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    Happy to start a feedback thread for @jAzzOvic and to recommend him.. Good comms throughout and a pleasure to deal with.
  2. A very decent Fifties inspired Strat, that I’ve put together. Lovely low action, with just the slightest relief to the neck, makes it easy to play. Sounds like a Strat should sound, the Classic Vibe pickups do a great job. Neck is from a Classic Vibe. I’ve re fretted it with medium gauge frets. There is absolutely no wear. Radius is 9.5” Don’t know the make of tuners but they function perfectly, feel good and hold tuning well. Body is a Squier from 96 and is full thickness. No major dinks, some slight signs of age. All hardware is good and everything functions as it should. Strung with a new set of D’Addario 10’s. No case, so collection preferred. Can post, on the understanding that the neck will be removed, prior to wrapping and boxing up. Cost will be around £17.
  3. I just love the drum break on the track, Road Angel from What Were Once Vices. Always give it a blast at a decent volume.
  4. The Doobies sounded pretty fine with two
  5. What a scary time for you and yours. Good to hear that you're making a good recovery
  6. Not tried milliput but have used super glue/baking soda plenty of times. 👍
  7. I've replaced an awful lot of these switches in customer's Gibsons. They should be good but they're just not.
  8. I would advise you not to cut the G or D strings, use the full length.
  9. That looks great, well done. Bet you're already planning the next one? 😂
  10. I haven’t actually decided which instrument to install this in as yet but as soon as I saw John’s advert on the forum, I knew that it would be a great piece of kit and a worthwhile upgrade. Once I’ve got it installed, I’ll post a review and maybe some sound clips. Meanwhile I can confirm that, as with all of John’s kits, this one looks very neat and tidy, and includes clear, concise installation instructions.
  11. I'm still taking on work, a handover can be done safely. I'm in Herts though You can always pm message if you want to have a chat.
  12. Sorry to hear that it was not a happy ending.
  13. What instrument is it @stewblack
  14. 😂 yes mate, I had to kick that one in to touch. Landlady was great but some of the punters not so. Also the load in and out was one of the most testing.
  15. For me it's more a case of which pubs are too much hassle, whether it be the clientele, the landlord/lady, load in etc. If the pub is a good one , then generally I'll enjoy the gig and consider it, worthwhile.
  16. G&L are well worth checking out. I haven't tried a LB100 in the Tribute range but I do own a couple of guitars and they are excellent.
  17. gary mac

    NBD - P/J

    Lovely looking bass Lozz
  18. That's just horrible for you. Hope you make a good recovery.
  19. I'm keen to sell really but feel free to pm me. Cheers.
  20. I can only really strum a few chords and yet I have a Strat, two teles, two acoustics and (my fave) a G&L Fallout. I plan to just keep an acoustic and the Fallout, so I suppose I need to do some selling.
  21. I've only purchased from them once, that was all good and i would happily purchase from them again.
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