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  1. How to get your pictures back in your thread

    So just go to edit on the original post and hit edit topic? That didn't work for me. Does it work on attachments?
  2. Mesa Boogie Powerhouse Cab

    I had the Powerhouse 8x10. Loved the tone, so focused and clear (and it made ALL the trousers onstage flap) but ridiculously impractical for anything other than Wembley with a team of roadies provided.
  3. American vs British - Tubes vs Valves

    I am in a similar boat: Marshall VBA 400 or Ampeg SVT CL Beast of British or American Muscle? Both are heavy and full of them glass thingies and both are stupidly loud and trouser-flappingly brilliant. Both look boss atop their respective cabs (2 X 412's or 1 X 810 respectively) and both command equal amounts of respect and fear from weedy guitar heroes and their tiny boutiquey little 5w head,ethically-sourced speakers and vegan-friendly cabs. To be fair, I probably will just continue to alternate between them but it's fun trying to decide what rig to break my back with.
  4. Post your Fenders here!

    Here's my nest of Fenders: 1977, 1978, 1978, 1978, 1973 Precisions, 1997 US Deluxe Precision, 2001 CIJ 51Ri P (modded), Mark Hoppus Precision Mk1, 2006 Am. std Precision, 2011 Am. Std Jazz CIJ Jaguar Bass, CIJ Geddy Lee Jass (modded)
  5. SOLD - Please Remove

    I could be keen on these. would you ship to New Zealand?
  6. Basshead's wall of shame - including some filthy 70's Porn

    [quote name='Highfox' timestamp='1506001918' post='3375792'] Very nice. That Goth EUB must come out for special occasions. [/quote] It's actually a full acoustic double bass, just in the process of getting her up and running properly so on the lookout for a good pickup and strings. Hopefully she'll be right by Halloween.
  7. So... Finally, after several years, many a sleepless night and a ton of paper work, all of my gear is now all under one roof (with the exception of a Jazz bass I left with parents in Ireland and an Ampeg B-100r I moved to the back bedroom) So for your viewing pleasure... The Filthy old slappers from the 70's [attachment=254042:70's.jpg] All the Fenders together... [attachment=254039:fenders.jpg] The 'Not Fenders'... [attachment=254040:not fenders.jpg] The uprights... [attachment=254041:uprights.jpg]
  8. Hi All, Need a good set of strings for resurrecting an upright and would love some medium tension Innovations if anybody has some laying idle... I am in New Zealand so would have to be willing to post. Cheers Colin
  9. Precisions

    My current crop of P Basses
  10. Ampeg Porn.......

    The gang's all here... [attachment=254043:Ampegs.jpg]
  11. Ampeg Portabass 2x12 breakdown

    Sounds like it's being cooked. Direct sunlight in warm weather and power going through it all add up to putting it under a bit of stress. The cabs themselves are made of quite thin, lightweight material aren't they?
  12. Ray Ramirez baby bass

    I am! I played one in Bungalow Bill's in Auckland about 3 years ago and seriously considered selling a kidney to pay for it. Beautiful bass. Gorgeous neck, very even, smooth tone and the pre was easy to use. It compared quite well to my Baby. Just couldn't justify the price for a back-up. It was a pearl white one and I really wish i had the cash at the time cause it was a proper stunner!
  13. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    500-600 pounds in the UK I'm guessing, given that a local supplier down here has them online at 1199NZD. Soooooo tempted!
  14. Hi All, Does anyone here know if a pickguard from an early 2000's MIM Jazz will fit a 2011 Am. Std Fender Jazz? I have a spare back home in Ireland and am visiting next week, would love to know if it would fit my current Jazz before needlessly taking my old MIM apart. haha
  15. Eastwood Rocket Bass

    Still looking for one of these bad boys