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  1. Two Basses into one amp

    Thanks everyone know you got me thinking
  2. Hi all I have a delima i have a Double Bass and a electric bass that I want to run into one input on my amp .the idea is so I can have a floor pedal that gives my two separate lines with both guitars plugged in so when playing live I can swoop the instruments over inbertween songs without having to adjust the front of house pa or amp no pre amps or preferred gary
  3. Blast cult

    Just got a reply from Jason at Blast cult 3months after my original email saying sorry for the delay Got a price for a blast cult at last Don’t know how to tell him had a duke bass built and delivered at a third of the price from Thomas at Duke Bass Also further communication (Advise) from Thomas within an hour of me messaging him That’s what you call a service
  4. Amps and cabs for Double bass

    Thanks everyone for your advice it is much appreciated. I’am going to get a fearless 2x12 and run it into a Calvin 2000 watt power amp then into My rockabilly pro . I also have a EBS micro bass preamp which I would like to try but that will mean finding additional pickups any suggestions as it then gives me a back up if needed Gary
  5. Hi fellow Bass men and ladies After a bit of help I am looking at replacing my amp and cabs to give me more headroom . I currently use a EBS TD660 with two 15inch EBS Half cabs running at 2ohms gives me 600watts I need to keep the overall volume on the amp below 12 o clock on the main volume control so the amp does not start to colour the sound . I use the rockabilly pro pre amp with my Duke Bass great sound but the cabs and the amp are not powerfull enougth I notice a lot of the pros are useing Ampeg SVT Heritage with 8x10 cabs Ampeg cabs but they are also going into a massive pa It seems that 10 inch speakers are the norm with Double bass . Size is not a proplem so two 4x10 cabs are a single 8x10 is ok but there is not a great deal of Top end amps and cabs with a big wattage out there .i don’t want to go down the slave amp route The other option is to go into a powered monitor and then into the pa which ours is rated at 4.5k Has any one got any suggestions I only come up with The TC Blacksmith 1600 Watts the DB 751 900watts the new Vanderkley Amp I think is rated at 1200watts Speaker wise two Vanderkley 4x10 Bareface 8x10 Donot like the Aquila’s Cabs had them before The music we are playing is old school jive ,stroll ,Brian Setzer type of vibe in. 6 price Band so there is a lot going on in the mix Any suggestions and ideas are welcome Regards Beastie
  6. Blast cult

    Hi does anyone know if blascult are still making there one4five bass I have emailed them tried phoning them and left messages on Facebook with no reply
  7. Double bass makers

    Thanks for your help guys I have one of them rockabilly basses from gear for music fitted with a rockabilly pro pick up system and rockabilly red strings Not the best of basses to play slot of dead notes the a string seems quieter then the rest going to put a multi band compressor in front of the amp to try and sort it out Tye bass is anvsnimal to play horrabale neck got more divers in the fret board than in my front hedge stay away they are awful It's only the strings £120 pick up preamp £200 And my EBS TD 650 And 2 EBS cabs making it sound good Going to look at the Duke Basses in junction with Blast cult preamp and pick up system
  8. Double bass makers

    [quote name='SubsonicSimpleton' timestamp='1503666271' post='3360139'] Not really instruments aimed at rockabilly players. I had a go on artisan's Duke when he was selling it but couldn't raise all the cash to buy it at the time, very nice bit of kit indeed - you can get them from thomann who stock a couple of models or custom order from the guy who makes them in Germany through bassico.eu - I was very impressed by both Dukes I've played (another basschatter was kind enough to loan me one for a couple of weeks) they are excellent professional standard ply instruments. [/quote]
  9. Double bass makers

    Hi all I am looking to find out if there are any uk based manufactures off double bass in the U.K. Who make basses for the rock and roll / rockabilly market Looking for something along the lines of Blast cult or king basses Really like the blast cult basses but if anything goes wrong with it it would have to go back to them in the states to much Afro Got about £5000 to spend
  10. EBS 2x10 proline

    Wanted ASAP a EBS Proline 2x10 4ohm cab STILL LOOKING
  11. hi all trying to find a stand which i can put my cab on with the amp ontop if possable adjustable n height not havin a lot of luck at the moment locating one anyone found something i do not want it to kick back it needs to sit perfectly flat gary
  12. Ebs proline 1x 15

    Hi looking for EBS 1x15 proline the blue and steel grill one cab at 4ohms must be in good condition cash waiting still looking
  13. Aguilar AG500 head SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Is it still for sale
  14. Aguilar AG500 head SOLD SOLD SOLD

    How old is the amp