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  1. Hey Danny, I'm assuming we're having a convo on FB about this?
  2. Hey, the front is slanted, but thanks for your input
  3. I'll take this pls Kev, can you pm me your payment details?
  4. Source Audio Bass filter, looking for £80 shipped. I could be interested in trades/px for a nice echo pedal or maybe another compressor or WHY
  5. I'm looking for £200 ONO. It's a great piece of kit, with two channels (each switchable to accomodate piezos or mag pick up levels) so it's great for those doubling or running a dual pickup system on an upright. Loads of features include a switchable hi pass filter, phase switch, boost, full eq with switchable semi-para eq, DI out, tuner out and effects loop. You also have the to blend the two inputs or switch between them. Radial though of everything - it even has a kitchen sink! It comes with a gigrig 9V to 15V converter so you can run it from a standard pedalboard supply. The tape with settings on has been removed now btw
  6. Hi, I've decided to sell my M300. It's complete with a Roqsolid cover, box and manual. Here's some pics I can add some more pics if someone wants some less rubbishy ones. It's in great condition, and doesn't get out much as I generally DI into the PA these days, so I'm considering going back to a class D for convenience. I could be interested in trades too, cheers
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Hi Jack, they're Cordes Lambert, I'm going to switch them for steels when I get half an hour tho'
  9. Thanks for the kind words, hope you're keeping well?
  10. Hey BB, I didn't think you were derailing it at all my friend , all input welcome - I don't have much of a clue with identifying them so I'm always happy to hear opinions/thoughts/advice etc.
  11. Thanks John, it most certainly is. I'm going from memory from the valuation the former owner provided from a shop up here somewhere so I could well be wrong, thanks for the input
  12. I'm selling my spare upright. It's apparently German 1920's all ply. It's a lovely instrument, in good shape for its age. This is up for sale to partly fund a customisation project I want to undertake, so I'd be interested in px's for a cheaper instrument too. I don't want to use this one as it's too nice an example of an old instrument to cover in paint and stuff. I also prefer a narrower neck than this has too. Here's some pics, if you need further ones please ask. Any trial welcome in Radcliffe, M26. As an update to this, I find myself in the position (due to some major health issues) that I am currently unable to gig, and hence need to sell this to cover some bills until I can sort out alternative income streams. As a result I've dropped the price to £495 ONO incl the Cordes Lamberts. No trades/PX
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