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  1. I’m a bit of a pre amp hoarder!.........I’ve had a few pre-amps and currently still have some; Bassix pre is a monster and drives a power amp well and is great for recording. I also have a Radial Bassbone OD, which is a great DI/pre and ideal for an A/B when using a four and five or electric and upright. I have an Aggy, which as mentioned already is great value on the used market and solid performer. I’ve also still got an Eden World Tour pre with foot switch, which runs the ‘big rig’ (QSC 1600W power with 4 x 10 and 2 x 10 Bag End cabs). I also have a Bass Pod Pro rack unit that has been in use for years when using IEM’s.
  2. Geoff, Many thanks for a seamless sale. best regards, Kevin
  3. I bought a QSC amp from Geoff. Excellent communications, packed as it would have been from brand new. Thoroughly recommended member of this community.
  4. I have a 5 string version, exactly the same.....great bases. Kubicki had the neck and electronics sorted. He was only with Fender for a few years, but these basses seem to be sought after these days. Proper USA fender.
  5. I have one! The age is right on, it was when Kubicki was with Fender and the necks are 'his' as well as the electrics. The body is slightly scaled down and the bass is really comfortable. I was lucky enough to get the 5 string from a guy in Portugal and it has some fingernail marks down the neck (no clue how you make these). It's a blue, slightly burst metallic; great hardware too. They are rare for sure and a few folks who have played them and know of them appreciate just how good they were.......almost the first crop of Super Jazzes. Good luck with the hunt.
  6. I was lucky enough to win a KDB Slap Bass a couple years ago. The guy who ordered it had a record deal and while they would give him a bass on endorsement, they did give the bass a custom midnight blue-burst finish, which was only available to special order, (it also had the upgraded chrome tailpiece. I ordered the Dolls Head pick-up and pre-amp and got caugth up in the King DoubleBass debarcle that finished the company and thought I had lost my money and the pre-amp........it didn't end there though....the fabulous bloke (Jason Burns, now of Blast Cult), took the reponsibility to build me the pre-amp that I had paid for and ship it to me many months later, even when KDB were dead and gone. The basses are fabulous for the money as has been said. I put Silver Slaps on it and have been very happy. I go through the pre-amp sand into a DTar parametric then into my little EA 350 Combo or my Eden/QSC/Bag End rig. If you can find one buy with confidence, they are always well finished. Alternatively if you can raise the money and can get a Blast Cult I cannot recommend Jason Burns service highly enough (a REAL gentleman) and am certain that those basses will be superb.
  7. Dodgnofski, Sorry my Friend - I was reffering to the PM I made in this thread on August 30th, along with the many I have made since. I'd clearly stated my interest and that remains, although I have had no replies or messages from the seller. Kevin.
  8. Please see previous PM's and those above. Thanks, Kevin.
  9. fabbabass

    Bag End

    I have a Q10BX-D (4 x 10, 8 Ohm) and a D10BX-D (2 x10, 4 Ohm) - I got lucky and acquired them when they were sent over for John Patitucci to use on a visit to the UK. He had the some units carted around the UK wherever he played and I got these wrapped and unused from John Henry's Studios. I run them with a 1400W QSC Powerlight and various pre-amps (Eden and Aguilar). They are seriously good! A bit heavy to move around in their flight cases, hence a smaller cab for most gigs and the stack for theatres and showing off. I don't get them out very often as I have played with In-Ears for some time......but when I do, it is a seriously trouser-flapping experience.
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