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  1. Dave bought my Zoom Q2 cam. All went well, and he’s a lovely chap to deal with. Thanks again Dave
  2. Yep, happy to, i’ve replied to your pm
  3. A bit more info for anyone interested, weight is 4.3kg string spacing at bridge is 78mm, nut is 45mm
  4. Yes, you’re absolutely right, thanks for pointing it out, I read “neck” and was answering with respect to fingerboard 🙄🤯🤦🏼‍♂️. I think you’re on the right track with the rosewood also. I will sort out string spacing details when I get it weighed.
  5. Thanks for your insight 😊👍
  6. It’s definitely not maple, the colour is much darker. I couldn’t say what it is though
  7. Always worth asking, but I’m sorry, I’m completely in the dark as far as identification is concerned. Whatever they are, they sounded more than reasonable to my ears. Btw, the dot markers on the side of the neck are positioned for a fretted bass, but the neck has never been cut for frets.
  8. Hi, it’s 34 inch scale length, i’ll have to get back to you with an exact weight, but it’s a super light bass.
  9. NOW SOLD Surplus to requirements for me now. These are great for making video recordings in high noise levels, the sound quality is remarkable in practice room recordings etc. Included in the price is the accessory kit, provides a hard carry case, a lens cap and a mic stand mount. I’ll also add a Sandisk 32GB fast sd card. All this would be over £150 new, so this represents a considerable saving.
  10. I’d be really interested in a p/x for a decent reverb, I can chuck some cash at the deal too 🙂
  11. Yeh, it actually is. It would be great for someone wanting to give fretless ERBs a try.
  12. I’ve done over 100 gigs with this, and it’s been a solid piece of kit that hasn’t let me down. I used an external router which made the connection to my iPad bulletproof (I can include the router for an additional £25). It has been housed in a 3U shallow rack case since I bought it from new, and this is included in the price. I’ll add some pics as soon as I can.
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