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  1. Text details barely visible in dark mode on my phone. Photos ok
  2. Re your Instagram commentary; I wish I could mess up and be as ham fisted as that!
  3. Hi Matteo Did this sell in the end? Cheers Mick
  4. Fender costing less than Squier Classic Vibes. What's going on?!
  5. Now on eBay starting at £300, no reserve. Listing ends in 24 hours
  6. I've decided to move on this Hofner Ignition Club Bass in excellent condition. Has a decent range of sounds, in particular a nice thump that only seems to come from semi hollow/semi-acoustic instruments. Currently strung with round wounds. By my bathroom scales it weighs 2.6 kg. The only blemishes I can find are two small chips/imperfections in the binding at the back (probably there from new) and one tiny dent that is just visible in the last pictured close up of the back. The front has a couple of barely noticeable indentations that don't come out in photos and do not go through the finish. I'll post for £20 but would prefer collection or a meet up within a reasonable distance from Tunbridge Wells.
  7. Chowny SWB-1 with EMG 2 band active circuit with internally switchable (via microswitch) control to change treble settings. This is an older version of the bass in a colour that is no longer available. I upgraded the pickups to the latest Chowny X versions as the previous ones were a bit underpowered IMO. Scale length is 30.5" and weight by my bathroom scales is about 8lb (3.6kg). It's in very good condition although there are a very small number of minor blemishes. I've highlighted the most noticeable (2 hairline cracks in the finish on the back - 1 by lower horn, 1 near control cover; and a tiny ding going through the top layer of paint above the rear pickup). I'll pack securely and ship at buyers expense or meet up within a reasonable distance of Tunbridge Wells in a socially distanced complaint way.
  8. The white plate fits but I took photos of it overlaying the tortoiseshell one just so you get an idea of how it looks. I'd consider trades although I am trying to cull the herd ...
  9. 5 string passive jazz bass I bought from Rondo Music in the USA about 12 years ago for my son but he didn't take to it so has hardly been played. In very good condition with minor swirling and a couple of very fine scratches on the rear of body, nothing through to the wood. Headstock has a couple of light surface scrapes from a grazing low ceiling. Neck varnished in a vintagey tint. Includes the original white 3 ply pick guard and a tortoise shell one I bought later which doesn't quite fit over the pickup lugs but I think would align with some sanding/filing. Scale length is 34 inches, weight using the plausible but not forensically accurate bathroom scales available is 4.2 Kg (9 1/4 LBs), string spacing is 16.25 mm. Presumably a local socially distanced handover might be feasible if for exercise purposes (?), otherwise the buyer can arrange for a courier. There's no gig bag or case but I would package it well.
  10. Bought this for a project now sadly defunct where I wanted to fill out the sound with some chords when the lone guitarist in the band dropped (or do I mean launched?) into a solo. The Bigsby tremolo is great fun for a bass player (albeit to be used sparingly IMHO). I tune it as a 6 string bass so E-E one octave below guitar but in this demo by GAK its tuned B-B: Condition is as new except for a minute chip in the binding/top that I can hardly notice (see photo with 5 p coin for scale). Dimensions are listed on this old Anderton's page: https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitars/alternative-body-guitars-old/gretsch-g5265-jet-baritone-in-black-sparkle. There's no case or gig bag so I'd prefer a socially distanced collection or meet up within a reasonable distance of Tunbridge Wells, although I might be persuaded to courier if the buyer organises collection and insurance.
  11. Bit late to this particular party but I got a quote to send a neck through (hence "oversized") bass to USA by UPS and it came in at just under £100. I don't think that includes insurance but last time I looked into it couriers sell you insurance which actually excludes musical instruments in the fine print.
  12. If you arrange and pay for the shipping and insurance, and take the risk that's ok. I'll pack it securely but my liability ends once it's been picked up
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