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  1. I sold my Boss VB-1 to Keir and the process couldn't have been more straightforward. We've met before in the dim and distant past and it was great to catch up again.
  2. Mahoosive drop to £50. Trades considered.
  3. I found the perfect twin eventually ..... a 2nd Accugroove Tri-112L.
  4. Thanks Guys I did check the string wasn't twisted at the bridge too. I'd had them on for a few months of practice at home and at volume with the guys I jam with. I'll keep them handy and may well use them again if that's the tone I'm looking for. They may settle in a bit more.
  5. I got another set of Dunlop flats (45-105) after some trepidation. I was worried that they would adversely affect the tone of the Lakland and would therefore be a waste of money. Now they've settled in I can update. I'm really pleased and it was the right thing to do. Great tone, just a little more sparkle in a flats way. Completely even response across the strings with no hint of a 'thud' on the E string. Original tone is still there in spades. I guess that they aren't 'old school' but for me they are the perfect compromise. If anyone wants a set of low usage La Bella Deep Talkin' strings, same gauge methinks.... Peter
  6. Bought a Laney Nexus SLS amp from Tobie. Excellent near new condition and extremely well packaged.
  7. GreeneKing

    STRAY - UK Tour

    Jeez, I missed the other band due to the font confusing old eyes. Groundhogs! My absolute favourite band back in the day. I guess Tony McPhee isn’t up to it nowadays.
  8. GreeneKing

    STRAY - UK Tour

    Wow. I didn't know that they were still going. One of my favourite bands of the early 70's before I joined the RN and took myself way from 'all that'.
  9. An interesting point that makes sense. Although the Dunlops dont have this characteristic. Thank you.
  10. Hmmm, I remember the name. Do they make Cobalt rounds too? Maybe that was it?
  11. Thank you. I tried the Ernie Balls a few years back and I've used Chromes in the past too. Neither 'grabbed me' at the time but I think we might change as the years pass. I can do old school but it's the A to E thing that my ear dislikes. My Jazz is pretty awesome. Funny that after a vast number of high end basses a MIM Jazz should be so good. Hopefully the Lakland will keep its presence with the Dunlops or I may have to keep looking. My 88 Thumb still has round wounds and they stay!
  12. I hasten to add that I've used TI's in the fairly distant past. I do like to try something different to so the P bass analogy doesn't really work. If I tried a P bass and liked it I wouldn't only ever use P basses thereon in. I like strings to have greater tension. I've given the flats a real check over and they remain the same. As Bluemoon said, not as pronounced as Pyramid but in the same vein. A distinct difference A to E. I have used Pyramids that were so bad with the E that I thought they were defective and I've read similar comments about them. I've a lot of experience setting up basses over the years and changing strings so I'm sure they are correctly fitted and not twisted etc. The guys I play with aren't that experienced. The lead guitarist tends to be very loud to the extent that the drummer doesn't really dictate the tempo but has to follow. He plays too fast too. We managed to get him to drop his volume and balance it all out and then the E became noticeable on one track only. When I played open G, D, A and then E the E stood out like a 'dog's Richard' even though the bass was perfectly in tune. Not bad enough to be defective just like an unbalanced set of strings. I like the Dunlops. They give the flats tone in a slightly brighter way that I think makes a viable flats/roundwound compromise. I'll try them on the Lakland and report back.
  13. A few months back I had a play of a mates Lakland Skyline 44-94 that has flats strung on it. TI if I remember right. Now I haven’t used flats for years and I loved it over my Sunbeams on an identical bass. TI’s are pricey and looking around I thought that La Bella Deep Talkin’ would be a good option with slightly greater tension. I bought and fitted the La Bella’s and all was good, sort of.... The E string sounded a little dull. It holds tune and the intonation is good but the E has a different timbre to the other strings. I thought this was a characteristic and I’ve been using the Lakland with the ‘band’. My lovely Jazz succumbed too and I fitted a set of Dunlop’s to it, 45 to 105. They are brighter, feel lovely and the E string isn’t noticeably ‘thuddy’. I now prefer the Dunlops but the Lakland in P mode works better for some of the stuff we play. We were doing a new song last week and, having addressed the sound levels the E string sounded almost out of tune. It wasn’t. Is this a characteristic of the La Bellas? I know that Piramid strings can have this issue. Im probably going to fit Dunlop’s to the Lakland and might sell the La Bellas but not if they’re defective. Cheers Peter
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