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  1. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Didn't know there was a second-gen coming... I sold my MB Super Synth a couple of years ago. As much as I loved it, I just couldn't get the sound in my head to materialise. Pity I couldn't hook it to my brain instead... haha. Said sound appears to be one of the factory defaults according to videos I've watched.
  2. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

  3. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    My latest version of the big, bad-muthaboard. No more shoe-gazey than Fugazi... Just need a future Impact and an EHX organ-type box and I'm all set.
  4. Precision bass

    +1 on the Squier CV 60's P. I am besotted with mine. A properly good P bass. I honestly cant put it down.
  5. If these havent gone, I'd be keen
  6. Ampeg pf800... or...

    I moved from the pf350 to the pf800. Haven't looked back. I use mine with the pf115he and love it so much I'm going to add a pf210he very soon. Never had a second's trouble from either the 350 or the 800.
  7. The Pleasure Room

    Occupado - the Danelectro and doubling pedal rig were out in my truck. haha
  8. The Pleasure Room

    It's a big, solid timber frame, Gib (Plasterboard) side and heavy timber ply inners. The doors are big heavy suckers - white oak with steel trusses inside.
  9. Two Basses into one amp

    This could be the way to go. Just missed out on one... http://www.morleypedals.com/twin-mix-mixer-combiner/
  10. Combo with removable head?

    Ampeg PF series are great, currently running a pf800 head and pf15he fliptop cab The old SVT III (non pro) came with the option of being slid into a combo (think it was an isobaric style 2x12) - maybe SVR or something like that... Ashdown MiBass also had a mount option in 1x10 and 1x12 cab combos. Had the 10 and it was great. Ibanez Promethean - played one of those a couple of times. Sounded brilliant. Mesa Scout/Walkabout (had the 15 radiator cab for a couple of years. Awesome piece of kit!!!)
  11. The Pleasure Room

    Almost finished the 'guitardrobe' in my music room... Just needs sanded and painted. Just missing my Dano in its case and Pedaltrain Jnr bag (in my boot) but everything fits like a glove Sorry about the guitar in there. haha
  12. NBD Classic Vibe Precision

    Scored a bargain today. Picked up this wee beauty from the old Fakebook marketplace equivalent of £200. Only a couple of little dings. Pretty tidy. Sounds fantastic. I think I might upgrade the pots so they are a little bit more responsive but it's a stunning instrument.
  13. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    woukd any of you fine fellows be able to provide the measurements of one of these beauties? am looking at some options and cases etc. what is the total length? and width of each bout of the body?
  14. Fender 51 Precision bass MIJ Resissue

    I've got one. I adore it! Modded the living daylights out of it but it was fantastic all stock too. Added a slight contour to the slab, refin in trans white, shielded the crap out of the cavity so no more hum. Have flipped between the standard pickup and a Lindy Fralin from time to time. Both are excellent though the Fralin has a touch more growl in the top and mid. With fresh roundwound strings you get a reel 'grindy' sound, similar to Mike Dirnt from Green Day. With flats it's as old-school as you can imagine. I really wanted to get a Bassman TV Combo to use with it for retro charm but no luck finding one. But it sounds incredible through an Ampeg B100R 'blue rocket' combo! Motown for days. haha Great basses! Go for it
  15. Pedals to make EUB more acoustic sounding

    A number of factors at play here. Type of EUB, body size, materials, pickups and electronics, strings, action etc. I have a Baby clone and it sounds bloody good and close to the real thing (a decent DB sound). Have had many a compliment on this very thing. Initially I had been using weedwhackers on it for a while and it sounded more dark and gutsy and closer to a DB than when it had steels on it. I was playing mostly pizz. I then replaced the E & A with hybrid whackers with a steel core and this gave it a bit more sustain and balance. I also added a second 'clicky' pickup to the back of the fingerboard for slap playing. I blend the two signals together. I have since added Pirastro Slaps and that has made it seem even more realistic again in terms of achieving a good acoustic upright sound. I have also found using an Aphex Big Bottom Bass Xciter has made my EUB sound more 'articulate' all round, particularly giving it a bigger, and generally 'rounder' sound. The trick with using this pedal is that less is more. (I am keen to get my hands on their Acoustic Xciter pedal too, as I am given to believe they can improve upright tone quite substantially.) I run that to a VT deluxe where I have programmed 3 of the channels specifically for the EUB My EUB does sound pretty close to a full upright as-is, but all of these extra little additions definitely help give it that last nudge towards fully authentic. I have live recordings from each of the different periods between mods/additions and the differences are noticeable each time.