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  1. My feeling is that we have a moral responsibility to cancel the gigs that are booked in for the next few months. Not sure my band mates are in agreement though.
  2. Most Epiphones that I get to work on, are usually decent instruments but nearly always let down by poor electronics. My recommendation would be to install new pots, wiring, socket and capacitor and enjoy a much better sounding and a very much more reliable instrumen
  3. Take the bridge screws out. Get some decent wood glue in the holes pop in some cocktail sticks, carefully cut them off flush. Put the bridge back in place and pop the screws back in before the glue sets. Find yourself another repair man for any future jobs.
  4. If you haven't already, then have a check of the truss rod nut. It may have worked loose.
  5. On the days that I work, it's setting up, repairing, modding guitars and basses.
  6. Love his playing, especially on What Were Once Vices are Now Habits album. Rock bass with a great sense of groove and funk.
  7. It is. Each time that I look at it, I think the same. Really not sure about selling it
  8. When I was repairing one of these for a customer a while back, I found an online supplier of those pickups. Can't recall the name at the moment, sorry. If it turns out that you do need the pickup replaced, let me know and I'll try to find it. Or maybe a google search will find it for you.
  9. The only time that I don't cut is when installing the G & D in a flat wound set. Other than that I install the same way that others have detailed.
  10. That looks very impressive, nice job.
  11. I would say that's enough, so long as you are definitely going in to the timber studs.
  12. To remain open, this thread needs to move away from politics, however, given the subject matter, I doubt that can really happen. Hovering over the lock.............but for now it stays.
  13. I do one or two a week and therefore know how to proceed. I'm sure that if you are confident with tools and have some ability to control said tools, then you will be capable. It might be an idea to watch some videos on the subject and then have a trial run on a donor neck. If you want any specific instructions, happy to help.
  14. I get it from Posh Guitars. Use it on all of my instruments and just about every one of my customer's instruments.
  15. Looks interesting, hope you enjoy.
  16. Lovely looking Jazz and a great memory for you.
  17. Thanks for posting, good job.
  18. Congrats, enjoy your cab. I team mine with a GK Fusion 500. Sometimes on its own, sometimes with the addition of a Big Baby. Love it
  19. I regularly get the job of cleaning that sort fret board mess. It's just 'orrid😕
  20. The only time I experienced some intermittent distortion on my GK, it was cured by replacing the three pre amp valves. It was a tricky job but I got it all sorted in about an hour.
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