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  1. Hello, I would like the unit please. How would you like payment? For reference it’s for a guitarist who has a Vester Jazz with shot pots, so I’m helping him out. Thank you. KC
  2. After four pages, I can’t really add anything! Bought an HX Stomp from Ian. It was shipped promptly and excellently wrapped in an outer-box and bubble-wrapped. Thank you Sir. KC
  3. Big wan, I will pm you thank you. KC
  4. That is a HOOLIGAN rig! It will flap your trousers at 30 yards. Enjoy my Friend. KC
  5. Lehle have a 3 way switching unit that many pros use. Not that cheap, but they do come up used every now and again. I think the ‘[email protected]’ is the 7nit that will run out to up to 3 amps.
  6. Thank you Ian. Please stay in touch and let me know how you get on with them when used in anger! Thanks too for he comments on my old P bass; it’s special for sure. Regards, Kevin.
  7. I would like some of the cables and will pm you. thank you. KC
  8. That’s our boy! I still think the Manchester/Nantwich/Middlewich connection is there though. I hope any of the Chatters in the Sheffield area are watching out, in case you are using FB Marketplace and using only a local location point. This is certainly the same person. Thank you. KC
  9. CORRECTION : the guy coordinating on FB is Steve Gilbert, (not Ripley). He is collating crime numbers of filed reports. I will ask him if he minds me posting a link to him. This scumbag needs stopping! Thank you.
  10. As an update to fellow Chatters, the guy coordinating the FB victims (Steve Ripley), informed me that a few more people have been in touch with him and that another has filed a report with the Fraud portal for Cheshire Police. If you have been ripped-off, please file reports adding as much detail as you can. Thank you.
  11. I hope folks are reporting all the details to the Police. It does look similar, but like a dog licking’ his balls, they’re doing it ‘cos they can. Luckily i was only caught for a delay pedal, but some folks have had it much worse. I will no longer use FB and only pick-up. Here on BC, there is a respect for each other that builds trust in the trading, but it comes to something when even eBay looks more secure!
  12. Stingray Pete - I will ask the guy who is coordinating he victims. His name Is Steve Ripley and he has his own ad on FB highlighting the scammer and showing the ‘Mark S Property’ page.
  13. Skrill is similar to PayPal. It is a kosher platform, but appears to have none of the ‘trust’ aspects that PP has. The commission is similar/cheaper, but seems to have little opportunity to offer feedback or dispute.
  14. A Mark Smethurst sells pedals on FB Marketplace, under this name and ‘Mark S Property’. I know of five other people so far who have been scammed on FB and Gumtree. He is out of the Nantwich/Middlewich area and asks for payment via Skrill to his [email protected] account. I have a mobile number for him from which he does pick up messages occasionally. I reported the texts, emails and details through the Cheshire Police, link for fraud. Someone of FB who was also taken in is coordinating contacts and I will gladly pass on details to any Basschat chums. Thanks and all stay safe.
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