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  1. Thanks for the kind words, hope you're keeping well?
  2. Hey BB, I didn't think you were derailing it at all my friend , all input welcome - I don't have much of a clue with identifying them so I'm always happy to hear opinions/thoughts/advice etc.
  3. Thanks John, it most certainly is. I'm going from memory from the valuation the former owner provided from a shop up here somewhere so I could well be wrong, thanks for the input
  4. I'm selling my spare upright. It's apparently German 1920's all ply. It's a lovely instrument, in good shape for its age. This is up for sale to partly fund a customisation project I want to undertake, so I'd be interested in px's for a cheaper instrument too. I don't want to use this one as it's too nice an example of an old instrument to cover in paint and stuff. I also prefer a narrower neck than this has too. Here's some pics, if you need further ones please ask. Any trial welcome in Radcliffe, M26. Please note the strings will be replaced with steels for the sale as I need the ones on it, also, the stand is not included in the price.
  5. I bought a SourceAudio Manta pedal from Nick, fantastically smooth transaction with great comms throughout. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him. Cheers mate
  6. Hi all, hopefully this is OK to post in this section, I'm looking for a cheap upright to customise, I'm not necessarily bothered about cosmetic condition as it's going to be painted. Budget prolly up to around £400
  7. I sold John a double bass mic. He's a total gent, I'd be happy to deal with him again. Thanks again mate
  8. It seems like ages since I've done a furtive bass gear trade after dark in a pub car park just off the motorway. Kev's a lovely bloke, spent a few minutes chewing the fat and came away with a lovely BTB 6. I'd highly recommend dealing with him, the bass was as described, and organising the meet up was no bother. Cheers mate
  9. Bump to add I'm not looking at a trade for a bass now
  10. Bump as I'll be selling the Footswitch separately
  11. I'm selling my rockabilly pro preamp, it's a lovely piece of kit but I think my existing setup works just as well so it might as well get moved on. I've not had it long, it's in mint condition I'm after £150 ONO shipped ONO , or maybe trade for a decent audio interface that is compatible with Windows 10
  12. The Art pre has now sold offsite, bass mic still available, looking for £70 inc shipping
  13. Is it the Jake? It's a lovely looking bass, but I'm not looking to put any cash into the deal (could do with some my way tbh) Shame
  14. I knew if I waited long enough something would come to me as a trade option, anyone looking to move on a 5 string? I could be interested PLEASE NOTE I'M NOT LOOKING TO TRADE FOR A BASS NOW
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