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  1. i am confused you saying the guy with the C.V thing & posting photos of himself & basses is gary tibbs ? or this is just a photo of the guy with the same name as this gary chap ?
  2. we are bass players from the street & slapping the bass was not invented in no college & no jazz circles , if it was not for disco no one would have brought it there are DJs btw who know extactly who was buying records & why ,
  3. jaco clones by 78 ? loads of them ? all deliberate failed disco players blowing up teen town in 78 ? wow man , ;D thats charlie for you ,, out of the Chaplin zone too ,,, on The Bell so what happened , how come no one saw this ? & you, until now ?
  4. the 40 40 had a delux plastic pick up guard , seems you took it off ? quite a big move in 1973 , pulling frets out ? Rock bands never used fretless , 2 jazz basses in 1978 ? you should be talking about either just missing out on a major deal or you being best mates with iron maidens drummer
  5. i catch big fish ,,, so in 1973, you already rip the pick up guard off, no pick, no slap yet swap instruments including up right bass by 1978 you never landed a record deal got close or know any players in your area who school "obscure music" the price tag is not from len stiles btw,
  6. no one really knew about slapping in 1974 ,, americans never used that word or term ,, slapping is a UK word mainly ,, now the whole world uses it ,,
  7. with all the meta data i showed you guys all of it, before level42 formed you can now see how a guy who worked in a Pro music shop macaris put it all together & bassically won the bass battles as they stood at that time adopted the soul boy look ,, high bass strap & became the face of brit pop funk ,, without Fender all thats left is those who remember mark king playing bass as a shop assistant tho there is one last rabbit hole ,,just all about musicman stingray
  8. it was a wave that happened in early 1977 ,, before then things had not changed much the studio 54 sound ,
  9. yes no yes no ,, these basses did break through as the disco funk explosion took off , 1st of all i think the "new cut price" south asia products had not quite hit the market via demand of sales yet ,, (Same with Levis jeans, it took time) so ? a lot of UK, USA "made" stuff was standard in demark street shops 76- 79 , yet these became more expensive in waves each year my 2nd bass, was inbenez ,, big drum roll ,, for a short while i had 2 basses the Flying V was so "beasty" i could play it without an amp ,, brought it for peanuts ,, long story how i lost it White Flying V ibernez , Boosty Bound Big Bass ,
  10. However the Brit funk thing was based firmly in the south east and grew out of the dance scene - that was part of the initial audience for bands like Freeze / stop,, True , level 42 was a "few years later ,, anyway, Freeze ,, the bass player (from memory) used a Fender & was one of the 1st Down Thumb players in the UK ,,, we had a different name for down thumb slap in the 70s as part of that core Brit Funk scene, the manifesto included playing up to this new status of UK / Brit funk to the fans ,, so The Southern Freeze , song is based on a UK dance move that was Real dancers would stop/ freeze like a video player tight on the beat,,, & start again aka The Southern Freeze
  11. Me too ,, i am sure many others as well
  12. nice , tho i bet you wished you kept the 40 40 ,, ;D hint 40 40 is before 42 42
  13. i would not know m8, the model was pre 1976, had flat wounds ,
  14. so ,, you seen some great examples you are mark king working in a shop you know what i have just shown you ,, what kind of bass are you going to create / play with this metadata ? Plus ,, we wore our basses high ,, not low like rock guys ,punk guys , yuck ,, the primary reason is to keep the fret board as close to our eyes as possible like all beginners , the Real soul boy bass players ,
  15. ditto Twin octave ,, ,, better example
  16. i met Huw, great guy ,, do not tell me where he lives ,, coz i will just grab that bass off him , one time ;D lol so ,, i did by a bass guys ,, no longer have it ,, drum roll ,, it had everything i wanted , not fender , at all in shape twin octave, that was well machined / made very stanley clarke looking alway remember it having 2 pick ups not 1 tho ,,,, & a decent price for a beginner The Dan Armstrong Sliding Pick up ,, The Red Imperial Players 1st Bass
  17. So nearly at the end of this chapter on why not Fender great classic example by huw foster , So, it was The Hayman bass ,,, the Shergold was so slose
  18. Wal bass was specialised "no passive" top end pro gear the look was good tho,, it was close ,, like guild ,, no twin octave ,, but but but ,, just found Huw Foster with a Hayman ,,, Also at this point was now must talk "Shergold Basses" as they branch out to create Link the sound of level 42 ,,, as we shall see Popswell ,, & Huw Foster, steals as much as he can ,, LOL
  19. so as you can see in the examples the Main wish list for bass for the jazzy soul boys who rate ,,, 1.a ) must have a different headstock 1,b) different body than a fender 2) twin octave ,, yet as shown, posts , almost impossible to find in 77/78 More Gear , never played this bass but was prepared to bass battle against owner ,, The Famous Paul Tubbsy Williams Bass ,, tho not sure if this is the exact model again its all about the headstock being "anything" but fender shaped
  20. yep ,, correct,, as we went through Demark St it was difficult to find any thing to match the gear we visioned but anytime we saw a hayman ? or guild ? / similar ? we would check it out just in case So ,, Gear ?? another i bass used a few times ,,but never owned , Gulp ,,, its a fender type omg ,, 3 bass players with fender type basses now but but but guys ,,, it was the cheapest bass you could buy in the UK sold only in supermarkets. almost "a toy" this bass is another Epic historic the closest we get to " in the UK (street funk level history ) smaller drum roll > Dang
  21. Think about it ,, now you know why fender was never the face of brit funk they had so much success & credit in rock punk ect, the 70s ,, we would not even go near them or similar basses , we visioned a different identity ,,, its the headstock guys, Bang Bang ,,
  22. i had one for a year or so in the 1990s , on my wish list still obviously but yet ,, at that time 77/78 so / the hayman was perfect, but still had a fender shaped body ? ;D ,, we were that tight on looks , the Key guys tho is the headstock ,, we do not want the typical slope diagonal 4 key headstock ,, looks are everything to us we want the 2 x 2 key "balanced" headstock , like this ,, another bass i played , only once or twice ,, but never owned a Guild ,,,,
  23. Fender had a 100% good thing going on Guitar tho, the pitch they did with The Brothers Johnson worked 1000% the new lastest body-fit curve fender guitar, was endorsed, yes even i had a go but the bass ? we were looking for something sperate, with twin octaves please ?? massive drum roll for this guys ,,,,,,,, my 2nd bass i used ,, but never owned this is when i 1st see thumb & pop, right out of the bootsy gig as FACT & become addicted ,, like Smack before this time i was just a casual player B,A,N,G ,,,,,,, The Mother Ship Connection its Self , Bass of Basses The closet thing we have to Larry Graham as an instrument the bass that starts the face of brit funk , OMG the bass before level 42
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