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  1. Best album of 2021 so far IMHO. Gojira just keep getting better.
  2. garyt

    Second tuner pedal

    Pedal tuners are great at gigs. Sure your bass will probably stay in tune, but it’s great to be able to tune regularly without having to unplug. plus a pedal tuner can double up as a mute / kill switch.
  3. Has anyone had any experience of this dirt pedal?
  4. Thanks, I have asked Sandberg. I think doing nothing is probably the safest bet for now. I am usually really careful with Allen heads, so am gutted that I’ve done this.
  5. Question for all the Sandberg experts. I’ve accidentally rounded off the inside of the machine head adjustment screw on my California VM, the Allen key just sheared a bit of the metal while I was tightening it. The manual says to check these every month and tighten if necessary, but I’ve always found them to be fully tightened every time I check them and has been ever since I bought the bass. So is it really necessary to check and tighten these screws regularly? and in my case, any tips as to what to do? Leave it and hope for the best?
  6. That’s a good exercise. I have played on with 3 strings before and it’s certainly better than stopping the gig. I now mostly play a 5-string, so have N+1 strings by default 😉. I did a gig a couple of years back where the guitarist stopped a song mid-flow because he broke a string - no, just no. I broke my finger on my left hand when I was 18, and had to do a series of gigs. Playing with 3 strings is a doddle compared with playing with 2 fingers (I had to strap 2 together so save the broken finger).
  7. Interesting debate. Apart from string breaks, what malfunctions has anyone had during a gig, that has required the use of a back up bass? The worst I’ve had is string breaks, and I do always check my bass on a regular bassis for condition and set up. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I do tend to look after my bass, and would fix anything I could think of likely to fail. I’d need a back up brain, back up car, back up band mates, back up venue, back up punters, back up passport, back up headliner, back up a few hours not to hit the rider early, back up directions, back up sound engineer, etc., as these are just a snippet of the things that have failed me at gigs …. but one thing that has been rock solid is my bass.
  8. I have 2 reliable basses, and both have never failed on me. I’ve only ever taken one bass to rehearsals and gigs, and that’s worked. I wish I hadn’t written that, because I’m bound to have jinx myself. In reality, I have a lot more faith in my bass’s reliability, than some of the pieces of stinky poo I drive to gigs, and I’ve never considered having a back up motor. Come to think of it, over the years my basses have been a lot more reliable than some of the people I’ve shared a stage with 🤣. As for string breaks, I’ve only ever had 2 incidents at a gig. And both times just played on with minus one string. I wouldn’t consider re-stringing at a gig until there was a set break.
  9. I have played loads of P basses but never owned one. I’ve play any different bass I get the chance to, which is a great way to overcome GAS.
  10. I can’t get past the new Gojira album. I think it might be the best album of 2021 so far.
  11. If you are practicing that much on a regular basis I think it will come. I would try and turn the “bash out some fun tunes for half an hour” into doing that, but focussing on making every note count, so you get used to playing solid all the time. I’m sure you don’t do that anyway, but noodling around rather than focussing on your playing tends to develop bad habits. Recording yourself definitely helps. The other thing I find helps is to listen to other players and hear how they groove. Some of the isolated tracks are just great for this. Ultimately you’re doing the right thing. Practicing loads and asking for tips. One of them will click with you.
  12. Record yourself in GarageBand (or similar) playing along to a click. Then you can go back and analyse after your practice. If you want material, just take out a subscription to Scott’s Bass Lessons. It’s peanut compared to what most people spend on gear, and has hours of great tips and tuition on this subject alone. oh, and make sure you join a band with a good drummer. Nothing beats working with a great drummer for focusing on timing.
  13. garyt

    Bass cabs

    🤣🤣🤣 great analogy - slight difference is that I have a Supertwin and it’s definitely real and I have heard it move bowels. Still waiting for a photo of Jesus.
  14. I was trying out the Ida Nielsen bass at the Guitar Show, and she just came over and asked (nicely) for her bass back as she needed it for her show. It’s a great bass and that was such a great moment for an amateur bassist, but I still went and bought the Oli Riedel signature Sandberg.
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