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  1. G&L are well worth checking out. I haven't tried a LB100 in the Tribute range but I do own a couple of guitars and they are excellent.
  2. Lovely looking bass Lozz
  3. That's just horrible for you. Hope you make a good recovery.
  4. I'm keen to sell really but feel free to pm me. Cheers.
  5. I can only really strum a few chords and yet I have a Strat, two teles, two acoustics and (my fave) a G&L Fallout. I plan to just keep an acoustic and the Fallout, so I suppose I need to do some selling.
  6. I've only purchased from them once, that was all good and i would happily purchase from them again.
  7. Nothing dangerous or complex, it wont self combust. Find a neck that you like. Unscrew the old one, after having removed the strings and replace with with the new. You'll need to check the nut slots, sort the relief and the string height at the bridge . So long as you can do that, or get someone to do it for you, then all will be good. If you want new, then Northwest Guitars do decent necks. Good luck.
  8. I'm sure your wife will be perfectly happy, it will look so lovely adorning your lounge.😂
  9. I find myself in the same predicament, been looking at all the different little combos and yet I'm perfectly happy with my home practice amp, and the gig rig that I have, pleases me on every level.
  10. The body was made for me by @gsgbass It's a piece of light weight swamp ash.
  11. Yes, that's it. It very slightly darkens over time. Just trying to find some pics of my P bass build that I finished with tru oil.
  12. Tru Oil would be my choice. Fairly easy to apply, looks and feels good.
  13. During the lock down, cheer yourself up with a rather lovely G&L guitar .
  14. Great bass line, great playing, love it.
  15. The LB100 is another Leo gem, shame they aren't recognised as such by the masses. I've not tried any of the Tribute range of basses but do own a couple of Tribute guitars and they are very good.
  16. If you're talking about playing this with the band that we've both been in, then it wouldn't have been your fault😂
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