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  1. Arguably The song that had a baseline that put Brit Funk on thhe map ,, Used my Mark King of Level 42 in "Mr Pink" ,, & Paul Tubsy Williams with Light of The World called "Emergency"
  2. my reply is simple ,, This Guy IS for real ,, but the above blog is taking it out of context yes ,, people i knew went to the Bootsy / Brothers Johnson Gig , & started to get into slapping the bass ,,, i joined in as a beginner & started to go to the music shops to buy a bass including the shop mark king was working in ,, thus mark king saw myself & 1 or 2 others slapping eg " Cosmic Reign " by The Jazz Crusaders ,, & thus mark king decided to quit drums & play bass instead ,, so ? its true ,, tho i was not the 1st person to slap bass in the UK i was part of the 1st circle of Brit bass players who where ,, out of respect i never talk about the other bass players ,,, tho i sometimes talk about paul tubbsy williams , who i knew & jammed with on occasions ,, eg recalling going back stage at the Purley all dayerin 1979 with his band
  3. here is the blog on reddit bassit posted by silverdroid303 Is this guy for real? He says that he was directly inspired by Bootsy and Louis Johnson and that Mark King ripped off his basslines that he used to play in music stores. He almost infers that there'd be no Level 42 without him.
  4. i have had some experience on social platforms ,, nevertheless i will take heed from the above , we know the universe is wide , & sometimes the force can be strong
  5. thanks ,, i do bass requests , little bit of theory ,, stories & myths ,, manly to do with street funk / disco
  6. i have been going to The London Bass Guitar Show since 2010 & often meet one of the organizers of "Bass Chat" each year , so yeah , gossip chat bass , & yeah we never stop learning whatever the subject material
  7. After going to The London Bass Guitar Show 2018 ( Sunday ), i promised one of the organizers i would join the site ,,, thank you
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