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  1. Bought a bass from Paul today. It was a super easy transaction (he even went as far as to use his girlfriend as a courier!!!). highly recommend, deal with confidence.
  2. Bought a bass of Andy today and it was a smooth and easy transaction. Great bloke to do business with and, if I hadn’t had a gig to get to, would have quite happily stayed in that pub talking all things bass till they kicked us out! Cheers mate.
  3. knackeredjazz


    Just bought a bass from Mark. What a gent, super easy transaction and I'm very happy with my new toy. Thanks mate!
  4. Mate, gutted to hear this. You know where I am if you need a loan of anything etc. Lets share the hell out of this, they’ll turn up somewhere.
  5. These basses are still relatively unknown in the UK, but I've been using two of the them for a few years now and I can honestly say that they are amazing playing and sounding instruments with the highest possible build quality (that are Swiss after all...). An absolute steal at this price!
  6. Bought a cab from Dylan yesterday. Lovely chap, super easy deal, highly recommended.
  7. yes. sorry, should have updated sooner!
  8. A great fun and surprisingly useable bass. Only a few months old with one tiny tiny ding and little bit of thumb depression in the obvious place. If you haven't tried one of these you really should, and I wouldn't be selling if it wasn't for space and financial reasons... Complete with its own very nice case. I'm not over excited about the idea of posting this but talk to me, I'm London based and move around a fair bit so I'm sure something can be sorted.
  9. not much more I can say about this, used but totally functional. Could maybe be trimmed down to fit a 4 x 10? Free to anyone who can collect from CR2 in the next couple of weeks.
  10. Hi. I have an Ashdown ABM 500 with a fault. It's early rack mount version ('03) and did sound fantastic! I think the fault is with the output stage, but a pending house move and a number of other amps means that I don't have time to get it looked at. Probably an easy fix and free to anyone who can collect it from CR2 in the next couple of weeks.
  11. Thanks Bakerster, I'll get the hang of this thing one day...! [quote name='bakerster135' timestamp='1495723947' post='3306158'] You can use [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][url="http://s1380.photobucket.com/user/Matt_Round/embed/slideshow/1973%20P"]http://s1380.photobu...deshow/1973%20P[/url] from the original post. [/font][/color] [/quote]
  12. Early 1973 precision bass. Well used but well loved P. Nice lightweight bass with plenty of wear and tear but very playable. All there apart from the pots and bridge saddles (I swapped these many years ago for the threaded type as I find these better for string spacing. I'm sure i have the originals somewhere so will try to dig them out and include with the sale). Frets are good as it's always been strung with flatwounds. Original case is included and in great condition. The original pickup has a nice strong output and sounds fantastic. Reluctant sale but need the money... <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1380.photobucket.com/user/Matt_Round/embed/slideshow/1973%20P"></iframe>
  13. I've just bought a bass bass from Paul and it was a simple a pleasurable experience, lovely chap and a perfect bass chatter.
  14. Just done a deal with dan. Great communication and a pleasure to do business with. A highly recommended BCer.
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