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  1. Nice set up. What is the chain and how are you using the Line Selector?
  2. I have the new Rammstein album on repeat. I'm sure my neighbours like it. The album is a masterpiece and the best music released in 2019 by a country mile IMHO. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  3. That sounds like a P-bass or a Stingray then . Obviously you have to play before you buy as personal taste is key. or just go for the Sandberg VM and get a very good Ray-P hybrid. I love Sandbergs.
  4. I have version 2 I think as it is the most current. I don't know anything about v1 so can't compare.
  5. Yes, you can edit the drum sequences as much as you want. I have edited quite a few drum patterns, but probably only scratched the surface of its capabilities . I couldn't recommend it highly enough, even if just as a practice tool, and I'm sure other BB users will say the same. The stop / start function on the additional footswitch is a real nice bonus.
  6. I think it's good, although reckon I'm only scratching the surface. Once you open the guts of a drum track, it's probably the same as any other drum machine software, and you can pull it apart as much as you like (change time sig, change no. of bars in a sequence, add in various drums/cymbals and change the impact, etc.). It sounds best if you use the pre-recorded patterns as these are recordings of real drummers, so it has a really good feel. Plus you can control it as a pedal which is a nice touch. It works well as a bass player, because you control the drum fills. I usually stop playing any time I cue a drum fill, as I control the stop/start.
  7. I am using the Beat Buddy. It is one of those really great ideas that works really well with a band. Great out the box, but it just keeps getting better the more I learn about it. We use real drummers live 90% of the time, but Beat Buddy all the time for rehearsing.
  8. Do MB cabs sound better after a few hours playing? My BF 212 sounded poor out the box, but a couple of rehearsals in and wow. Also flatten all EQs and tweak to suit. I have the LM3 and run all EQ at noon, and the filters off. I tried gigging with the filters on a tad, and the sound was weak, so defo filters off.
  9. I had a Washburn Status back in 1989 and swapped the original pick-ups for a set of EMGs. The original pick-ups were pretty poor from recollection, which may be why yours have been swapped. Have you got a photo of the bass?
  10. Just got this Sandberg VM4 . Lovely bass.
  11. I play a Stingray V and use the Ernie Ball Cobalts, which seem to work well for me. The low B string is definitely a lower tension to the other strings, and I've always found you have to go easy with it as it can overpower on the Stingray. I think you probably just need to get used to how you play the string as well, as they say tone is mainly in your fingers, so try altering hand position, where you play the string, attack, how hard you play the string - a bit of trial and error to see if you can eliminate the source of the muddiness before setting off on an endless quest for the perfect string . I have played a few 5 strings , and one of my favourite "Bs" is on the Dingwalls - now they really sound good.
  12. I have never hated a bass because I've always tried them in the shop before buying. There again, I haven't bought a bass since 1991 (MM Stingray V) but have just ordered a Sandberg with a 6 month lead time (approx). So about June/July this year I'll get my first bass that I've bought, that I haven't tried the stinky poo out before purchasing, so who knows ... Admittedly before the Stingray, I'd always bought the best bass I could afford , and then sold on to afford the upgrade , so guess if you gave me my old Westone Thunder 1-A now I'd probably hate it, but at the time I loved it.
  13. garyt

    Pedal set up

    I always find that a 'nice' bass sound doesn't cut through the mix, and you have got to make sure the mids are up. Your EQ looks like the mids are cut, so if you are scooping mids on your amp and bass, this could be a double whammy - tone sucked. I'd start with everything at 12 o'clock and go from there, but then I'd be inclined to ditch the EQ unless you're using it as a boost or to change tone mid song (that's me though, I'm sure it's great). You seem to have the drive pedals toned down as well but I'm sure you have your sound right. I run my drive pedal through a line selector so I always have a totally clean bass in half the mix , and then can tweak the drive to suit the song. The line selector might be a good bet for you, as you could have one drive in channel A, and the other drive in channel B, with the line selector set on A-B mix, opening up a ton of options. The other thing I have found is that a some guitarists don't like bass players with pedals. But they'll have no problem whipping out a board with 12 boutique effects pedals, 4 guitars .....
  14. If you liked the Mark Bass gear, you'll probably love the little mark tube 800W. I have the LM3 and can't fault it, but have a friend who raves about his Tube 800W (which doesn't help the GAS)
  15. I have a Roland Cube for practice and it's fine. I even use it for rehearsals, even with drums, if we're not cranking it up. Nice sound as well for £200.
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