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  1. Hi all, Looking at potentially dropping some of my tax refund on something new and shiny. Spotted this for sale up the road and looks interesting, but the more I look at it, the more I have my doubts. Modded to hell - far more than I'd be happy with ordinarily. I have a 97 version of the exact same model, all stock and it's my number one for gigs. I've asked about the original parts so waiting to see what the seller says. What are your thoughts on this - does it look a bit suspect? https://www.trademe.co.nz/music-instruments/instruments/guitar-bass/bass-guitars/listing-2158400245.htm
  2. A Japanese-built Fender Jaguar Bass may be of interest Capable of covering all of the above (for the most part) and option of running active or passive and clear, warm tone which can be endlessly EQ'd on the bass itself. Granted it has more of a Jazz neck profile but still not paper thin.
  3. I wouldn't be swapping an SVT 2 PRO for this sort of set up myself. To be fair, I probably would never swap an Ampeg SVT 2 or CL for anything. Even less inclined to consider it given the poweramp isn't working correctly. I'd move past this option and look elsewhere if 'twer me.
  4. SOLVED - Apparently the first two runs from very late 2002 - mid 03 just had SUB on the headstock, regardless of electronic choices and from late 03 onwards they were all branded SUB Bass.
  5. There was definitely a passive one. Don't know if they were as common as the active ones but they are out there haha
  6. Hi all, I had one of these back in the old country years ago. It was a red one with the active EQ. Great bass but I wasn't really into the ray sound back then, so I moved it on as I hardly played it. Picked one up down here last week for a stupidly low price (I think the seller thought it may have been one of the newer SBMM SUB series, hence the crazy low price of 200 pounds) It is also an active one, this time in teal and in minty condition. My question is regarding the wording SUB on the headstock. I watched a video suggesting that that the passive ones read "S.U.B." on the headstock and the active ones read as "S.U.B. Bass", which fits with the two I have owned. However in looking around online I have spotted several that say "S.U.B" but have the active electronics also. Anyone know why there were two logos/identifiers?
  7. I like the few I have tried. I would sell my soul for an Eastwood Rocket Bass
  8. Hmm, surely another synth will be the answer to my troubles Always room for one more. Maybe I'll just get rid of the tuner.. Seriously though, I really like the look of that video. Looks like a very usable pedal indeed. Can't wait to try one!
  9. Hi All, In the (very limited local) market for a decent shortscale and both of these options are currently available to me 2nd hand. I've had a chance to go and play the Squier at the seller's place. It is a lovely bass. He has put some rather nice new strings on it (he couldn't remember which ones) and a new white pearloid pickguard too (original black one included) also. The Gretsch is further afield and I probably wont get a chance to try it out first (essentially an eBay type situation). I have heard nothing but good things about these instruments. Difference in price: Squier equivalent to 200 pounds and can be collected locally The Gretsch about 175 pounds plus shipping (about 20 quid) Which would you go with, and why?
  10. There is something so simple and yet brilliant about the SVT and 8x10 Here is my cat, Andrew, checking the standby on mine Nothing simple about transporting either of the heavy sods, but then, where would be the fun in that? I have found the 6x10 to be a little bit more forgiving in terms of transport. But both do fit comfortably on the deck of most pickup trucks. I use a Holden (Vauxhall I guess) Colorado I have managed to get the 610 into my Golf before.
  11. Final version of the Bad MuthaBoard Now includes a Future Impact and a system of vital organs
  12. I love Schatten stuff. Currently using an RB2 passive pickup and I absolutely adore it. Everything about it is great. Simple to use and sounds amazingly clear. The thumbwheels for volume attached to the back of the fingerborad are really handy too.
  13. Always lusted after the Titan. Had the MPulse 600 and Powerhouse 8x10 and it was the most HiFi, clearest tone I've ever had. Got stupid loud with volumes too. loved it to bits. The Titan seemed like the next logical step but decided to swap back to an SVT in the end. But i do sometimes lay awake at night wondering what might have been...
  14. Looks like a late 70's (76 onwars) - early eighties (83) based on the logo
  15. Sure is! Tis a clone of a rather expensive analog delay of some variety made here in New Zealand by a very talented kid (still at school) Bush FX. He does clones and custom stuff and I've always liked the Robot Devil so got him to do the decal. Didn't even ask and he added a second LED so that both eyes light up when the pedal is engaged haha. It's a great unit.
  16. No truss rod was spot on chaps. So my mechanical engineer friend shaved down the offending blocks. Asked him to shave 1mm off each one. Popped them back in this afternoon and... Perfection itself! 1mm gave me about 3mm lower at the neck. So the action is now exactly as I like it - low. No more parking elephants under these strings haha. Neck straight, no buzzes or dead spots and sexy TBird tone for days! Fun fun fun till some takes it away and all that...
  17. Looks like it's a case of shaving and filing down the slots/saddles then. Dismantling today and off to my mate the engineer on Wednesday haha. Will update afterwards
  18. I thought as much. Yes it seems to bottom out pretty early on so even at their lowest, the saddles dont sit low enough to give me the lower action I prefer. it's playable but not very enjoyable. Especially knowing how good these basses usually are
  19. I switch regularly and have a 'doubling rig' for just that. 2 X Line 6 G30 wireless units going to a Whirlwind A/B/Y switch, to a TC Poly Mini Tuner, DOD Milkbox Compressor, modded clean boost pedal into s VT Bass Deluxe and into a noise gate to amp. I use the A/B to toggle between the inputs so A is designated for bass guitar and I match that with three saved tones on the A strip of the VT Deluxe, B for upright on both A/B and VT also, with the 3 saved channels on the B strip on the VT voiced differently for the EUB. It all fits on a Pedaltrain Junior quite comfortably (receivers and Warwick Rockboard PSU mounted underneath). Was thinking of getting a Fishman pro platinum and adding that to the mix also but still toying with that. A Radial Bassbone is a solid option too
  20. Own both a B100r (had 2 till a few weeks ago) and Micro VR rig. They are pretty similar in places but the Micro is more SVT than B-15/B100r. Having owned the B200r as well, that sounded more modern also (most likely the tube pre). The pf350 (also had one till recently - swapped out for the pf800) is essentially the same amp as the Micro VR. The closest I have come to replicating the B100r using another amp has been via a Sansamp VT Bass Deluxe pedal. Have gotten 99.9% there in a few instances. I actually did this experiment a couple of months ago when a friend brought his old Fender Rumble 100 (1st gen) round. We A/B'd with one of the B100r's and then dialed in the exact same voicing via the pedal. Was almost perfect! I adore the B100r - I genuinely think it is one of the best things Ampeg have ever done. I would love to get my hands on a B15r from the same series but they are as hard to get as an original B15
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