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  1. garyt

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    I think I've settled with EB Cobalts now. They don't sound amazing immediately out the bag, but have a really nice tone. They do keep well though , so tone is fairly consistent from new to say 5-6 months playing. I love the sound of Rotosounds round wounds when they are new, but they seem to lose their edge after a few sweaty hours playing.
  2. garyt

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Question to all owners of the 2018 Stingrays - what's the verdict? Average , good, excellent? And how do they compare to previous models? i have a early 90s SR5 , and it has a birds eye maple neck that is to die for. But I really really want a 4-string, so one of these beauties looks just the ticket.
  3. garyt

    Time for a change - recommend me a cab

    I have a Super Twin and it's a monster sound, but sometimes a sledgehammer to crack a nut in smaller venues. It sounds like you like the Midget, so if you added a Super Compact (when you get the dough), you'll have 3 cracking rigs. SM, SC, or SM+SC. I appreciate your dilemma - I need a new bass but the one I want is slightly out of range, but I will wait rather than accept a compromise and spend eternity in the equivalent of bass gear hell.
  4. garyt

    Limiters – Cheap & Cheerful vs High-End?

    The ratio on the LMB-3 can squash your sound too much. I have the LMB-3 permanently on, but very subtle. level - 12 o clock enhance - 9 o clock (any more and it's too much hiss) ratio - 9 o clock (subtle compression only) Threshold - 3 o clock If a pedal doesn't sound good I won't use it, but on these setting, I honestly think there is a subtle improvement. The enhance circuit is lethal though - it does make the bass sound good, but there's too much hiss when you're not playing and it sucks the life out of the bass when mixed with drums and guitars.
  5. garyt

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Everytime I see one of these Stingrays I can see the money falling out of my account. I daren't try one as I know the outcome. Oh, go on then.
  6. garyt

    Which Markbass Head?

    I have the LM3 and Barefaced SuperTwin, but never got it out of second gear, so Super Compact would be ideal with the LM3. LM3 - Control the gain, all tone controls at 12o''clock, and both filters OFF - excellent sound.
  7. garyt

    SBL One strap

    You have a Bass Centre strap from when it was in Wapping? And it's a bit tired? Blimey! If you can make a strap last that long, money should be no object. Good job.
  8. garyt

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    What do you use the SYB-5 for? And do you have any favourite settings? I use it for a couple of Muse covers but am thinking of ditching it.
  9. Keep searching then. You can never have too many basses. Do you think it is possible to find the perfect bass on all fronts? The SR5 is my favourite bass ever and I've yet t find anything that plays as well. Plenty of basses sound nearly as good though.
  10. garyt

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    No boutique pedals here. I've changed the order a bit since this photo, but think I've exceeded by floor space allowance on stage.
  11. Have you tried playing around with the settings and your playing style? Stingrays are certainly lively. If I need to calm the sound on my SR5 - pickup in series position , SR5 EQ all flat (you can then boost bass, mids, high to suit with a tweak), play close to the neck. Strings make a massive difference. Saying that, if you have the money and space for a Jazz, why not? I doubt the string spacing will make a big difference but the neck thickness will be noticeable. I always noticed the jump from a Stingray to a Jazz , the neck feels too thin. They sound lovely though, as do P basses. But not as good as the Ray. It's all personal opinion though, so you've just got to play a load until you find your favourite (and then convince the better half that you need another bass :-) ).
  12. garyt

    String life

    Some strings sound super good out the bag, and rapidly decline. Nowadays I use Ernie Ball Cobalts, they don't . There is no wow factor on day 1, but they hold their tone and feel for a long time. My current set have been on for 6 months and are due a change, but they still gigged on Friday no probs. I will probably change them soon, but I gig about 2-3 times per month so that's not bad going. Sweat and other crap is the real killer. Definitely wash hands as much as possible and wipe strings regularly. At a typical pub gig I'll wash my hands before start and during the break. I reckon wiping strings with a clean cloth would probably be fine, but I do use Fast Fret. Every string change I give my bass a thorough clean and polish with the strings off. If you have the luxury of a 2nd bass, practice on that at home to preserve string life on your main bass. Use your main bass for rehearsals and gigs. Keep your bass in its case as much as possible . Leaving it out is a killer for dust. This may sound a bit silly, but lowering your expectations helps. The top pros seem to have that zingy fresh strings sound all the time. Unless you're loaded and getting paid top whack for gigs, you probably don't have that luxury.
  13. Go for it. If you have the desire to learn to read music, then follow it through as the experience will be really rewarding. Apart from being able to play stuff off sheet music, it's also good to be able to 'hear' it when reading (bit like reading a book). Basically you have nothing to lose trying, and everything to gain if it works out,
  14. garyt

    Which pedal is 'irreplaceable' on your board?

    TU-3 for doing its job plus acting as a kill switch.
  15. garyt

    2 X 12 Thoughts?

    I have a Barefaced Super Twin and it doesn't get out of 1st gear for an average pub / club gig. These days, a 2 X 12 will cover most scenarios. If you need to go louder, you'd probably be damaging your hearing.