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  1. In the unlikely event that an interested bassist may have some amplification for sale I'd consider a trade.
  2. A Pono TE-DC (Deluxe (gloss) Cedar) in outstanding condition. This tenor uke has seen light use at home only. Complete with strap and micro tuner as per the photos. Also a Fishman Platinum pre-amp , boxed in vgc and a Yamaha THR5a amplifier, mint and boxed. I've fallen back in love with my first instrument of over 20 years and I realise that 3 Ukes is therefore 2 too many. Would prefer not to sell separately at this time. Can be viewed. Peter
  3. A bump from beyond the grave...... Make me an offer?
  4. I bought the fretted 'sister' to this from Nick, also with the luthier work. I'm not in the market for a fretless but if, as I suspect this bass is as sorted as the one I've got it'll be a bit special. Peter
  5. Another Bump and a price reduction to £80 delivered to the UK. These units are brilliant if a little ancient nowadays. Well worth checking out the features. A bit of a bargain. I'm not using any FX so it's not getting used at all at the moment.
  6. Bump at £500. A stunning Use, well worth checking out if you are interested.
  7. Aha, thank you. That learning curve continues.
  8. Thank you guys. It's reassuring to know that I'm getting it right. It's also a bit sad that some folk copy the same crap onto tab sites just for the glory (?) of it....
  9. I’ve been learning to play on old favourite ‘Brass in Pocket’ by The Pretenders. I’ve got an aged copy of Bass Tab White Pages and I’m using that. I use the tab for fretting and the notes are good for rhythm feel. The first four bars sound great but bars 5&6 are tabbed G# and sound plain wrong. The notes and chord notation are F# and that is sounding good. Bar 7 is tabbed open E but the chord is D/F# so I reckon I should be playing F# (the notes are dropped D). The tab online mirrors the tab in the book. Looking at the musical notation and using chords the tab seems way out in places. It also sounds right when I ignore the tab and use the notes/chords and slash chords. My question is, is it me or is the tab rubbish? Peter
  10. I've had a bit of a bass journey over the past couple of years. After 20 plus years of bass playing, owning and fettling the whole band shenanigans finally drove me to selling my rig, several basses and a host of other gear. I was just left with my ACGs and Rita my Sterling. They haven't been touched for over a year. I'd completely lost interest. Brilliantly, I'm at it again but with a better practice routine and I'm working on the basics as opposed to learning songs from tabs. I'm enjoying myself more than ever. Back to this story. I was hankering for a Jazz. Back to basics again. I bought a lovely 2008 MIM Jazz from Nick Carey on here. Its playability ranked with the best I've used (speaks the man who's owned over 100 basses). The fretwork has had a professional dress and setup and it shows. I am a serial tinkerer. I fitted upgraded electrics (still passive) and saw some overwound neodynium pickups that I thought might add something. They were great, looked lovely, well made and they sounded very punchy. Therein lies the rub. The bass was perfectly setup and I had to raise the saddles a whole turn to a turn and a half to stop fret buzz as the neo magnets were so powerful that they were bending the strings towards the board. I told myself that this was okay but yesterday I thought, no, I'm putting the old pups back in. With exactly the same setup I lowered the saddles by the same amount I'd raised them and normal service is resumed. My Jazz is back and it actually sounds bloody wonderful. I don't know if the pickups I've put back in are originals but they are very good. Lesson learnt.
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