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  1. Best sounding/value for money used 6x10

    I adore my Ampeg 6x10. I also prefer it over my Ampeg 8x10. Sounds 'grittier' and has more than enough power handling. I usually run my 4 PRO through it mono bridged and it's a real trouser-flapper. Can be picked up second hand pretty cheap these days
  2. Two Basses into one amp

    I use a custom built AB-Y switch (about 20 quid) I run two line 6 g30 wireless units into it A - my upright/ B - my bass gat, these then run to TC tuner, DOD compressor and then my preamp - a Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe with 3 channels saved for various Upright sounds and 3 for my bass gat. Two taps and I've swapped instruments and EQs between songs. I also use an EHX silencer in the loop to kill pickup hum. All fits on a Pedaltrain junior. Lovely jubbly A boss LS 2 would also be a good option
  3. After a decent set of strings for my upright
  4. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    Just played a white Vintage Pro at Rockshop in Dunedin and.... I am in love!!!!! It appears they have been available in the land down under-er since October. Anyway, it is a flawless beast of a bass. looks and feels stunning Beautiful finishing and just feels a class above the previous incarnations. This thing is a tone monster. The pickups growl like nothing else. Would love to AB with my Gibson Studio IV. Anyway, I thought it would be another 'maybe'. But it's now number one on the hit list. Now, Black or White....
  5. Ampeg pf 350 amp - advice please

    No problem mate. Spent most of yesterday giving the 800 a real workout. flipped between Precisions and Jazz then Stingray and Thunderbird. Took it to rehearsal with my Ampeg Baby bass and it sang. Waaaay more heft and clarity than the 350. The drummer loved it.
  6. Ampeg pf 350 amp - advice please

    I just flipped (see what I did there) my 350 in favour of the 800. I am also running a single cab, though mine is the 15he. Have never tried the 210 but would love one as all my other Ampegs are 10's. I loved the the simplicity of the 350 but found it was slightly lacking in headroom. So I really had to crank it but without clipping it out. So had to use PA support at gigs. Were you cranking yours a fair bit? All the lights on and no sound is protection mode I think, so it sounds as though it was over-driven quite a bit. The cabs are rated at 400w I believe and the the 350 only put out around 250 with a single cab if memory serves. The 500 would be around 350w with one cab I think, so you'd be fine. But if you can, get the 800. the extra headroom is worth it alone.
  7. NAD Ampeg pf800

    Thanks mate, I am a bit of an Ampeg fanboy. Would love to try the 50t! They look awesome and I love the clips of them I've heard so far. Are they loud enough to gig with with a single pf cab?
  8. NAD Ampeg pf800

    I did consider the 500 too, but for the same money as a new one (wouldn't buy a second hand one down here cause not sure if it would be one of the early ones that were prone to faults or not). but yeah the eq section is wicked. pretty much just set it flat. haha
  9. NAD Ampeg pf800

    Santa brought me an upgrade for my pf rig. Had the 350 for the last 12 months. I loved the sound through the 15 fliptop cab, especially playing with uprights bit found I really had to crank it to get the volume I wanted. So considered the 800 for a bit before I spotted one pop up for sale second hand at a good price. Having sold my 350 two days earlier, I was keen! Arrived Xmas eve so in the spirit of things I did the unthinkable and left it alone till Christmas morning. Needless to say I was up early attaching it to the cab lid! Sound: EXACTLY what I was after! Tons more headroom, and the expanded eq section certainly helps. It sounds a touch more SVT than b15 whereas I found the 350 to have a more vintagey tone. But it still has 'That' sound. Love it!!!!
  10. I love my VBA400!!! more power than I have sticks to shake at it Also my SVT is pretty badass.
  11. Show us your rig!

    They seem to be a perfect match run mono-bridged! Ridiculous power
  12. Show us your rig!

    My current crop
  13. Valve Amplifiers Only. No Hybrids / Valve pre-amps..

    A couple of big rigs with them glass bottle thingies in... My SVT CL and my VBA 400 rig. Both are big, heavy and stupid loud. Both have their own sound too 8x10 or 8x12 ... hmmm.... Hard to pick a fave Also have this cool little Kiwi copy of a Twin (only 10 of them made) Sounds lovely with a P bass plugged in. Love the built in Trem too!!!
  14. How to get your pictures back in your thread

    So just go to edit on the original post and hit edit topic? That didn't work for me. Does it work on attachments?
  15. Mesa Boogie Powerhouse Cab

    I had the Powerhouse 8x10. Loved the tone, so focused and clear (and it made ALL the trousers onstage flap) but ridiculously impractical for anything other than Wembley with a team of roadies provided.