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  1. nice ,,, 1st jah man i heard was this chap
  2. billy bong ,, refused to pass the bong ,,, i herd its a big tune in Australia, billabong style lee
  3. nice tune ,, know it well ,, stix man,, lot of them a stix man ,, 10 points
  4. cool ,,, lol good job i never went all in ,,, from moonshot to settlement Mr Tulip & beyond
  5. staying with the current thread " real bass" i don't know how to express this without taking small steps ,, initially, its not whether reggae bass is better than funk bass ,,, Bass is Bass what happens after that could be considered astounding. as DJ Fabio would say great time to drop a lemon ,,,
  6. one small leap for man, one "Giant Step" for mankind
  7. real bass ? all through the thread i have emphasized how jazz was the basic bedrock, Louis Jordan, Parker , Sam Cooke , Johnny Ace, & others ,,, lol ,, we will leave jaco pastorious out of it instead, the initial 1st chess move, i call upon one of the greatest scientists known to man, not a bass player , a prophetic message ,, the message to you Rudy the greatest thing you can ever learn ?
  8. obviously he is a pro bass player , its true that some folks have loud EQ & play the bass very soft ,, i am the opposite , i often play the bass so heavy i don't really need an amp funk is different even tho there are many great soft players, we like the soul of the bass to sing scream & shout, squeak , cry, even laugh, i know its a reggae blog , yet have upload this ,, btw i probably jam even worse than Johnson probably on par with Mark Adams , of whom some youtubers thought i was mark hansolar himself,, i really go for it when the bag is out ,, string breakin slap
  9. my own short personal mix of this classic ,, 4 years ago
  10. you easily see why Flemming wrote Bond on the islands ,, so ? you heard about moonshot ,& if anyone asks, we were only drink talking about tulips ,, so ? lol meme ,, would you rather be a double agent .. HIM
  11. Paul Trouble Anderson , yeah man ,, some big stuff out there , nice ,, remember i am a disco man , can only talk about early days ,, life , so yeah ,, respect , The red imperial player , aka Mr Benjamin Jet
  12. H,I,M upper class dance ,, the interview with Tulip
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