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  1. cats whiskers ,, bouncing ball , few places to down some rum , then you have your pure heads ,, like moonshot ,, you could "for a while" go to a sticks man is a money man blues , and hippies like reggae at festivals so yeah reggae has yet to be banned
  2. wardour st is certainly high up on the west end tour guides map ,, a west end club that was "meant" to be known for cecil gee & crock skin fashion was Gullivers ,, i never went ,, only herd think most discos would have a reggae moment in the 70s (80s) tho , alas most discos would also have a rock n roll moment punk rock & basic pop music moments too
  3. You will probably have to do other multiple exercises like eg press ups to keep the strength in the hand muscles going ,, check your diet ,, & immune system , breathing ,, if you feel sleepy ? ,, if you can,, get the best honey ,, stay away from rhubarb ,, wherever possible limit the use of pain killers ,, chuck the "Paris Eat em All in the bin , try cannabis or alternative herbal relief ,, in an emergency use "real aspirin" warning,,, limit your dose , take aspirin with milk / honey , thanks
  4. as mentioned previously ,,, jazz is big in reggae ,, now the focus is on Sam Cooke Pama Label ,, great music ,, thanks for the info
  5. sleuthing ,,, the 2nd joint by Eddie Lovette , goes into another fascination within "many" communities of the 1960s ,, that of the Great Great Great Sam Cooke ,, notable sam cooke type vocal harmony's throughout the above tune below
  6. from times when bass went big about that ,, bass charges the room , years later became drum & bass , folks forget ,electronic steppers
  7. i had to google studio one ,, i couldn't believe it, as i said a few pages back , he had a lot of jazz records ,, i herd talk about excitable pop music , tho, jazz guys drifted towards American Go Go yet supported the pop cats think everyone was taken away by chubby checkers twist ,, the twist as an instrumental is very Go Go ,, remembering pop
  8. nice , as a disco man , i notice somethings , mainly from the 1960s , 1970s reggae is more is popular yet more popular means we just followed its norm , seen as the latest slow dance thing by then , nice music ,, yet as herbs & veg kicks in the early 80s ,, music demand changed, into who is big about ya & big on the bass ;D
  9. thought it was 1979,, tho yeah reggae in those days was all about the slow dance moment of the night ,, anyway more jazz crossover
  10. yeah , i will probably add a reggae / basschat subject in the videos & possibly talk / review Don Chandler ,, not concentrating reggae, instead looking at how James Jamerson type jazz bass makes us hear bass lines & arrive at different notes ,, against what the top notes of any bass line would suggest,, it simple stuff anyone can learn ,, yet transforms knowledge of bass
  11. , nice tune 100%,, sounds like a tune associated the time when studio one started competing with/ against the UK lovers rock genre ,, proving how far / how much Janet Kay influenced the entire scene btw Carlton sings 1m times better than he plays football ;D ,, the invisible stealth jazz ,, is right there in the vocal harmony ,, jazz theory v classical music theory by the Coltrane heads
  12. yeah his a good player ,, my question to the chaps is ? & we have an example in the basschat thread eg "punk bands playing reggae etc ,, in my book the above can also be interpretative into UK /Funk, Reggae bass players eg who only play or know the top notes of basslines ,, this is what i do mainly when jamming & learning bass lines , trying to get a groove structure going "whenever possible, even if its a simple two note bass line , i search for jazz elements not classical music ones mainly james jamerson type logic & musical mentality via jazz , no fast solos & chords just the occasionally pitched blue note / beat , i plan to do videos all about it
  13. not known personally for reggae on bass ,, tho these days if i should jam to reggae i will automatically try to turn the bass to find "blue notes ? ,, & groove towards jazz ,, & get a more dated sound its the James Jamerson principle of relying on Groove more than knowing the exact fretted Top Notes , swinging & pitching notes along jazz ,, not big solos, & charming scales, just the odd single blue note ,, maybe a blue beat ? ,, so yeah jazz can be simple as a single note pitched ,, besides most chaps like music that way
  14. they grew decent carrots in those times ,, not only good for eyesight ,, good for hearing ,& much more , now known globally as municipal health carrots ,, pity they still refuse "outright to give camberwell a blue plaque for herbs & vegetables ,, when they are thought of as pioneering heroes (world wide) ,, Bob Marley one the 1st to single-handedly charge up a room without using electricity
  15. : D lol Speaking in a Dubbed Kung Fu voice ,, Hey you ? its not james brown ,its "Mr James Brown" ,, the one & only , the minister of funk ,, the godfather of funk ,, the hardest working man in show business , i will let you go this time ,, but you bin warmed lol
  16. we all know wine is wine ,, just drink the stuff, yeah ?,, eg my No1 bass cost £35 ok ? not £190K yet bass developers are always searching to improve various aspects in construction including wood ,, we go beyond what ever wood is used ,, & the above great video by Le Fay , you can hear it reasonably clearly ,, that is if you know what to listen for ,,
  17. great video you can hear the difference , tho only slight ,, yet slight can be enough to yay or nay any instrument ,, Oliver Lang , Le Fay , a Basschat pendant & Rainger FX all captured with my £35 bass
  18. I agree with both sides ,, the difference of wood can be so micro & nano the difference is un - audible to many yet its the same as wine , if you want to get drunk ? just drink it ,, but if you are a wine freak ? then you search for the perfect wines & have to learn all about what makes a wine good , if i was having a bass hand made no expense spared i wood go into the finest possible details "above & beyond" just selecting the best wood , as i suggested a few pages back its what folks never bother / realize to listen to that also "could" make the difference in your own personal search for a perfect type set up construction of wood or any material ,, cheers ,,
  19. no idea ,, tho some of the guys who got big pro work into the 70s have retired ,, & some are no longer with us , sadly recently too ps if you feel lost ,, you shout out for "Jerry " ok ?
  20. i remember the band being formed & going into the studio in 78 ,, they flipped into doing disco pop in the 80s ,, tho yeah, after watching a great "pro reggae bassist" doing chops , thought i would highlight some features
  21. nice bass player great video ,, getting a great method & awareness on space & beat awesome , i would probably have to see more videos tho to find out if he goes into turning the notes into " blue notes " aka jazz think he might be too young to remember Jerry ,, yet you never know ,,
  22. commas you please , i used to have nice handwriting tho I dunno guys ,, it puts you off topic just to be pulled over a typewriter
  23. i thought this was bass chat ,, ;D plenty of bass players have a special relationship with drums ,, as you may notice , its almost in built in my case ,, cheers guys , thanks for the support
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