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  1. I've not read the whole thread, so apologies if this has been asked. Is the choking when fretted or playing open strings. Are all of the strings affected?
  2. Nice one, well done for having a go and turning out a job that you are pleased with.
  3. I would treat yourself to the proper thing from Chris Allsop
  4. Pro Steels for me, had a new set on for last week's gig and I thoroughly enjoyed the growly zinginess.
  5. I use fret erasers just about every day of the week and wouldn't want to be without them. I don't use them in isolation though, first off will be an emery board, then sandpaper: 240, 320, 400, 600 and 800. Then the fret erasers: coarse, medium, fine and super fine. Then metal polish and a buff up. Job done.
  6. If they are really tight and assuming that you have the correct screw driver, try tightening them slightly. I know this sounds counter intuitive but it very often does the trick.
  7. Let us know, if you want it unlocked again Clarky.
  8. Damn it, sorry Jack, I forgot to warn you about her🤣
  9. Thanks for the recommendation @Lozz196, much appreciated. Think Mr Writer is going with the Bass Gallery.
  10. Another G&L fan here. That’s a nice looker.
  11. Deoxit D5 is the one that I use most days. Sorts out the noisiest most crackly pots in no time. Money well spent.
  12. I was put off downloading the free one, as many of the reviews claimed that it is pretty much unuseable. I was planning on going for the version that requires payment. You may have saved me £30
  13. Not tried it but On Song has been recommended to me.
  14. What is plain boring to some, is a classic looker to others
  15. Busy pub for Saturday's gig. It was great to have an enthusiastic audience but did make me feel a bit anxious.
  16. It's a great technique and worth posting about Even though I'm aware of it and try very hard, my pinky finger will not obey commands, it just sticks out at a jaunty angle and refuses to stay in line.
  17. Feeling sad. The loss of a fellow mod, bassist and all round decent chap. RIP.
  18. You got yourself a major bargain with that lot👍
  19. My SB1 is getting an outing tonight for a local pub gig.
  20. That's an interestingly different looking bass Jack. Very cool. Wouldn't mind one myself, which is a feeling I haven't had for a while, thought I was all GASSED out
  21. Happy to take a look at it Mick.
  22. Before ordering I would hold off and check whether you can get full size pots through the F hole. It might be that you can get them installed through the pick up rout but I'm not sure. I know that with some of the Epiphone guitars that I've worked on, installation was through the f hole aperture and that can be a tight squeeze.
  23. Can't really answer that Kev, but at times during this project I was thinking that the bass was possessed.😕 One morning I came down to start working on it and overnight it had rejected the string tree that, had been living happily on it since its construction.
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