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  1. That's a long time ago. Hiscox methinks. Strings - possibly Sunbeams. A gorgeous bass. I had fun choosing the woods and getting to know Alan.
  2. She has aged beautifully. Chris112 had it 2nd!
  3. I'm louth to post cabs myself. I had one arrive in Cornwall damaged. Thankfully Interparcel stumped up the price of a new driver. No not the UPS driver
  4. Lemmywinks did check the cost of the larger parcel and it was £160!!!! The trouble is, basically, I needed to know how much it would cost to ship, insured, before deciding if the cab was worth buying at the price. As I said, I added cm's to the dimensions and weight to the heft and advised that to the seller over the phone. He did a good job. The cab arrived safely. Unfortunately he decided to use a generic removals box and the considerable difference in size raised alarm bells with the courier. They should have refused to ship imo. I'm hoping that Interparcel come to some sort of agreement. If not what choice do I have? I'll pay the £116 and forgo Xmas/work overtime My main reason for posting is not to apportion blame, refuse responsibility or rant but to prevent others from making the same costly mistake. Peter
  5. They tell me that the charge goes to UPS and that they won't deal with this any other way than email.
  6. More elderly and not entirely in the 21st century methinks....
  7. Thank you for looking that up. Interesting....
  8. Hello all. I received another email from Interparcel this morning basically just telling me to stump up. I have reiterated that I booked in good faith, not knowing that the seller would send a 54 x 44 x 42cm cab in a 68 x 62 x 62cm box. I did tell the seller on the phone that I had made an additional ( 56 x 50 x 46) couple of cm allowance for box size. I also made them aware that I've been a customer for at least 14 years and have spent a small fortune with them and UPS as my preferred team. I have asked what a parcel of the actual size shipped would have cost. They aren't contesting the weight that I added a Kg allowance to. My issue is the size of the surcharge and their inflexibility. The seller didn't want any responsibility for arranging a courier and refused to accept liability for shipping. Not ideal I know but the price was right. I can't see any comeback with the seller. I'm awaiting a reply from Interparcel. They offer a discount down to £116 if I pay within 5 days. I get paid tomorrow. If they don't sway their view I'll have to pay. That'll be £140 for shipping one cab...... If this post raises awareness amongst the community then it's useful methinks. Check the size if someone else packs. It means you can't book until the packing is done but you could save yourself a surcharge. Peter
  9. Yes that I can understand Ped (Long time no see, hope that all is well with you). Sadly my desperation for a 2nd Accugroove got the better of me...
  10. I had an email from Interparcel today. I recently bought a cab from a chap in Norfolk. It's one I've been looking for and I waited until the price fell to a reasonable level. I hasten to add that it wasn't anyone on here, not that that is the issue. The Accugroove Tri112L is a cab I already own so the dimensions and weight are a known to me. The seller wasn't prepared to organise the courier & insurance or take liability for shipping so when we agreed the deal in principle I went to my usual company, Interparcel to check the price to ship. It was very reasonable at about £25 fully insured with UPS so I went ahead. For the size I added a few cm on each dimension to allow for packaging. The seller asked me for a further contribution towards packaging materials and I sent him a tenner. When the cab arrived safely from UPS, who I usually rate highly, I saw that the box was pretty huge. The seller had taken a standard removals box and padded it out with all sorts of stuff that he had to hand. This was considerably bigger that I had quoted for but the delivery guy said nothing. The email I received today basically said that I owe UPS £131.60 as my parcel was oversize! I've said that I'd be happy to pay an amount because it was significantly larger that expected (but still handleable imo) but over 5 times the price seems exorbitant! I'm awaiting a reply. I think that the UPS staff at point of collection should have raised the issue and refused to ship. That would have allowed for some negotiation or cutting down of package sizing. I'm wondering if anyone has been here before? Peter
  11. Worth noting for sale purposes is that the MkII was a 35" scale but the Mk1 is 34".
  12. Yes I agree. My 2nd bass, many years ago was a more orange coloured one with the same cutaway. Awesome!
  13. Excellent, I struggled to find any reference. Seems like the bargain of the century to me..
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