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  1. I have no recollection of quoting from or replying to this thread 😂 Ummm, welcome to basschat
  2. Bit of a last minute change of circumstances for me means I cant go this time 🙁 Have a great time all, I'll try not to be too jealous when reading the reports and pics 😪🤢
  3. Thanks very much. Will ingest and implement
  4. Quick question if I may; when perusing the user patch database, what's the best way of hearing a preview of a patch? Currently, I just download something with an interesting name/sounds vaguely relevant then see what it sounds like when it's on the FI. Hardly the best way! The keyboard in the editor seems like it should be a preview tool, but no noise
  5. Great thread which I've just discovered! Here's a demo from my old synth-based pedalboard setup, starting simply, then adding stuff until silly:
  6. Just to clarify, I don't plan to steal anyone's gear. 1. jebroad 2. Len_Derby 3. Jabba_the_gut 4. Spondonbassed - Hohner B2A, Steinberger Spirit XT25 5. Andyjr1515 6. Jimothe y 7. Mojo 8. Owen 9. Teebs 10. Josie 11. Aidan63 12. Frank Blank 13. petecarlton (newbie) 14. Bassman Sam. NR Custom built Thunderbird, Ashdown 2x10 combo, MM P-bass. 15. ChrisLovatt (bassbash virgin) 16. Stub Mandrel - Fender Pe rformer 17. Richard R. (newbie too). I'l l bring along my Brawley Artemis, if anyone is inte rested. 18. Marillionred - John Letts fretless 5, Warwick Dolphin SN 5, Michael Kelly Dragonfl y acoustic 5 (this one is for sale 🙂 ) 19. Skinnyman - only a possible at this stage but I'll try and make it with a BF One10, possibly one of their new GXII cabs, and a b donkey or two 20. LukeFRC Mesa Walkabout and a few Basses 21. Nick A: Wal custom fretless, Warwick dolphin pro1, bitsa with a very nice acg-eq-01 preamp in it. PJB flight case and pb300 ... 22: Roland Rock: W&T Ergon 5, Glockenklang Blue Rock, BF Super Twin, Future Impact
  7. Oh me too, I'm a stealer, not a creator! Interesting to compare downloaded patches though
  8. Great! We should compare Future Impact patches Owen.
  9. Cheers RB, great to hear positive feedback from a reggae afficionado 👊
  10. If anyone likes a bit of reggae, please checkout our new release "Pressure" Listen to Ujahm - Pressure [Preview] by Reggae Take Over #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/reggaetakeover/ujahm-pressure-sample Vinyl junkies can get one of the few remaining hand numbered ltd edition 7" singles, with Zion Train dub mix on the B side. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/ujahm-zion-train-pressure/705698-01/ Alternatively, have a listen on Spotify/Apple music Thanks, Chris
  11. Sharing a gig with Channel One Soundsystem and going through their stack tonight. DJ soundcheck was insane; the bass gave me blurred vision. Should be an interesting night! Edit update: Gig was great and endless positive feedback about how good the sound was. We need a stack like that! Problem is it fills a Luton van and takes four people to carry each of those bass cabs!
  12. Been playing for 24 years: 1: Marlin Sidewinder 2: 2EQ Stingray 3: 78 Precision 4: Wood&Tronics Ergon 5 5: Wood&Tronics J4 Only the Ergon 5 remains Edit: just remembered I also owned an Epiphone El Capitan for a few months in Australia as a busking bass.
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