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  1. My son is getting married in Sep 2020 and is looking for a band to play at the wedding. About 120 guests and venue size to match. Location is somewhere near Suffolk and Cambridgeshire border I believe. He and his beloved are about 30 and whilst they don't mind some of the music their parents like they also want things that are much more contemporary and resonant with their generation. They are looking for a really good quality outfit (that's one reason my band were excluded). I thought I'd try an ad here as well as just searching web. If you are interested then please send details such as set list, line up, links to live footage, cost. Cheers, Mick
  2. I'm advertising this on behalf of a friend, who is a guitarist (but he means well), and hence not on this forum. Ampeg BA-115 bass combo & padded dust cover, excellent condition, used twice - bought as house backline for small venue but turns out to be more than required. Original cost £320 + £45 for the cover, selling both for £250. Location: Tunbridge Wells. Shipping possible at buyer's expense but collection or meet up preferred.
  3. KSDs are great basses and with the jretro this is a steal. If I didn't have already the 60s version of this I'd bite your hand off!
  4. Thanks for the advice gents. To be on the safe side I think I'll avoid using them together.
  5. Hi All I have a Barefaced Big Baby T which I like and has served me well but I took the plunge to get a Barefaced One10 for the size and the more vintage sound they are supposed to have. So far either cab has sufficed for a gig but if I was playing a larger venue what's the general view of you discerning fellow BC members of using the cabs together? (Amp = Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 so should be pokey enough). I've played them together at a quiet volume and they sounded OK to my ears but I was curious whether this was bordering on heresy akin to pouring a fine red wine into a pint of Timothy Taylors. Thanks in anticipation of your views...
  6. Bienvenidos Andrés!
  7. No, sold a while ago. Sorry thought I'd updated it
  8. I've missed work and sat in all day for a UPS collection that never materialised but was showing up as due on their tracking. Just highlighting to fellow BCers that they aren't immune from the screw ups people report by other courier companies. I booked through Parcels2go, maybe that hand off is flaky?
  9. Consider 115 sold subject to payment
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