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  1. Anybody know if the techs at The Bass Gallery in Camden Town, London are decent for setting up a bass?
  2. Hoddesden is 50 miles, an hour, so that's good. Who's Gary Mac and what's his experience/background? I know there are loads of so-called bass technicians who have no training, just watched a load of YouTube videos and decided to charge people £40 do do a crap set up that usually makes the bass worse.
  3. Makes sense lownote. I always did do them myself but this is a new used bass I've just bought and when I went to adjust the truss rod I could hear all sorts of creaking, like the neck complaining and in the end I had to give the truss rod about about four quart turns (so about a complete turn in total) to get it into the ball park. But I did not like the wooden and metal creaking noises, quite loud. Because of this alone it's the reason I want somebody else to set it up as I don't want the truss rod to break, or worse. Somebody said spray WD40 down the truss rod end and leave it for a few days, but that sounded rather questionable to be honest and where the truss rod end is there is only the adjuster screw, I can't see how I could get any sort of oil or WD40 down there anyway – suggestions re truss rod issue I have?
  4. I am looking for a 'professional' and emphasis on 'professional' here, to set up my Warwick Streamer Stage 1 4-string through neck bass. I've tried three people within 30 miles of Cambridge, where I live, and I was far from happy with any of them. Two totally bollocked up my bass and I refused to pay, the other was ok. So, can anybody recommend somebody who really knows there stuff as I'm fussy as hell when it comes to my bass and how it's set up. Somebody who can confidently do the usual truss rod, intonation, that sort of stuff, with a nice ultra-low action that does not buzz. I'm in Cambridge, UK so within an hour. Finally, while I'm here. Which of these two would you guys go for: Rotosound Swingbasx 66 RS 66LD (45,65,80,105) Steel or D'Addario EXL165 (45,65,85,105) Nickel.
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