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  1. Looking to ship to the USA can any one give us a heads up on the process and who not to use thanks gary
  2. Hi for sale is the following Shadow Rockabilly pro complete with both pickups and accessories it is mounted in a Duke tailpiece especially designed to fit the pre amp I think it sells itself I have the original box at our studio somewhere I’ll try and locate it this was a 2nd rockabilly pro that I did not use for very long a couple of gigs I ended up using a Wilson k4 change of music I was playing made the shadow redundant Will post to anywhere at buyers cost gary
  3. Thanks Adrian the world is not as we know it and there may be Clingons on the starboard Bow 😂
  4. Hi Adrian and Burns Bass The Bass is still for sale at the currant asking price I have replied sorry if you have not received the messages because of work commitments I am unable to meet or deliver . As for storage it is sitting in a room which is not used so more than happy to keep here until paid for or collected I will also had the stand in with price regards gary
  5. Hi all Bass is still here and for sale at the price stated sorry for the delay in replying
  6. Thanks prof needs to go to a good home wasted here doing nothing
  7. Hi sorry for the late reply on the scales it weighs in at 9lb 1 oz
  8. Thanks for the advice all done
  9. Thanks Rumblefish hope you are keeping well
  10. 2 x sets of Presto Medium Double Bass strings used
  11. 2 x sets of Jargar Medium Double Bass strings used
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