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  1. No I crossed the border from Herts 10cc was a good one
  2. Is it time to admit that you saw the Bay City Rollers there?😂
  3. Unlike Beedster, I do the truss rod adjustments first, followed by the saddles. Well actually, I tend to check the nut slots first, then neck relief, then saddles.
  4. Saw them at the Sundown a few times as well. Was it Harlow Town Park that you saw them at? That one was a freebie.
  5. Which album(s) did you try Chris? I'm a big Yes fan but even so, there are a few albums of theirs, that I just can't listen to.
  6. Still repairing, setting up and modifying, guitars, basses and mandolins. The first three months of lock down were dire but since then it has improved, to a point where I'm as busy as I want to be at this stage in life
  7. No problems dealing with John, a Basschat gent
  8. Back when I had a Yamaha B1200 a previous owner had installed EMGs. I always got a sound that I liked and that worked well in a band context.
  9. I've regularly purchased from them and all has been good
  10. Indeed, I've got this on vinyl, it's a winner You must also check out the Yes Album.
  11. Same here Lozz, in fact I'm sitting here reading this, with a coffee and a dark choc digestive
  12. I've got a dremel copy and it's fine, not so with the attachments though. I now only purchase genuine dremel bits.
  13. I've found with Wal, that it is better to phone them.
  14. You will need to go up to a much high grit number than 240. Treat yourself to some 320, 400, 600, 800 and 1000.
  15. Great being a Dad isn’t chaps👍 This turned up earlier from my girls
  16. I never had a problem getting heard with that particular 150 watts. 👍
  17. I had the 1 x 15" and gigged with it for many years. I also had a 2 x 10" extension cab, which for me, made it an awesome rig. Increasing decrepitude (me, not the rig), made it necessary for a change to Mark Bass.
  18. Still got the Spanish acoustic that my parents bought for me in 69. It's still got the original strings on😂
  19. I would also recommend treating yourself to a solder remover tool. Just a few quid on EBay and money very well spent.
  20. No bass acrobatics, just a little riff repeated over the different settings. IMG_2173.MOV
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