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  1. garyt

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    I have never hated a bass because I've always tried them in the shop before buying. There again, I haven't bought a bass since 1991 (MM Stingray V) but have just ordered a Sandberg with a 6 month lead time (approx). So about June/July this year I'll get my first bass that I've bought, that I haven't tried the stinky poo out before purchasing, so who knows ... Admittedly before the Stingray, I'd always bought the best bass I could afford , and then sold on to afford the upgrade , so guess if you gave me my old Westone Thunder 1-A now I'd probably hate it, but at the time I loved it.
  2. garyt

    Pedal set up

    I always find that a 'nice' bass sound doesn't cut through the mix, and you have got to make sure the mids are up. Your EQ looks like the mids are cut, so if you are scooping mids on your amp and bass, this could be a double whammy - tone sucked. I'd start with everything at 12 o'clock and go from there, but then I'd be inclined to ditch the EQ unless you're using it as a boost or to change tone mid song (that's me though, I'm sure it's great). You seem to have the drive pedals toned down as well but I'm sure you have your sound right. I run my drive pedal through a line selector so I always have a totally clean bass in half the mix , and then can tweak the drive to suit the song. The line selector might be a good bet for you, as you could have one drive in channel A, and the other drive in channel B, with the line selector set on A-B mix, opening up a ton of options. The other thing I have found is that a some guitarists don't like bass players with pedals. But they'll have no problem whipping out a board with 12 boutique effects pedals, 4 guitars .....
  3. garyt

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    If you liked the Mark Bass gear, you'll probably love the little mark tube 800W. I have the LM3 and can't fault it, but have a friend who raves about his Tube 800W (which doesn't help the GAS)
  4. garyt

    Compact practice amp advice

    I have a Roland Cube for practice and it's fine. I even use it for rehearsals, even with drums, if we're not cranking it up. Nice sound as well for £200.
  5. Has anyone played one of these? Any reviews? I've played a few Sandberg basses and they are all great, but I really like the look of this model.
  6. garyt

    Tried a Dingwall combustion NG today

    Yes, I saw the £7k Warwick. I did think about playing it, but then thought better not - I could afford the deposit and the interest free payments are just about manageable (that's the mental thoughts that we're going through my brain as I thought about playing it, luckily sanity kicked in). I will go back for another play on the NG2s . Love that low B .
  7. garyt

    Synth pedal for Muse type sounds

    What about trying to get hold of an Animato pedal. I believe the originals are impossible to get hold of, but Gromtech do a clone. That is the early Muse bass sound.
  8. garyt

    Tried a Dingwall combustion NG today

    I played a load of basses in Andertons the other day, and the Dingwall NG2s were probably my favourite. It just seems wierd when you look down.
  9. garyt

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    I played a few 4-string Specials the other day, and there must be something wrong with me. I actually prefer the older Stingrays 4s. I did think the action was set quite high on the Specials and was advised that was the factory set up. I definitely preferred the 5-string Specials over the 4s, but the Stingray V 30th anniversary model stood out for me.
  10. garyt

    Boss LS-2 Mixing clean and effected signals

    I use an overdrive with an LS-2. Overdrive in loop A , A+B mix setting. Loop B is then just dry / clean bass guitar. I use the overdrive just to add a bit of crunch , not out and out fuzz, and channel B is completely clean bass. I appreciate the blend controls effectively do the same thing, but there always seems to be some loss of bottom end. With the LS-2 , I don't really have to worry about it. Like all audio , there's probably an element of placebo going on, but it has worked on me (plus it's got a few other settings so plenty of other tricks in the box).
  11. garyt

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    I think I've settled with EB Cobalts now. They don't sound amazing immediately out the bag, but have a really nice tone. They do keep well though , so tone is fairly consistent from new to say 5-6 months playing. I love the sound of Rotosounds round wounds when they are new, but they seem to lose their edge after a few sweaty hours playing.
  12. garyt

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Question to all owners of the 2018 Stingrays - what's the verdict? Average , good, excellent? And how do they compare to previous models? i have a early 90s SR5 , and it has a birds eye maple neck that is to die for. But I really really want a 4-string, so one of these beauties looks just the ticket.
  13. garyt

    Time for a change - recommend me a cab

    I have a Super Twin and it's a monster sound, but sometimes a sledgehammer to crack a nut in smaller venues. It sounds like you like the Midget, so if you added a Super Compact (when you get the dough), you'll have 3 cracking rigs. SM, SC, or SM+SC. I appreciate your dilemma - I need a new bass but the one I want is slightly out of range, but I will wait rather than accept a compromise and spend eternity in the equivalent of bass gear hell.
  14. garyt

    Limiters – Cheap & Cheerful vs High-End?

    The ratio on the LMB-3 can squash your sound too much. I have the LMB-3 permanently on, but very subtle. level - 12 o clock enhance - 9 o clock (any more and it's too much hiss) ratio - 9 o clock (subtle compression only) Threshold - 3 o clock If a pedal doesn't sound good I won't use it, but on these setting, I honestly think there is a subtle improvement. The enhance circuit is lethal though - it does make the bass sound good, but there's too much hiss when you're not playing and it sucks the life out of the bass when mixed with drums and guitars.
  15. garyt

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Everytime I see one of these Stingrays I can see the money falling out of my account. I daren't try one as I know the outcome. Oh, go on then.