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  1. basshead56

    Gibson Thunderbird Studio IV bridge help

    A bottle of whisky actually haha
  2. basshead56

    Gibson Thunderbird Studio IV bridge help

    No truss rod was spot on chaps. So my mechanical engineer friend shaved down the offending blocks. Asked him to shave 1mm off each one. Popped them back in this afternoon and... Perfection itself! 1mm gave me about 3mm lower at the neck. So the action is now exactly as I like it - low. No more parking elephants under these strings haha. Neck straight, no buzzes or dead spots and sexy TBird tone for days! Fun fun fun till some takes it away and all that...
  3. basshead56

    Gibson Thunderbird Studio IV bridge help

    Looks like it's a case of shaving and filing down the slots/saddles then. Dismantling today and off to my mate the engineer on Wednesday haha. Will update afterwards
  4. basshead56

    Gibson Thunderbird Studio IV bridge help

    I thought as much. Yes it seems to bottom out pretty early on so even at their lowest, the saddles dont sit low enough to give me the lower action I prefer. it's playable but not very enjoyable. Especially knowing how good these basses usually are
  5. basshead56

    Perfect "Preamp" for acoustic upright bass...

    What was the approx cost of the Fdeck clone?
  6. I switch regularly and have a 'doubling rig' for just that. 2 X Line 6 G30 wireless units going to a Whirlwind A/B/Y switch, to a TC Poly Mini Tuner, DOD Milkbox Compressor, modded clean boost pedal into s VT Bass Deluxe and into a noise gate to amp. I use the A/B to toggle between the inputs so A is designated for bass guitar and I match that with three saved tones on the A strip of the VT Deluxe, B for upright on both A/B and VT also, with the 3 saved channels on the B strip on the VT voiced differently for the EUB. It all fits on a Pedaltrain Junior quite comfortably (receivers and Warwick Rockboard PSU mounted underneath). Was thinking of getting a Fishman pro platinum and adding that to the mix also but still toying with that. A Radial Bassbone is a solid option too
  7. basshead56

    Closet head to an Ampeg b100r?

    Own both a B100r (had 2 till a few weeks ago) and Micro VR rig. They are pretty similar in places but the Micro is more SVT than B-15/B100r. Having owned the B200r as well, that sounded more modern also (most likely the tube pre). The pf350 (also had one till recently - swapped out for the pf800) is essentially the same amp as the Micro VR. The closest I have come to replicating the B100r using another amp has been via a Sansamp VT Bass Deluxe pedal. Have gotten 99.9% there in a few instances. I actually did this experiment a couple of months ago when a friend brought his old Fender Rumble 100 (1st gen) round. We A/B'd with one of the B100r's and then dialed in the exact same voicing via the pedal. Was almost perfect! I adore the B100r - I genuinely think it is one of the best things Ampeg have ever done. I would love to get my hands on a B15r from the same series but they are as hard to get as an original B15
  8. basshead56

    Ampeg PF350 oddity

    Tried putting the ocatver in the effects loop instead and playing as hard?
  9. basshead56

    Yamaha have purchased Ampeg

    Beat you to that one mate. one of the many joys of being down here is that you see news quicker I reckon it's a great move (can't be any worse than when LOUD had them anyway)
  10. basshead56

    LOUD sells Ampeg to Yamaha

    Finally!!!! After years of a couple of years of questionable customer service, and practically absentee parentage (at times) from LOUD Tech, Ampeg gets a real parent company! I love Yamaha (my first ever bass was a Yamaha, still own it actually) and they have done awesome things with Line 6 (I love using their Relay digital wireless systems!) Wonder if this means a return to US manufacturing is also on the cards? Not that that is important in terms of quality, just thinking of jobs and stuff. Whatever happens, at least I know the 'Round sound' isn't going anywhere and I can look forward to more awesome things from my favourite amp brand. http://ampeg.com/2012/wp-content/uploadfix//2018/05/Loud-PR-Final.pdf
  11. Hi all So finally got round to digging this bass back out of its case to make use of it and noticed that in needing a setup, the stock bridge is hideous and very difficult to adjust. Ended up taking it to my luthier friend who couldn't do much for me in terms of lowering the string height. I am considering swapping it out for one the Babicz ones but am wondering if it will fit as I note the totally different shapes of both the stock and the babicz FCH-3. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  12. Found this for comparison https://www.talkbass.com/threads/nbd-another-boring-red-mim-p-bass-fender-squier-series-ahoy.1169407/
  13. I seem to recall there being a 'Torino Red' used on MiMs and Squiers in the 90's. Looks like it to me in that pic
  14. Any of you fine chaps/chapettes had any experience with them? Specifically the MVW line?
  15. basshead56

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Didn't know there was a second-gen coming... I sold my MB Super Synth a couple of years ago. As much as I loved it, I just couldn't get the sound in my head to materialise. Pity I couldn't hook it to my brain instead... haha. Said sound appears to be one of the factory defaults according to videos I've watched.