tweeter protection circuit and a high frequency attenuator on the back panel. Here you will also find two Neutrik® speakon/6.3mm jack-combo connectors linked parallel. These "high efficiency" cabinets are sealed airtight from the inside so the air will only enter or leave the cab through the tuned port-tube mounted on either the front or back or both. Each speaker cabinet is hand-made by Marc Vanderkley, using strong but lightweight void free birch and poplar plywood, dowel joint construction, internal bracing and is covered with high quality black carpet which will protect your cabinet for years to come. This is an ideal cabinet for the bass player looking for a balanced sound, with clear mid range and punchy, deep lows and clear, natural high end. A very light cabinet that works for almost any type of bass, including upright and any style of music. Configuration: 1 x 15" + 6" custom designed Neodymium drivers Power: 600 Watts AES Impedance: 4 Ohms Freq. response: 39 Hz – 10 kHz Sensitivity: 99 dB 1W @ 1m Size: H x W x D, 59 x 54x 41cm Weight: 23 Kg / 50 lbs Added a little video clip from the tour is included, not great sound as its from a camera, but bass is well represented. 292820841_120030123934075_5003774238962097046_n.mp4
  3. BUY NOW FOR £400 POSTED. Trades for Effectrode LA1A Levelling Amplifier Used but in immaculate condition, recent replacement of power tubes with some Russian NOS efforts, and a couple of nice preamp tubes from Hot Rox, all sounding terrific and biased perfectly on the amp, a massive improvement over the stock EHX varieties. Comes with Peli style hard case, fits in really snug, zero movement with all the padding, and is waterproof. A mains IEC cable will also be provided. I may just keep it for recording yet, on the fence so testing the water. Price includes Insured and Tracked courier, although you can meet within 25 miles of Lincoln if preferred. The case is virtually bomb proof and I have no qualms about sending it anywhere by post. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. kind regards Greg Specs from Ampeg: The legendary tone and portability of the all-tube Ampeg Portaflex amplifiers is faithfully reproduced in the PF-20T. This all-tube Portaflex head provides a harmonically rich and studio-worthy 20 watts of pure Ampeg tone to satisfy the most discerning bass player. Featuring simple user-adjustable bias adjustment for easy tube replacement and pre-amp and transformer balanced direct outs for maximum versatility. Plus, no speaker load is required for silent recording or even use as a dedicated tube DI. RMS power output: 20W @ 4 or 8 ohms Preamp: All-tube [2] x 12AX7 Power amp: All-tube [2] x 6V6 Tone controls: Bass, Mid, Treble Input gain control Preamp balanced line out Pre/Post EQ Ground lift Transformer balanced line out Ground lift User adjustable bias control Dimensions (H x W x D inches): 7.3 x 13.0 x 10.4 in 185 x 330 x 264 mm Weight: 15.2 lb / 6.9 kg
  4. For sale is my Shiftline Olympic MK2 tube bass preamp pedal. This is the 2017 version, not the MK3 which is the latest model. It does however have all the other functions, as you can see in the images and specs below and the same great tone. The pedal comes with the original 12v power supply. These are great sounding tube pre's with great warmth and dimension, made in Russia and built to last. With the current state of affairs, you are unlikely to see new ones coming into the country for quite some time. Priced to sell, includes tracked and insured postage for peace of mind. Any questions please get in touch. Kind regards Greg Specs: The Olympic MKII is a 12AX7-driven, single-channel bass guitar preamplifier, designed to emulate the sound of an Alembic F-2B preamp, whose creators were inspired by a classic Fender Dual Showman (Twin) amp! Featuring a balanced XLR output, FX loop, phones output and auxiliary input, the Olympic MKII is sure to become a Swiss Army Knife for any bass guitar player. Features Classic tube circuit with high anode voltage BRIGHT mode FX loop for connecting external effects 3 (three) outputs: "OUT" – for connecting to a bass guitar power amplifier (or bass guitar head/combo w/ power amp input via "Return", "Line In" or "Power Amp In" jack), "BALANCED OUT" – for connecting to a recording interface or mixing desk, "PHONES" – for connecting headphones GROUND LIFT switch for eliminating ground loop hum/noise Specifications Input impedance: 1 MOhm Output impedance: 10 kOhms Inputs/Outputs: bass guitar input (IN), FX loop for connecting effects pedals (SEND & RETURN), output to a power amplifier (OUT), recording output for connecting to a mixing console or audio interface (RECORD OUT), phones jack (PHONES), auxiliary input (AUX) Tube: 1 x Tung-Sol 12AX7 – low-noise and low-microphonic Power requirements: 12 Volts AC ~1 A (1000 mA). Can be powered by a 12 Volt AC/AC adapter (220V adapter included) Dimensions (W x D x H, w/o knobs): 120 x 93 x 34 mm (4.7 x 3.7 x 1.3") Weight: 600 grams / 1.32 lbs
  5. Used for recording only, great compressor, actually widely regarded as one of the best in pedal format, very versatile little unit, have a read here on Basschat for other user opinions! No longer shipping to the UK, only available through Japanese or US vendors. Any questions please feel free to get in touch. Free UK Postage, tracked and signed for. Read stellar reviews here on the website: https://becosfx.com/product/compiq-pro-stella-compressor-pedal-for-guitar-bass/ STUDIO-LEVEL AUDIO PERFORMANCE IN A PEDAL FORMAT The CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor is an all-analog externally powered or battery-operated compressor pedal designed for guitar and bass and hand-built around the top-class 4320 THAT Analog Engine®. The amount of control it offers is staggering and probably never before seen in a compression pedal, especially of this size. We didn’t leave out anything that helps to bring out a truly clean, accurate, and transparent compression. At the heart of processing, a true RMS-level detector measures the input signal and applies accurate feed-forward compression through a transparent sounding, high-performance Blackmer® VCA. Key features True analog bypass Blackmer® VCA analog compressor Optional DITOS board for transformer-coupled balanced output (10KΩ impedance) True RMS-level detector Ratio 1:1 – inf:1 (limiter) Threshold -40dBu to +10dBu Make-up Gain -6dB to +20dB X-EQ with selectable frequency pivot 330Hz for bass or 1KHz for guitar Soft/Hard compression knee Manual timing: attack 0.12 to 12 ms/dB of gain reduction, release 1.2 to 120 ms/dB of gain reduction Fast/Slower dynamic auto attack and release timing with hold for peaks over the threshold Normal/Low/Deep side-chain filter Dry/Wet mix Tape Saturation on the dry line with Level compensation and Low/High-frequency cut filters (jumper selectable) 8-LEDs gain reduction meter Hi-quality FET audio ICs, low tolerance parts, Panasonic & Kemet audio capacitors Genuine Hammond black-powdered aluminum enclosure Runs on standard 9V internal battery or 9-18 V DC external power supply (not included), center negative, 12mm long barrel plug Kind regards Greg
  6. Boutique preamp DI pedal from Trickfish Amplification. The very same preamp as used in their acclaimed Bull Head amps, designed by Mike Pope. All the Eqing you'll ever need, with switchable Low mid and High Mid frequency points. Pre and Post EQ on the output, which is either a studio grade isolated DI XLR, or Jack out (or both), with separate tuner out. £325.00 on Bass Direct website currently, grab a bargain and get free postage. Spec: The Minnow is a high quality, low noise bass preamp DI pedal equipped with our Bullhead EQ section. This single channel Bullhead preamp features shelving EQ’s for the BASS and TREBLE controls and variable band pass EQ’s for the LO MID and HI MID. A selectable mid frequency for both LO MID and HI MID controls provide complete control over the midrange. We’ve also added HI SHIFT to the treble frequency to further tune the cut/boost capability of the treble control. In addition, the Minnow preamp includes a tuner out for silent tuning and a balanced XLR output for use as a DI, great for both live and studio use. Pre-Amp: Low noise solid state Instrument Input: ¼’ Phone with rotary gain control Input Level Indicator: Signal level and Clip LEDs (green/red) EQ: 4 Band (12dB Boost/Cut) with switchable Mid Shelving Bass (80Hz) and Treble (4KHz / 8KHz selectable) Low-Mid and Hi–Mid -Variable Gain, Band Pass EQ with selectable frequency/bandwidth options Master Volume: Rotary Control EQ On/Off Footswitch Mute Footswitch Tuner Out: ¼” Phone jack Amp Out: ¼” Phone jack Direct Out: 600 Ohm Balanced XLR, Pre/Post, and Ground Lift Power Supply (Not Included): Switch-Mode Power Supply, Output 12V DC (150mA minimum) center negative power Power Consumption: 150mA Chassis: Steel Removable Rubber Feet: Adhesive backed Size: (H x W x D in.) 6.05 x 4.86 x 1.74 (H x W x D cm) 15.38 x 12.34 x 4.41 Weight: 1.93 lbs / .88 kg Any questions, drop me a message. Trusted FB seller. Regards Greg
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. £750 ono May part ex other cabs, let me know what you've got! For sale is my unused, Markbass 152 SH (Stu Hamm) 2x15 bass cab, complete with brand new Roqsolid padded cover, with extra bottom covering and fastening. Bought just before lockdown hit, literally plugged in to hear it work then put it all away for storage until its first gig... we all know what happened then don't we! Hence it is as it left the factory, and went straight into its custom padded cover. These were only made in a short run, as was the original classic version, that I pined over for a long time. Now discontinued again I have likely one of the few mint ones still in existence. Bought from Richtone Music website for £1062.00, i'm now in a position where I have to sell some gear, particularly as there is no touring work in the calendar, and am willing to let it all go for £799.00 inc. the padded cover which is £80 on its own. Its is nothing short of a bargain, but needs must right now. If you want to come hear it I can move it between Bradford and Lincolnshire if that makes it any easier for the prospective buyer, can bring my head too, but probably best you hear it with your own. First to try is gonna buy it I know it! I'm a trusted seller on here, and I look after all my gear very well. If you have any questions please get in touch, i'm not looking to post this, unless the buyer pays for it of course. Specs below: Two 15s are the right choice if you want to move a lot of air. It's a fantastic solution for rock and pop but this cabinet gives the old-school a solid upgrade. The sound is deep and warm but its great clarity, definition and incredible fast attack make it suitable for any kind of genre and technique. Just listen to Stu slap tone coming from it and you'll change your mind about 15" speakers. BEATING THE 2X15" COMPETITORS: There are not many 2x15" cabs on the market, partly because of the typical 15" drivers lack of definition limiting their range of application. But with the CLASSIC 152 SH, this configuration is now an available choice for a wider population of bass players, not only rock-reggae-dub bassists but even for slap lovers. Not for nothing, Stu has chosen this speaker configuration for his complex and articulate technique. 1" COMPRESSION DRIVER WITH CUSTOM HORN: If you turn off the tweeter level control you’ll get an astounding vintage, 60s/70s sound, or just turn it on to extend the high end of the frequency response from 5KHz to 20KHz adding a modern high-end sheen to your sound! WEIGHT/POWER RATIO: The lightness and power of this cabinet put it in a new league compared to the 2x15" cabinets of the past, which tended to be way heavier and lacking in power, making them unpractical. With 72.75lbs/33kg and reasonable dimensions, transportation is a breeze. And 800W of power handling makes it suitable for any big rock stage. Specifications SPEAKER SIZE: 2x15" TWEETER: 1" COMPRESSION DRIVER CAB Power Handling (AES Standard): 800W RMS CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50 Hz to 20 kHz SENSITIVITY: 103 dB SPL IMPEDANCE: 4O REFLEX: REAR DIMENSIONS: 23.38"/59,4cm | 18.89"/48cm | 34.17"/86,8cm WEIGHT: 72.75lbs/33kg Kind Regards Greg
  9. I haven't gigged with mine, but with my previous experience of the noble DI live bypassing the preamp on my head unit you get more depth/weight to your notes. The Khan does the same thing, you can of course run to front of house and a Poweramp at the same time.
  10. You are correct sir, tube on both outputs 👌🏼
  11. Hi There, Selling my KHAN DI, custom built in the USA and imported to the UK in 2020. Fantastic tube warmth and 3D dimensionality to bass notes. Never gigged, used for recording in the studio at home. Unfortunately short on cash at the minute, so have to let this go, and quite sad about it! This one I paid a little more for the ability to switch the voltage for touring, it is compatible anywhere in the world with the flick of a switch. Original box and power cable included, all in very good condition. Hear it in action with my 63 P-Bass and Flats here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogJSbWVPGX8&ab_channel=EllesBailey Some blurb from Mr Khan: Input Impedance: 2.2M ohm Max Signal Input: 3v RMS (+10dB) Gain: -10dB to XLR Output Frequency Response: 8Hz - 120KHz +/- 1dB THD (1KHz 0dB Input): .75% Signal to Noise: > -92dB Size: 8.0" x 5.0" x 2.25" Voltage: 120v or 240v Weight: 4lbs
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