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  1. beastie

    Feedback for DarylClayton

    Recieved from Daryl Mxr Choures perfect as discriped Great Coms Quick delivery pleasure to deal with gary
  2. Hi is it still for sale
  3. Hi are they still for sale
  4. beastie

    Sound Post Bump Luthier required

    Martyn Baily at sible Headenham in north Essex is fantastic repairs and builds
  5. Go on take the plunge to lovelyness its all about the bass
  6. Hi all i have up for sale my EBS TD660 including Rack case and 2 x 15 EBS HALF CABS @ 4 ohms + Roqsolid covers for the Speakers. The Amp is 14 months old been gigged once sat in studio for the last 6months in its rack case which is included with the sale the case is 3u. A rackmount tuner of 1u can be fitted above the amp in the case This is a fantastic rig as the amp will go down to 2ohms deleivering full power into the EBS cabs.Here is the blurb from ebs THE EBS TD660 BASS AMP IS THE AMP IF YOUR GIGS REQUIRE YOU TO EMBRACE ALL STYLES OF MUSIC OR PLAYING STYLE. THAT'S WHY IT IS OUR MOST COMMON AND POPULAR AMP AT THE WORLDS LARGEST RENTAL COMPANIES, AND HAS SERVED COUNTLESS MAJOR ARTISTS ON TOUR. EBS TD660 Input Impedance 1 Mohms Frequency Response 35 - 20.000 Hz Maximum Compression Ratio (Compressor) 3:1 Tone Controls Bass +/-15 dB @ 100 Hz Middle +/- 12dB @ 50 - 3.000 Hz, Q=0.5 Treble +/- 15 dB @ 6 kHz Bright -0/+12 dB @ 10 kHz Drive Gain Range 0 - 34 dB Drive Type Solid State or Tube (ECC 83) Speaker impedance 2 - 8 ohms Continuous Output Power Dynamic Output Power 660 W RMS @ 2 ohms, Continuous Output Power 540 W RMS Dimensions (W x D x H) 19" x 14" x 3U (48cm x 36cm x 13cm) Weight 12 kg / 27 lbs A Working horse for pros. EBS TD amps have served lots of major tours - in a wide range of genres over the years. It is the most common EBS amp featured on the World's major backline rental companies, known for it's powerful sound and great controls, that lets you dial in different sounds easily. Natural and true. With incredible tone; natural and true, it reflects the character of the instrument and personality of the musician extremely well. 660 W RMS. With 660 W RMS pure output power it will always rock the house. It is a Tube/Solid Statehybrid bass amp where the tube warms up the sound and adds a nice natural compression when engaged. Full control. The Character filter is a quick fix to a great mid-scooped overall tone. If you want to go beyond that, the EQ section gives you complete control over your sound, within a few seconds and a couple of tweaks, you can go from Jaco-style to reggae-style - and anything in between. Some of the features include: A clever “Notch” function can help you identify and scoop out frequencies causing unwanted feedback with the Frequency control. The almost noiseless Bright filter controls the highs almost like a volume control for your tweeter. The Drive can be set to Tube Mode (to connect the tube) and Boost Mode (to boost the whole frequency range) when turning up the Drive. The onboard XLR output sends a perfectly balanced line signal to front of house or a studio mixing console without the need of an external line box. Extra features. On the back you’ll find the Effects Loop, including a Mix level control to blend the effects with your sound. A Tuner output to connect a tuner rack unit easily. A Line out, in case you need the power from another amp to drive a second pair of cabinets. The Filter Remote Inputs to connect the RM-4 footswitch that lets you switch on and off Character, Filter Bypass, Drive and Mute from front of stage. The cabs are sound excuse the pun with no issues but no longer made by EBS Roqsolid covers come with the cabinets Reason for sale i have recently took a new direction and iam playing doublebass and have a Genz Benz and Gallen Mb800 I use know with a couple of greenboy cabs only reason for sell is to purchase another bass will consider trade but iam only looking for one of Fender's American Originals 50's bass in sunburst. thanks for looking Gary
  7. beastie

    New Shizz from Markbass

    Thanks all some really useful info coming back Going to have a look at one with my Double Bass thanks everyone
  8. beastie

    New Shizz from Markbass

    Thanks for that I will have to try one out
  9. beastie

    New Shizz from Markbass

    Hi. Just wanted to know how reliable they are and sound quality and how user friendly they are regards gary
  10. beastie

    New Shizz from Markbass

    Any one know anything about the little Ninga 1000 watt head
  11. beastie

    Two Basses into one amp

    Thanks for that because they are two different instruments need to be able to separately adjust output volumes
  12. beastie

    Two Basses into one amp

    Thanks everyone know you got me thinking
  13. Hi all I have a delima i have a Double Bass and a electric bass that I want to run into one input on my amp .the idea is so I can have a floor pedal that gives my two separate lines with both guitars plugged in so when playing live I can swoop the instruments over inbertween songs without having to adjust the front of house pa or amp no pre amps or preferred gary