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  1. Dredged up this thread to remind myself what strings I have, to replace them like for like. Can't believe it's been over two years!
  2. New video for UJahm song Pressure out today. Enjoy!
  3. Kind of forgotten to update this thread! Short notice while I'm waiting at the bus stop with my bass - UJahm playong as part of Dot2Dot festival tonight. Suede Bar Hockley, 10:30pm
  4. I have no recollection of quoting from or replying to this thread 😂 Ummm, welcome to basschat
  5. Bit of a last minute change of circumstances for me means I cant go this time 🙁 Have a great time all, I'll try not to be too jealous when reading the reports and pics 😪🤢
  6. Thanks very much. Will ingest and implement
  7. Quick question if I may; when perusing the user patch database, what's the best way of hearing a preview of a patch? Currently, I just download something with an interesting name/sounds vaguely relevant then see what it sounds like when it's on the FI. Hardly the best way! The keyboard in the editor seems like it should be a preview tool, but no noise
  8. Great thread which I've just discovered! Here's a demo from my old synth-based pedalboard setup, starting simply, then adding stuff until silly:
  9. Just to clarify, I don't plan to steal anyone's gear. 1. jebroad 2. Len_Derby 3. Jabba_the_gut 4. Spondonbassed - Hohner B2A, Steinberger Spirit XT25 5. Andyjr1515 6. Jimothe y 7. Mojo 8. Owen 9. Teebs 10. Josie 11. Aidan63 12. Frank Blank 13. petecarlton (newbie) 14. Bassman Sam. NR Custom built Thunderbird, Ashdown 2x10 combo, MM P-bass. 15. ChrisLovatt (bassbash virgin) 16. Stub Mandrel - Fender Pe rformer 17. Richard R. (newbie too). I'l l bring along my Brawley Artemis, if anyone is inte rested. 18. Marillionred - John Letts fretless 5, Warwick Dolphin SN 5, Michael Kelly Dragonfl y acoustic 5 (this one is for sale 🙂 ) 19. Skinnyman - only a possible at this stage but I'll try and make it with a BF One10, possibly one of their new GXII cabs, and a b donkey or two 20. LukeFRC Mesa Walkabout and a few Basses 21. Nick A: Wal custom fretless, Warwick dolphin pro1, bitsa with a very nice acg-eq-01 preamp in it. PJB flight case and pb300 ... 22: Roland Rock: W&T Ergon 5, Glockenklang Blue Rock, BF Super Twin, Future Impact
  10. Oh me too, I'm a stealer, not a creator! Interesting to compare downloaded patches though
  11. Great! We should compare Future Impact patches Owen.
  12. Cheers RB, great to hear positive feedback from a reggae afficionado 👊
  13. If anyone likes a bit of reggae, please checkout our new release "Pressure" Listen to Ujahm - Pressure [Preview] by Reggae Take Over #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/reggaetakeover/ujahm-pressure-sample Vinyl junkies can get one of the few remaining hand numbered ltd edition 7" singles, with Zion Train dub mix on the B side. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/ujahm-zion-train-pressure/705698-01/ Alternatively, have a listen on Spotify/Apple music Thanks, Chris
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