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  1. Sounding all very luscious.
  2. I bought some strings from Matt. Excellent guy in all respects. Peter
  3. GreeneKing


    I believe that there is a lot of hyperbole around pickups. There is only so much you can do with wire and magnets. There is little if any 'magic'. I'm very pleased with my Haessel pickups. I have a medium scale bass with their P pickups and it's very strong while retaining a great tone. It's a great signal to start with and sounds good both passive and active. I like, a lot Peter
  4. Thank you. The balance perhaps varies a little from instrument to instrument. I've played worse. 1990 era NT Warwick Thumbs come to mind Peter
  5. Thank you Matt. I’ve succumbed to a long held longing for a JCB. It’s a new red one and if you know me at all you’ll know I have no qualms modding a new bass getting it how I want it. I think I prefer the Babitz over the Hipshot. Babitz confuse the issue by making a hard to get hold of Epiphone version to accommodate the raised collars on the Epi’s inserts. Mine barely has any raised portion. Mine is really good quality wise. I’ve lowered the bridge a great deal and fitted Dunlop flats. I needed to put some PTFE tape on the pot spindles to prevent the knobs falling off. The tuners are a bit naff and black Hipshot Ultalites are waiting for collecting from the PO. The bridge (black) can wait a while but I’m going to move the strap button to the top horn using epoxy forced up into the cavity. I’m loving it
  6. A question to the floor... Babitz make 2 models of Gibson style 3 point bridges. One is for Gibson and one is for Epiphone. Epi's evidently have a collar on the mounting posts that is raised above the body slightly and the Epi version accommodates this. What did you guys use on the JC? I think the Epiphone version is only made in black. Any help greatly appreciated as always. Peter
  7. I've just spent nearly £35 unsuccessfully on an eBay sale (such is the price of having a reserve). I played this bass last night and it emphasised to me just how good it is, how well it is made and it's condition. So another price reduction. If needs be it'll stay because it is lovely
  8. There's been some reasonably acrimonious to'ing and fro'ing going on. Finally, at the very last, the lead guitarist has said what it's all about (ffs), that he was exasperated with me because I'm not musically adept enough to cope with his style of playing. His anger and exasperation plainly visible for months, was down to me as I half guessed. I'm not good at improvising over a chord chart. That's an understatement I learn a song beforehand and when we come together as a band I play pretty much the 'textbook' baseline unless it's too difficult for me when I'll adapt it. If it's not right I'll listen to advice and sort it. I can spend many hours on a song that gets binned at the first hurdle. That's me and I value advice and work to develop my playing. I tried to talk about the inconsistent song structure, how I felt it needed sorting and that it spoiled my enjoyment of doing a good job. He got angry. At no time did he communicate exactly who with or why. As said above, we could have communicated when to move from chorus to bridge etc. He's finally said exactly why. Because I can't cope l with his style and seamlessly adapt to an extra phrase or two being inserted or deleted from the song structure on a whim (by mistake). He plays by feel and I'm a music technician. I acknowledge that we all make mistakes. I put a lot of work into my playing. I'm not gifted in some ways but I can hold time, play an appropriate bassline and get some feel into the song. i.e. I can fill the role. This is where his 'musical differences' or 'musical incompatibility' comes in. It's a bit of a shock to my esteem but I'm not sure that his expectations are fair or realistic. He's not vastly experienced with bands and gigging. So basically I've been sacked because I'm not good enough. (Or perhaps because he can't communicate at all and he has unrealistic expectations). I don't think he was impressed when I said he played too loud and dominated the band by way of it. It's calling him a musical arseshole evidently. Upwards and onwards then. Peter
  9. Drummer, who i suspect is in communication with the lead and his bro. These aren’t bad folk. We started out as a jamming setup, no ‘boss’ as such. Then I got us a gig! The lead plays too loud. He also plays by feel meaning that his song structures can be loose and inconsistent in some songs. He can’t or won’t deal with that. He gets threatened when I raise it as an issue and has gone off on one again. End of really
  10. yep, I’m a little gutted, especially since it feels like the blame has swung around in my direction. But I’ve learnt that my standards are higher than some others.
  11. Well it has all disintegrated. Fallen apart in an apparently convivial manner but from the ‘we wish you all the best in your musical direction’ messages I guess I rocked the boat against the ‘boss’ and that wasn’t acceptable. I wonder if they already have a replacement in mind? I feel that I’ve been reasonable in my questioning of the inconsistent structure of some songs and how this left me exposed musically. This thread has helped me see that my thoughts on this are valid. Sadly it created I situation where I became the problem. Im a little gutted that it ended this way I guess but sometimes we have to stick with our position. Peter
  12. Put it this way, to be wrong I’d need to be telling lies. I’m not.
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