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  1. bump, totally forgot I still had these. open to offers and happy to split too
  2. steve

    Feedback for Zvirus

    Tomas bought my Source Audio Prog EQ, he's was great to deal with and is a lovely bloke. I would deal with him again without hesitation. A complete gent, thanks mate
  3. steve

    Phil Jones M300 Head

    Aah, that's a shame, I'm in Manchester
  4. steve

    Phil Jones M300 Head

    Hi Jay, what's your location pls mate?
  5. steve

    Feedback for gorandelac

    Goran bought my boomerang looper, he's an absolute gent to deal with and a lovely bloke to, I'd happily deal with him again and can't recommend him highly enough
  6. Hi mate, I'm in N Manchester, M26 postcode
  7. steve

    TC Electronic RH750 - CAB SOLD

    Bump, happy to discuss cash or px/trade offers either as full rig or separate components
  8. Bump, could be interested in trades/px for a nice compressor pedal - Keeley bassist, MXR.... actually, there's quite a lot of stuff I'm after at the moment. A combo, active PA sub or WHY
  9. Bump, I could be interested in trades for a nice compressor - Keeley Bassist is quite tempting, or MXR
  10. steve

    TC Electronic RH750 - CAB SOLD

    Hey, it's 4 ohms, I'll have to get back to you with an exact weight, but it's really light.
  11. steve

    Unnamed fretless 6 string

    Hi Danny, I'm not sure the brand, but they appear to be standard passive soapbars. If I get chance I'll do a quick recording...
  12. Got one of these I no longer need. £100 + shipping REDUCED TO £70
  13. Bought this a while ago, but don't really have a need for it, so it's become part of the ongoing clearout. It's a nice little sixer. Passive strung with TI flats sounds lovely. I don't know anything about it, hence the price, The curious thing is the fret dots are laid out as if it were fretted, but it hasn't been defretted, always fretless. Dunno what that's about. Here's some pics.... I might just have a box to ship it in, but it would have to bu entiley at buyers risk. Collection and trial welcome, or I might be able to meet up somewhere. I'm in Radcliffe, North Manchester M26.